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Review #1, by art vandelay October 31, 1981

1st July 2010:
damn depressing and damn spectacular. not big on the whole spousal abuse thing but it was a good story i'll say.

Author's Response: I am glad you liked it. This was a story that was supposed to leave the readers slightly depressed. The abusive nature of the relationships was something that I used to show the desperation everyone was feeling.

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Review #2, by art vandelay The wedding

1st July 2010:
hah-hah-hah-hot damn. what i wouldnt give to be able to become a dog. haven't been on here in a while mate, but you haven't lost a step. i like the story already.

Author's Response: I could imagine someone with Sirius personality disrupting James' wedding night. He just got a bonus before James could stop him.

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Review #3, by 1OldHPFan The wedding

22nd February 2010:
That was too good, it was better the second time around for me. At first i didn't care for it but after I reread it I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Poor James and even worse Lilly, She has no idea that Sirius and Peter just saw her in almost the buff.
It was just like the Marauders to do something like that.

Author's Response: Hey, 1OldHPFan, thanks for the review.
This story is something different from any that I have tried writing before. Just trying to see how effectively I can write dark stories.
This first chapter is full of references and information that will be relevent in the next three.
I had originally thought of revealing in the later three chapters what Sirius was actually doing at the house, but I couldn't fit it into the storyline. He never planned on entering the house as a dog. He was using his animagus form to track James and find out which house he was in, before getting other friends to crash their honeymoon. Lily changed those plans, when she saw him and let him inside. Well, Sirius being the randy teen that he is couldn't resist the invitation. Peter was along for the fun of it.

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