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Review #1, by *giggling* Listen to Your Enemy's Speech

16th March 2011:
cool, you should write it longer : p

Author's Response: ahh I know!
thanks for the review :)

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Review #2, by Starkidfaith Listen to Your Enemy's Speech

5th March 2011:
YAY! I've been waiting for a new chapter :D
I cannot wait to see what happens, this story is so good!

Author's Response: Aww, thanks, you're so sweet!
Sorry, I'm slow with the updates, I just started uni and stuff.

More action coming soon :)

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Review #3, by Melanie Listen to Your Enemy's Speech

4th March 2011:
the story is well written but I think something needs to happen.

Author's Response: Thankyou :)
Yeah I was thinking that myself, it seems to be kind of slow. I'll put more action in the next chapter probs.

thanks for the review x

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Review #4, by eva I Guess Seeing Really is Believing

27th August 2010:
this story is very endearing so far, though i do wish this chapter woudl've been a bit longer, of course :) candi's character is an original idea, and i really like her little quirky personality, i'd love to see where this goes with her, and harry! please keep writing, and i'll keep reading!

Author's Response: Naaaww thankyouu! :)
I admit, this was a short chapter, not my best work, but it leads into my next chappie :)
I will update asap, I'm just in my last term of school, I have four weeks left! After exams I'll have all the time in the world :) :)

Glad you like it, x

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Review #5, by Rachel Eckstein I Guess Seeing Really is Believing

7th July 2010:
Okay is the going ot be a Harry/ginny story or a Harry/Candace story?

Author's Response: I don't want to spoil it too much, but a bit of both ;)

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Review #6, by Starkidfaith I Guess Seeing Really is Believing

7th July 2010:
I really love this story, haha :)
Please update soon! I'm really anxious to know what happens!

Author's Response: Thankyou!! I'm glad you like it!
I'll update as soon as possible, I have some ideas for chapter three :) xx

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Review #7, by painfullygone I Guess Seeing Really is Believing

11th June 2010:
Alright, I think I've noticed a pattern here. Good news, it can be easily enhanced ;)
Remember what I said in the first comment about depth? What I mean by that is having tons of adjectives, and many more paragraphs. The paragraphs don't have to be random, but you can try to add the feel of the scenery, damp/crisp/humid/etc, and maybe thoughts that drift from her mind as she sees/feels/hears that remind her of something. Kind of like when we all space out ;)
I hope this helps a little bit, but there are amazing reviewers at the forums. If you go to the homepage, it should say forums, so go there, create an account, and you should be able to post in someone's topic for a review! Most are critical and can sometimes be harsh, but its all for the better of your work.

Author's Response: Thanks for the advice!
It will pick up I promise, when I get around to writing it :P
Thankyou for the two reviews also :D

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Review #8, by painfullygone Don't Walk Into the Glass Windows

11th June 2010:
Very interesting parts for an intro, but perhaps something a little longer and more depth can be added ;)

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! The story should pick up in the next few chapters :]

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