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Review #1, by TreacleTart The Attic Garden

26th August 2016:
Hello again!

Here for one more review for the gift thread!

Well, I don't know what I was expecting in this, but that certainly wasn't it. By now, having read quite a few of your stories, I expected sad or emotionally charged, but this was something a bit different.

It still had the emotions, but in a sort of detached way. It actually really helped bring me into how Arianna was feeling. It was a little bit confusing and disorienting, but again, that's how she would feel.

I love that Aberforth sees that she wants a garden so he helps her make flowers and decorate the attic. He doesn't question her or her sensibilities. He just wants her to be happy.

Albus on the other hand is very much the emotionally detached, logical, harsh older brother. He doesn't understand nor does he seem to make any effort to try to. It seems silly that he should care about Arianna's room being decorated with paper. He should just be pleased that she'd found a moment of happiness.

And the moment of Kendra's death. How excruciating. I can definitely understand why he and Aberforth had such a strained relationship and why Dumbledore felt so guilty later in life. I mean obviously Arianna was unstable because the tearing of a small flower set her off in such dramatic fashion, but I imagine that Albus spent the rest of his years wishing he'd left it alone.

Another fantastic example of your talent and skill as a writer.


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Review #2, by shoveitsunshine The Attic Garden

3rd June 2012:
Stunning, stunning character study on Ariana.

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Review #3, by peppersweet The Attic Garden

17th August 2010:
You don't know what to think of this? I think it's brilliant. I'd love to yawn on at length about the brilliant imagery, the oh-so-perfect characters and the way my heart broke ever so slightly for Ariana locked in her prison garden, but I'd probably just end up covering the page with exclamation marks and hyperboles. This was just, wow, superb. Wow.

Author's Response: Oh my, thank you so much, peppersweet! I'm thrilled to hear that you enjoyed this piece. It was written on a whim in about twenty minutes for a challenge, so I wasn't quite sure if it would come together. ;)

Thanks again! It was great hearing from you. ^_^


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Review #4, by lunarmage The Attic Garden

26th June 2010:
Beautiful and haunting, short, but utterly captivating.

Author's Response: Thank you so very much!

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Review #5, by amandatonks The Attic Garden

10th April 2010:
Wow! This was absolutely fantastic! I really enjoyed reading this. You have have such a gift with description; I could almost see Ariana's garden in my mind. I have always wanted to read a story about Dumbledore's sister, and this is an imaginative twist on how her mother died. Loved it! 10/10


Author's Response: Thanks so much, amandatonks! It was wonderful hearing from you, I'm so very glad you enjoyed this little one-shot. Take care!


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Review #6, by ayii The Attic Garden

1st March 2010:
This is a brilliant piece. I think I may have to read a lot more of your stuff - I feel like I've been missing out. The way it was almost a stream of consciousness was wonderfully done, the run on sentences working well to weave the story. It was an interesting style, and I was apprehensive at first because of the length. Well, it just goes to show the power of words, and how you only need a few to make something moving. Which this most definitely was.

I have only three points I'd like to visit; the first being "stain her tiny fingers with yellow pollen". For some reason, this sentence jarred me right at the beginning, and I think it is because it should be stained, really. But I don't think it really is that big of a deal because it was right at the start, and the magic of the story drew me in so that I pretty much forgot about it. The other is the wonderful, wonderful line "the red that was not red, but black". I adored this line, but the repetition of it at the end made it lose something for me? I felt like it only needed to be said once, but, again, I loved the line itself. Thirdly and finally, "Day after day, she lost her balance, staring up, up, up where the sky should have been". To me, it seemed like there should either be a comma after the third "up" or that it should be "up to where the sky should have been". But the line itself? Beautiful. I think it's that idea of being trapped, the fact that she can't be outside, can't see the sky. It's beautiful.

I loved how Aberforth was the caring, loving one. How much affection he showed his sister, in building her her garden, when none of the rest of the family will care for her the way he does. I feel like this might reflect on future Aberforth, and why he and his brother, Albus, are so distant. I feel like he had some special connection with his little sister, and losing her would be more than he could handle, more than he could forgive of Albus. I feel such sadness for the future Aberforth, which seems odd, but the story just begs for it. I liked how Albus was still young and didn't understand. It's probably why he is like what he is in the Harry Potter books. A man whose seen too much, but has learnt from it. I feel sorry for him, too, that he never got the opportunity to understand her, was too young to even attempt it. Probably didn't understand that he didn't understand her, if that makes sense.

I loved the line "listened to the flowers", the surreal personification of them, and how they are "dead, damned flowers" at the end. Damned as she is, it seems. Also, the description of her blood which "watered the garden" was utterly breathtaking. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Although I have to say, rusty nails resulting in bleeding was a little reminiscent of Salad Fingers (if you've ever seen it, if not; do look for it, the second episode is what I speak of. It's an utterly bizarre, if a little disturbing collection of webisodes).

Needless to say, I will be favouriting this. It is an artwork, and I feel I must read the original Flowers in the Attic by V.C. Andrews. If it's anything like this, I can't imagine not enjoying it. Beautiful, beautiful piece of writing.

Author's Response: Oh my goodness, Ayii. I really don't know what to say. I never, ever expected to receive such a wonderful review for this little, spur-of-the-moment one-shot. Thank you SO much! Your feedback truly made my day.

As for your grammar/revision suggestions, I completely agree with you. I probably should have given myself more time to revise. *blushes* As it was, I actually did it right before class and therefore, was in a rush to post, haha.

I'm so glad you enjoyed the contrast between the Dumbledore brothers. It was quite hard for me to write Albus as the short-sighted, ignorant one of the pair. I always picture him as the wise headmaster that Harry looked up to as an endless source of advice and reassurance. But as you said, I suppose he was young once and prone to all the pitfalls of immaturity.

Again, I'm blushing. Your comments left me positively giddy. Thank you so much, Ayii! You are such a thoughtful reviewer. I do hope you have a great weekend! Take care!


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Review #7, by Violet Gryfindor The Attic Garden

27th February 2010:
Oh gosh, Lee Anne, this is just wow. It has made me cry with all the pain, the frustration Ariana feels and cannot safely express. I didn't expect the ending to turn out as it did, but it made the story even more moving. It was strange seeing Dumbledore in this way, but it also explains his intense guilt in DH, the guilt that keeps him from finding peace in death.

It's hard enough being a child and not being understood by adults, but Ariana is even a step beyond that - only Aberforth, who is strange himself, can understand her. I get the feeling that even Kendra fails to understand her daughter, thinking of her always as flawed, mad, when really Ariana has a different way of seeing the world - I think she sees more life in it; she wants to make things like paper and sticks come alive, and there's something poignant in that desire.

The writing is spectacular. Lines like Where the spiders composed sonatas on gossamer threads and The red that was not red, but black made this story fascinating to read - I was mesmerized by the language and its power (it reminds me of Gertrude Stein, strangely enough). I once wanted to write a story about Ariana, but I don't think I can after writing this. It's just too perfect. ^_^

Author's Response: Ah, Susan, you've left me speechless once again! I'm honestly stunned by your praise. This story was written so haphazardly...I literally sat down, with no idea what I was going to do and just wrote for twenty minutes. And as I've said to several other reviewers, I'm certain I don't deserve such praise. *blushes*

I'm both surprised and thrilled to hear that you enjoyed this. Every time I receive a review from you, I feel so very flattered. You are such a talented writer and I truly respect your opinion.

I do agree with your assessment of Ariana. She is terribly misunderstood by her family and perhaps even feared a little. I actually had trouble writing Dumbledore as the overbearing, annoying older brother. He'll always be the wise, kindly headmaster in my mind. ;)

Thanks again for taking the time to read and review, Susan. It was so wonderful hearing from you. I hope you have a great weekend!

Lee Anne

PS And yes, I demand that you write an Ariana fic! I just know you'll come up with something awesome.

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Review #8, by Plata The Attic Garden

26th February 2010:
Poor Ariana. Oh and I'm adding you to my fave authors. I love your writing style AND the freakish banners.

Author's Response: Thank you so very much, Plata! I'm so glad you're enjoying my fics. As to the banners, I have to thank all the talented TDA artists who were kind enough to make them for me.

I do hope you have a lovely weekend! Take care!


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Review #9, by Rayn The Attic Garden

25th February 2010:
Thank you so very much for writing this. Its fantastic, brilliantly written and so poinient!


Author's Response: Thank you so much, Rayn! I'm so glad you enjoyed this. ^_^


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Review #10, by datbenik513 The Attic Garden

24th February 2010:
Hm... My most favourite writer has done it again. Completely out of the blue, you just came up with something absolutely different from everything I'd read from your pen so far.

Beautifully woven around a tiny, but nevertheless very important canon episode, this short fic allows us to catch a glimpse into the mind of most probably the most tragic personage of Potterverse.

What an exceptional, poetic way to show the difference between the two brothers. The one understanding his sister, the way her mind works like no other; and the other, the always correct, always perfect one, the one who can't (and never could) see further than his own crooked nose. Excuse me, I have a Fumbledore to punch in his face, so I must be off now.

Just bloody brilliant. Thanks for this wonderful reading experience!

Author's Response: Ah Zoltan, you flatter me! This story was so spur of the moment. With the challenge deadline fast approaching, I sat down before my morning class and wrote this one-shot in twenty minutes. To be honest, I'm surprised I managed to write something semi-coherent. ;)

Actually, I had completely forgotten that Ariana existed up until five minutes before I sat down to write.(Thank you, Wikipedia!) I do hope I wasn't too tough on Dumbledore, though. After all, he was focused on the "greater good". ^_^ Haha

You are really too kind. I honestly can't thank you enough for your thoughtful feedback. I'm certain I don't deserve such praise.

Hope you're well! Take care!

Lee Anne

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Review #11, by Temple Deer The Attic Garden

24th February 2010:
Okay, stream-of-consciousness writer, I like this very much.

You have wonderful images, wonderful language. It's very lyrical and, honestly, much more interesting to read than VC Andrews (if you're a huge fan, I'm sorry). I have only ONE word I want to complain about. In this lovely garden of verse, the cliche 'watered with her tears' sticks out like a very sore thumb. Could she please just water the garden?

Thank you so much for this.

Author's Response: Hello Temple Deer!
Thank you so very much for taking the time to leave such a lovely review! It was really great hearing from you. I'm so happy to hear that you enjoyed this piece. To be honest, I'm not a fan of V.C. Andrews myself. I'm actually not familiar with her work, although I was assigned the "Flowers in the Attic" theme for this challenge so I tried my best to work with it. ^_^

Haha, yes, I definitely agree. That line is dreadfully cliche. I'll certainly have to fix it. I suppose I was in a rather cliched mood while writing this fic. ;)

Thanks again for the helpful feedback, Temple Dear! I hope you have a pleasant week.


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