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Review #1, by Lauren Victory

22nd September 2014:
Hi, I'm usually not really one to leave reviews and I'm not even sure if you still read them for this story. However, I couldn't read and leave without writing one. This has to be one of the best D/H fanfics I have read, not just because the story was funny and engaging, but also because your writing is really impressive and a joy to read. Many of the fanfics I have come across are riddled with spelling mistakes and I find it so much of a distraction, that more often than not I abandon reading them. As I said though, this was brilliant :) I'm going to check out your author page now to see what other gems I can find! Thanks for posting this story :) x

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Review #2, by hpfflover1 Victory

26th July 2014:
Wow. This. Was. Bloody. Amazing. From start to finish. You stayed true to the characters throughout which is like fresh air especially when it comes to DM/HG. Bravo.

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Review #3, by Dramione Lover 22 Victory

4th November 2013:
I loved your story, it's really worth your time of reading!

Author's Response: oh thanks! I can't believe people are still reading this. it's been so long! but I really appreciate it. this will always be my favorite story that I've ever written :)

thanks for reading!

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Review #4, by Sarsh Victory

4th June 2013:
I really love this ending! so cute! X

Author's Response: thank you! so glad that you liked it!


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Review #5, by Moonlightfaerae Victory

27th January 2013:
I also love the film Cruel Intentions, and was very concerned that you were going to kill off Draco. But you wrote this so well and completely made it your own. But I feel that the thing worth congratulatung most is your writing on the characters. So many people make Hermione out to fall all over Granger, you stick to her as smart and over analysing everything, and I don't feel you could have done better.

Well Done!

Author's Response: Hi there! It's taken me years to reply to this, but at least I'm finally making it! Thanks so much for reviewing and I'm so glad that you liked it!

It's so hard to keep characters as they are AND make a fic go the way that you want it to go. I was worried that it wouldn't work, but so excited that it did.

Thanks so much once again!

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Review #6, by guess what Victory

8th October 2012:
well i really liked your story actually i loved it. to me it was blazes game though

Author's Response: thank you :). and i can definitely agree with blaise having a huge hand in this game. the way i like to look at it, is that the game started out under the control of one, just to get twisted and changed by others.

it kind of shows that games have minds of their owns and can really dangerous. especially ones like in this story!

so happy that you enjoyed it ^_^

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Review #7, by mskairijade Victory

9th May 2012:
Must just say bravo well done. And btw Cruel Intentions is my 2nd favorite movie, makes me cry every single.time. Thx for not making the ending happen to.them as well

Author's Response: thank you! i couldnt have such a similar ending for this story as with Cruel Intentions. it made me cry as well.

i'm glad that you liked it ^_^

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Review #8, by Janner Victory

6th March 2012:
Superb. The plot, the writing; absolutely excellent. I would have left reviews for every chapter but I couldn't wait to get to the next one.

I'll re-read this a few times I'm sure, and enjy it just as much every time.

Congratulations on a great job well done.

Author's Response: thank you!!! out of all the fics that i've written, this is by far my favorite. it was a pure joy writing it, reading it over for myself, and just...i just loved it ^_^

so glad that you liked it and thanks for reading/reviewing!


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Review #9, by inlovewithwizards Victory

28th January 2012:
Amazing! I've read a lot of stories and this one is just great. Your characters are believable as well as very fun to watch. Things don't just magically happen in your story, but develop over time. Great job.

Author's Response: hey there and thanks! so glad that you liked it. i worked really hard on this fic and im so proud of it. it'll always be my favorite ^_^


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Review #10, by Emily Victory

13th December 2011:
Hearfelt and realistic, and not all lovey dovey. This reminds me of Famous Last Words by My Chemical Romance, check out the lyrics and you'll see what I mean :)

Author's Response: ah, My Chemical Romance = great band. i'll definitely look up the lyrics.

this fic was such an adventure for me. it'll always be my favorite

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Review #11, by sabrina Victory

1st November 2011:
I just read thi in four hours and loved every piece of it. Can say just as good as the reall books. Youvneed to keep writing

Author's Response: aww thank you!! must give you loads of kudos for reading this in four hours. its kind of a lot! i really appreciate the fact that you took the time out to do so.

this fic is definitely my favorite that i've ever written, and i promise to always keep writing. i love it too much to stop! ^_^


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Review #12, by Gabriella Hunter Minor Rows and a Plan

13th October 2011:
He sure is stubborn. I think most boys would just give up, but NOT Draco Malfyo, i don't know whether I'm amused or annoyed, I can understand how Hermione feels if this was happening to me. Anyway, nothing negative to say, I shall keep reading.

Author's Response: hey there! glad that you're reading this fic (it's my fav). draco definitely has a no quitter attitude so he and hermione both have their work cut out for them :)

hope that you enjoy the rest!

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Review #13, by Gabriella Hunter A Successful Second Step

13th October 2011:
Still some grammar issues but I barely noticed, I was too busy thinking that Draco was a prat, and I sort of feel sorry for Pansy. His horrible views on girls is aggravating, being a woman myself but other than that I'll keep on reading because I'm reall enjoying this!

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Review #14, by Gabriella Hunter A New Challenge

13th October 2011:
I figured that you would make this easier, like Hermione was some stupid girl but I like that you've kept true to the character. Anyway, there were minor grammar issues but other than that, nothing was wrong and I thought it was enjoyable.

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Review #15, by MyMyMiss Failure and Suspicions

5th August 2011:
I love how you open this chapter immedietly where we left off in Chapter three!! It's brilliant, I love your writing! Eh... I envy your writing, : but I LOVE IT !!!

Oh, if your wondering about the House and Name thingy, it's for the House cup, just so you know ;)

I really like how you gave us a little snippet of Lucius in this one and Draco's academic standards, but I just have one question? Earlier you said that noone ever saw him read? But if noone ever saw him read, then how ould they know he did so well in his classes? :/ I'm a little confused over that, but it's minor and possibly just my brain so meh, + Who cares!! This is still my favourite number one story >.<

Things had taken a funny turn in such a short amount of time, - I loved that little line, I think it added Character to what Blaise said in the chapter 2 about there alwyas being a funny story with Draco and his little Journal ^.^

Bahaham Granger Relentless? Never :P I really like how you've kept Hermione to Hermione. She never once slips out of Character, and even sometimes in the best stories of the best they can slip, take J.K.Rowling for example, even accosianlly she let Harry Slip, but you just keep coming out with Dry humour from this brown haired girl and I love it!!

&& Of course she's enjoying the power of bossing Draco Malfoy around, who bloody well wouldn't :P x

Onward ...

Forum Name: MyMyMiss
House: Slytherin.

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Review #16, by MyMyMiss Minor Rows and a Plan

5th August 2011:
“Oh, well, congratulations. Do you want a prize for finishing the book in record time?”

I adore that line!! ^.^ Like seriously I think it's just Hermione all over, Draco thinks his all high and mighty because he finished the book in two days, and BOOM Hermione shoots him down, wavering his tactics on being able to leave Hogwarts with a legacy bigger than intended ^.^ Oh its good >.<

Do you know all your stories are so correct within its grammar that I envy you, not once have I come across a mispelled word of misplaced aphostrophy or comma, except the first one, but that was my own opinion.

When I very first read this I honestly believed that this would purely be based on a stupid bet and it would be crap too read, but you portrayed the bet perfectly, and Hermione has so much Attitude, especially in this chapter that it makes it come across that Draco really has no hope of winning the girl.

“Hey, where are you going?” Draco called after her.

“Away,” She called back. “Isn’t it obvious?”

She;s so... eh, what's that word. Annoyed? I think thats the right word, she can't even give him the time of day ^.^ And personally I think thats great >.<

Onwward... xx

Forum Name: MyMyMiss
House: Slytherin.

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Review #17, by MyMyMiss A Successful Second Step

5th August 2011:
I'm Back... *PLays scary music* Dun dun dun. Moving on.

I am a Ninja, who has just snuck into your home, stolen all your copies of this story, printed it and hidden it in my house, while deleting all your files ^.^ Pleased to meet you.

No but seriously, this story is just amazing. eh, I need to stop saying that and focus on things actually related to this chapter, like Blaise *inserts heart and swooning here* Blaise is just amazing!! :) He has Faith in his friend but at the same time believes that he will fail. What kind of a thing is that? Semi-Faith? "Hey mate i have Semi-Faith in you" It just make me laugh, cause I think you portray Balsie really well, considering we don't know much about his character, you have really given him a Slytherin trait, which is great!!Plus his just as arragonant :P

I laugh so hard at the part where there in class and Draco's just arrived and she goes "Get a hold of your self." Hehe, ^.^ I think that entire miniture conversation is rather hysterical. It has me laughing for at least five minutes >.<

Draco Malfoy take a hiatus from Women? Temperture check!!! Draco Malfoy has a fever, Call Madam Pomfrey Quick!!! Idiot, he could be doing so many things yet his stuck on the one girl :/ Poor soul already head over heals for her and he doesn't even know it ^.^

&& How could he say something like that too pansy, my god. That was so hurtfull, I mean sure I don't like the girl but ouch. Owwey, hurty hurty.. :'( Poor girl. I'd have slapped him.

Oh I noticed this too, that after the last because there doesn't need to be a , after it ;) Just thought i'd let you know.

Next. xx

Forums Name: MyMyMiss
House: Slytherin.

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Review #18, by MyMyMiss A New Challenge

5th August 2011:
Hey there ^.^ I'm from the forums and thought I would pop over and review this story seeing as I have read it about fifteen times now and know it off by heart, so I possibly should review every chapter now :P Be prepared for a Review swamp ^.^

So, I love this story, I think we have already established this, this chapter is priceless, starting with the Scarf bit, "Oh and I want my Scarf back." Arragnant Prat. My god, he could of been a little nicer ;) but you have his character spot on in this wonderfull story.

OKay, so chapter by chapter ^.^

I really love how your summary is taken from the story ^.^ I think that's just great.

Show her your sincere side? Really does Draco Malfoy have one of those ?? :O

Great Chapter, - Not that I haven't read it before - onward and upward to chapter 2, where I'm pretty sure Pansy makes an appearance ^.^ Tada.

Forum Name: MyMyMiss
House: Slytherin.

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Review #19, by Slythindorgirl Victory

28th July 2011:
I really enjoyed that!!! It was great, and the end when Pansy said it was hermione who won the conquest of having Draco, I loved t because it was a cool concept and way of seeing things!!!

Author's Response: thank you!! im so glad that you liked the story as well as the last bit with pansy. it was one of my favorite parts to write ^_^

thanks again :)

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Review #20, by weasleywizardwheezes101 Victory

21st July 2011:
Okay, so I haven't reviewed this story once since I started reading it, but now that I'm at the end *tear* I'll review the entire thing.

So to start out I completely love how Draco IS Draco. He's a complete buttling :) but then near the end you really see the development of him going from the I'm-the-best sort of attitude to the caring and loving side of him, so kudos on that!!

Then there's Pansy, who I completely have this sort of love-hate relationship with..haha..she's absolutely brilliant! I love how you write her, she's amazing. I love how she finally gives in to the whole Draco and Hermione being together thing at the end.

Blaise is also amazing! I think he's become a new favorite of mine!! I love how he is devious but actually has a caring bone in his body :)

Oh, and I love reading your author's Notes because you get so into the characters and your writing, like saying "Oh, I just love writing Pansy" and all of that! It's fabulous! You should seriously be an author I would buy every book you published!! Awesome job!! :)

Author's Response: hi and thanks!! i cant believe people are still reading and reviewing this lol. it was my favorite story to write without a doubt. it was so much fun and i really got into it (as you could tell from my many author's notes lol!)

it was so hard to have draco still be in character all the while falling for hermione. its always such the difficult task, but im glad that i was able to do it :)

hahaha pansy... i also had that kind of love-hate relationship thing going on. she's the kind of characters i love to write. they're so horribly evil, but you just cant help but love them. a lot of emotions were riding that girl and a lot of pain too. there's something behind everything i say :)

BLAISE.he's the whole package. a caring, heartfelt guy, who know show to be sneaky and devilish when he needs to be ^_^

so glad that you liked the fic and thanks again for reading/reviewing!!


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Review #21, by yeahimcrazy Victory

17th July 2011:
Ah, I just finished reading this in all of two hours, and I should say it is amazing. From the beginning (I do love conquests, of all sorts, especially when they have anything to do with DraMione) to the end, it was great.

And, honestly, Blaise and Pansy made it so much better. It would have been almost... bland (=O), if it hadn't been for them, which is surprising...

This is officially one of my favorites. =D

Author's Response: first off, let me give you a congrats for reading this in two hours lol. and im so glad that you liked it! its my fav story that i've written and i miss it so much.

and i completely agree. i definitely think blaise and pansy made it so much better. and its crazy because as the story goes on they go from being background characters to protaganists, you know? they became...necessary. and their relationship is absolutely appetizing lol!

thanks for reading/reviewing!
-WP :)

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Review #22, by msKuhlena Victory

15th July 2011:
Love love love this story! Fabulously wrote, so much thought and detail. Ah I love it!

Author's Response: thank you!! i loved writing this story to the fullest. i miss it terrible. glad to know that people are still reading and enjoying it ^_^


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Review #23, by GrayAreas Anger, Gloating, and Regrets

29th June 2011:
Oohkayy... I love the word choice *Melange* gotta say, I love learning words lol! Sometimes, I just want to hit the characters and demand to know why they are so freakin stubborn. Still in love with your writing!

Author's Response: yey for learning new words!!! i do too and mostly i get it from reading and don't know i know 'em until i use them lol.

as for characters that tempt you to violence...they're the best to write though i want to throttle 'em myself lol!

thanks for reading/reviewing and i hope you like the rest!!!


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Review #24, by GrayAreas Drastic Measures

29th June 2011:
Ok, usually when the stories are finished, I wait until the end to comment, but this story is just... Awesome. Pure flippen genius! I had to say that, before I finished the whole thing. I seriously LOVE your writing and feel rather sorry for Draco right now! Lol! I can't wait to finish this, yet, I don't want it to end.. :3

Author's Response: thank you!!! so glad that you like it so far and yeah lol... draco should get all the sympathy in the world right now ^_^


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Review #25, by sammy Fear Conquerer and Broomsticks

25th June 2011:
This was my favourite chapter! I love how cute and honest Draco is here!

Author's Response: aww thanks. i loved this chap too. its almost like..the beginnings of draco's walls starting to crumble ^_^


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