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Review #1, by Katie I Love This Song

20th June 2015:
Minor grammar issues. Too-to Drayco-Draco

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Review #2, by Katie Strike a Bargain

20th June 2015:
This chapter needs more grammar checking than the last. Heir-air quite-quiet

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Review #3, by Katie Bowl Of Worms

20th June 2015:
Nice story, needs a bit of grammar check. Decent-descent sent-scent

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Review #4, by KeeganH I Love This Song

19th May 2013:
Wow.just wow!!! I thought it was absolutely amazing! You have a great way with words! Love the choice of song too!! :)

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Review #5, by Ginger Lust Strike a Bargain

25th November 2012:
Hi again. I was happy to see your reply.
Thank you for your encouraging words.

But before I would try to get up put on HPFF, I need to tell you a few things. Since I had written that review, I have added to my continuation. I started at the exact point that you left off. Therefore, if I do put it up, I will mention the source, being a continuation of yours and due credit to you.. your pen name.

Plus, I must say here that I am not a writer and I do not write well. I just love writing my version of ideas from my head. So, my version of your story that I imagined is not near as good. It's not terrible ( I hope!), so if you still say it's OK, I will enter it and you can always feel free to let me know if you want me to remove it. Like I said, I wrote it for my eyes only anyway.

I do need to polish it up, so it will not be ready right away. But I will let you know via the same way as this... as it is the only way I know how to 'speak' with you :-)

Thanks for your offer and let me know if this is acceptable to you.
All in fun,

Author's Response: I think expanding on other's ideas is the whole thought behind this website, right? I've had a few requests to keep it going as well. I love the pairing and would no doubt have fun reading yours too. Polish then post!!
To clarify, I'm not a writer either.Just a fan!

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Review #6, by a fan I Love This Song

8th November 2012:
you cant stop this story.its cute

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Review #7, by a fan I Love This Song

5th November 2012:
i read this story before on fanfiction..its so cute.i was waiting for more...

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Review #8, by charlieabby I Love This Song

21st June 2012:
Omfg!! This is so good! I love Dramione and this story is perfect!!! Were they just making out, or did they have sex?! Update Pls! I want to read more!!

Author's Response: They were having sex, well detailed in fact, but I was told to tone it down if I wanted it to be approved. Even with the Mature rating. I was very disappointed. Glad you liked it!!!

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Review #9, by . I Love This Song

5th June 2012:
It was a bit short lived...unexplained. It would have been really good if you developed the story just a little bit more.

Author's Response: Its my first time and I'm not a very good writer - I was worried I would be just dragging everyone along.

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Review #10, by Ginger Lust I Love This Song

3rd June 2012:
Hi... I read your story many, many months ago. I.LOVED! it. I read it many times. But back then I was very new to HPFF. I didn't know how to leave a review.
Anyway, I can't believe no one else didn't review. I enjoyed your writing so much. You write well.
I kinda wanted it to continue also although I did understand that it is complete.
So. I kinda...uh...did write a little more to it. Not to publish or anything.. Just for me. I copied nothing from your story and do not refer to yours in any way. I just wanted to write a conclusion that ended in Hermione deciding how and where to go from there.
I had her go back to Ron, him never knowing, and even thinking he was her first. And Draco and her going back to their past situation, but with less animosity towards each other.
I was dying to get in contact with you to ask but again, didn't know how. But like I said, I wrote but have shown no one, and have no plans to.
I happened to run across your story today, looking for another story.

Author's Response: Post yours!!
This story has been bouncing around in my head for years and it took 10 tons of guts for me to sit down and type it out. If it gave you and idea than go crazy :) Let me know when its up!!!

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Review #11, by andir I Love This Song

7th May 2012:
Dont leave a cliff hanger! I'm soo confused. What is going on!!? Update soon ASAP now! I love this story.

Author's Response: I originally had no intention of updating it - just one night's steamy indiscretion. After reading the reviews though...I'm tempted :)

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