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Review #1, by The Nowhere Girl Meet Keira Yvette Hosine (Welcome to Our Crazy World)

22nd May 2012:
Dunno who the Stix are, but I do like Styx. They're pretty gear. Good chapter, I like the story so far :)

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Review #2, by pheonix rising Meet Keira Yvette Hosine (Welcome to Our Crazy World)

15th March 2011:
Great story! And great chapter image too. Who is in it?

Anyway this chapter had my sides splitting! loved it, I think Kiera is my favorite, though Lily reminds me alot myself.

Good job!!!

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Review #3, by Hogwartsismydrug Lily on the Facts of Life

7th March 2011:
I liked it. I'm happy that you FINALLY updated :)

Author's Response: I know, I know... I'm so sorry :/ please forgive me? I'd really like to list off all my excuses, but I know that insatiable feeling of not knowing what happens next and wanting to kill an author for being too slow... Sooo, I won't. Hope you enjoyed it :)

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Review #4, by Shivani Lily on the Facts of Life

3rd March 2011:
I love this story so much! It's the first fanfiction I've enjoyed so thoroughly in a very long time. I cannot wait to find out what happens next.

Author's Response: YAYYY!! What high praise! Thank you so very much for reading it :)

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Review #5, by OneWhoLoves Keira on a Few Good Reasons Not to Play Basketball Past Midnight

15th January 2011:
Yea! I just found your story and love it already! In fact I was laughing so hard I thought I'd wake someone up(incase your wondering it's almost 5 in the morning). But please right more! I love the idea of Lily being bad ass!

Author's Response: thank you so much!! i really appreciate it!!!

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Review #6, by Emma Keira on a Few Good Reasons Not to Play Basketball Past Midnight

1st January 2011:
WOW! This is so so good! I love it all! update as soon as possible, please?
Oh, and who is the guy in this chapter image? I see him everywhere, but I don't know who it is...

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm trying to update faster... really, i promise!!
Hahaha it took me forever to figure out who it was, too. It's Gaspard Ulliel, he's a french actor, I guess.

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Review #7, by kassandra466 Meet Lily Julia Evans

19th December 2010:
ahh!! i LOVED it! :) that made me SMILE !! haha!! it was AMAZING! :)

Author's Response: and thanks again haha

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Review #8, by kassandra466 Meet Keira Yvette Hosine (Welcome to Our Crazy World)

19th December 2010:
haha!! i LOVED it!! :) that made me SMILE!! :)

Author's Response: thanks so much!!

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Review #9, by Breezy Keira on a Few Good Reasons Not to Play Basketball Past Midnight

15th November 2010:
*raises hand* Well, I've already applied. And finished exams. But I'm also late in reading this chapter so it still counts :P

Speaking of which, I definitely like this chapter :) It had content which was important for plot development but it still managed to be light hearted (mostly) and awesome.

You know what would be more awesome? More Marauder/girls time! I can foresee their invitations to Petunias wedding already ;)

Oh, and another thing. Keira and Sirius should totally just get together already. :P

10/10. as always :)

Author's Response: haha I've finished now, too!! woo hooo!!!
Thanks so much for reading and reviewing! It's so so sooo encouraging. I'll try to fit some more Marauders in... but be patient with me :)
Oh, don't worry... Keira and Mr. Black have quite a long road ahead of them. More to come, for sure.
Thanks again!!
LOVE, moi.

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Review #10, by Alex Keira on a Few Good Reasons Not to Play Basketball Past Midnight

1st November 2010:
OMG!!! Love this story. It is so good! Veryyy funny. :)


Author's Response: Thank you so much for reviewing! :D

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Review #11, by NeverGotHerLetter Keira on a Few Good Reasons Not to Play Basketball Past Midnight

30th October 2010:
Ahaaa, This chapter made me laugh, especially Sirius' Indianna Jones Drop-And-Roll :) I'm glad Petunia was mentioned, but can we include the Marauders a little more :) Aah, Conrad is a real life person? Jeez that must be annoying... New Chapter soon?!! NeverGotHerLetter xxx

Author's Response: YAYAAYAYAY!
im so excited someone reviewed!!! WOO HOO
okay... thank you so much!! Petunia wasn't gonna be in it originally, but i decided she definitely needed to be.
Ummm, lets see, I believe the next chapter will have a little more Marauders, but please be patient with me... they're difficult for me to write :/
Yeah, oh he's a very special neighbor of mine. Just the greatest.
thank you sososossoso much!! keep reading!!!


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Review #12, by jennie8lynn Meet Jennifer Carolyn Harlem

30th September 2010:
I like it! It's very interesting and you write James perfectly! Love it!

Author's Response: :) thank you very much!!!

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Review #13, by smashed_crayon Meet Jennifer Carolyn Harlem

30th September 2010:
This is so good! I can't wait to see what happens next on the list. please please please write more soon! love it xxx

Author's Response: Thank you!! :D

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Review #14, by duhsexaysiriuslover Meet Jennifer Carolyn Harlem

30th September 2010:
UPDATE M0AR PLEASE :D brilliant story, I must say - it's all American highschool :] Jen is gorgeous, btw. Update? LOVE YOU.

Author's Response: thank you so much!!! I'm sorry I'll try to update faster!!! :/

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Review #15, by Jen Meet Jennifer Carolyn Harlem

29th September 2010:
Good start. Highly amusing and well thought out characterisation. There is a part of me that grates at the idea of the Marauders and Lily being in a modern era regarding clothing, music, dancing, attitudes, etc, but you have written it well.

Author's Response: Thank you very much!! I know, a few people have commented on that. But I figured that I didn't live during that time, and I should write about what I know.
Anyway, I don't mean to make excuses. Thanks for the review!! It means a lot.

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Review #16, by sillyjobug Meet Jennifer Carolyn Harlem

25th September 2010:
So, this is interesting. My only complaint would be... well, these characters would have been at Hogwarts in the 70s. I'm not sure there even was hip-hop yet then, and even if there was I really don't believe that "pop lock and drop it" had been invented yet. So, I mean... you've got them in the wrong time period and it's a bit jarring. Otherwise it's alright, though.

Author's Response: yeahhh... i was wondering when someone was going to say something about that. I know. I've been extraordinarily lazy and decided to pretend that they're living in the now-ish. I'm sorry if it bothers you, but I kind of sacrificed the accuracy of details just to better fit in with what I wanted to do.
But thank you very, very much for your opinion!! I really appreciate it... I'll go add a notice at the beginning of the story.

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Review #17, by SecretlyAGryffindor Meet Jennifer Carolyn Harlem

23rd September 2010:
This story is really good. I love the chapter images! Please update soon!

Author's Response: yayy!! thank you! i'm getting on it, i promise! i'll try to churn one out this weekend!

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Review #18, by kat Meet Jennifer Carolyn Harlem

21st September 2010:
haha i just started this and i think it's hilarious! you should keep it up :)

Author's Response: thanks for reviewing!! so glad you like it :)

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Review #19, by NeverGotHerLetter Meet Jennifer Carolyn Harlem

21st September 2010:
YAYY. AAAh, I really like this story :) Please say there's going to be more? Pretty Please? Great story, written really well and nice variety of character personalities 10/10 xxx

Author's Response: awww!! thank you so much! I promise there's going to be more... i just can't promise when :)

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Review #20, by Bear Meet Jennifer Carolyn Harlem

12th September 2010:
ahahhahaha I love it!! I think Keira is brilliant and i can't wait 2 read what else she's got planned on that list of hers :)

Author's Response: hahaha... oh, you'll see. i actually have yet to finish writing the list myself, so we'll all see where it goes together, yeah?

I love Keira, too... she's based off my very best friend, who's really just the same- jamaican and crazy!! haha... please stick with it!! i'm so glad to get all these reviews! :)

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Review #21, by Spraguehp :) Meet Jennifer Carolyn Harlem

12th September 2010:
Love Love Love it!!! Please keep writing!!! cant wait for the next chapter :)

Author's Response: Thank you thank you thank youuu!!! i'll try to get working on it! :)

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Review #22, by xXJamesandLilyXx Meet Jennifer Carolyn Harlem

12th September 2010:
Hey, I'm desperate to know what happens next, so if reviewing will make the update come quicker, here it is! Thanks so much for writing this, I absolutely love the more edgy take on Lily's character, usually she's such a wuss! Lol thanks xx

Author's Response: ah!!! thank you!!! reviews definitely help! i'll start working again pronto... it's just a discouraging process if you feel like no one's reading it, you know? but thanks a ton.

oh my god, i know what you mean. tons of marauder-era stories i read have lilys that just don't seem right to me!! in this story, she's the character who's most true to my own point of view... when i write her chapters its really just me talking :)

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Review #23, by katien22 Meet Jennifer Carolyn Harlem

12th September 2010:
So this story is kind of amazing.

Seriously though, it's very funny and you've got awesome OC's. Keep up the good work (and pretty please update soon!)


Author's Response: ohhh, thank you very very much! it's so good to know that someone's actually reading this! i'm working really hard on the next chapter, and it's just not coming out right, so i started all over... bear with me please!

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Review #24, by toasted Meet Jennifer Carolyn Harlem

11th September 2010:
this is good, keep going!

Author's Response: Thanks so much!!

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Review #25, by Cowgirl_Tuff Meet Keira Yvette Hosine (Welcome to Our Crazy World)

17th June 2010:
This is adorable! I like, love, AND want some more of, it. hehe. Keep it up! then again, there are two other chapters, so i should probably be telling you that when i get to chapter three...yeah...

well then! off to chapter two


Author's Response: Thank you!! Reviews help motivate me soo much, so it's much appreciated!!

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