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Review #1, by The Forgotten Muse Reminiscing

26th April 2010:
Oh my, that was sad.

That said, you really played with emotions well. What with the aforementioned feelings of sorrow and then those of hope that were also woven within, you accomplished this plot beautifully. I like how you included the Poe quote directly in the text yet I could also feel the mood of such just reading it. Bravo. You were also quite creative with the setting of the story. It was very unique.

Some things that I thought needed some work: There were some minor grammar mistakes that I think just occurred because of typing errors. I also thought that some of your paragraphs were lengthy and could have been split apart.

Thank you ever so much for participating in my challenge and getting your story in so early (even though I didn't review until now XD)


Author's Response: Yes, sad stories are sometimes necessary, I feel.

Thanks, I'm glad that you thought that I played with the emotions of this piece well. What author doesn't like hearing that about their work? Thanks so much, I'm glad that you thought so highly of it.

Yes, it's possible. I'll look over that, but personally, I think the paragraph thing is a question of choice. Personally, I prefer long paragraphs to choppy sentences.

You're quite welcome, and no problems. I figured you'd get to it when you could.


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Review #2, by DangerousDai Reminiscing

15th April 2010:
Wow. It's so sad, but hopeful. I almost cried while reading this, and I don't cry very often. It was so beautifully written.

Author's Response: Hello. Thanks so much. I'm glad that I was able to move you. I'm pleased that you enjoyed it despite this fact.

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