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Review #1, by Celtic_Dreamer7 Betrayed

15th August 2010:
That was very haunting, indeed. I like how the main character remained unnamed until the end. It was a shock to read it was a Ravenclaw and I liked how you wrote it to where that could of actually happened to Colin. I can't imagine what drove the character to join the dark forces to begin with but it was very haunting to read what was going through his mind. Very well written. Great job.



Author's Response: Thank you, dude.

It was a bit difficult to write a story without naming the main character until it was almost over. I even debated whether or not to name him at all. I am, though, glad it worked out in the end. I tried to make it as weird and haunting as possible to match that quote at the beginning.

Thanks again for enjoying this, I really appreciate it.


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Review #2, by The Forgotten Muse Betrayed

26th April 2010:
Creepy, creepy. I really like it!

This deviated enough from the quote for you to make it your own, yet you still caught the essence that was meant to be there. This left me handing for more. Is Stephen just going to go on with his life? I assume he doesn't feel any immediate remorse about the murder of little Colin, but will he in the future.

And, my god, Stephen is RUTHLESS. "He was just a kid. Now hes road kill." That part made me horrified and struck me as humorous at the same time...which probably says something about my personality.And the way he tosses one of his own into the line of fire for himself is brilliant for this Gothic inspired story.

On the down side, I would like to have seen a little more elaboration on Stephen's thoughts. Like what caused him to want to kill exactly and how he felt throughout it.

However, I think you did a fantastic job and I love how you used the sexy Chace Crawford as your Stephen.


Author's Response: Yes! Glad you liked it. I rather enjoy writing creepy things now. They're so much more fun.

Hahaha. Hanging on for more is exactly what I wanted to get across. Of course, he doesn't exactly feel remorse since he did plan it all out. He's quite a sadistic guy. Also, I adored that quote, so I couldn't wait to make a creepy story out of it.

That was my favorite line in the story. I didn't even think it through, it just came out and fit Stephen's personality so well. And hey, being horrified and laughing at the same time means that we are perfectly normal people.

Yeah, I do regret a bit by not putting much of his thoughts about it all in the story, but I didn't want him thinking too much in the middle of the battle. Which is what my other story I'm currently writing will be for. I just couldn't let this character go, so I'm writing a longer story on him based off of this.

Thank you for your compliments, my friend. Though, I give you credit for giving me such an amazing quote to work with. And I figured some ladies would enjoy some eye candy while reading a dark story like this. Who better than Chace?


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Review #3, by Alohamoranight Betrayed

14th March 2010:
Sad but well written (: good job!

Author's Response: Thank you, dude :)


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Review #4, by Lord Sophiemort Betrayed

11th March 2010:

I LOVED this - it's original, enthralling and completely unconventional. My type of fiction. xD

I think it's pure genius. I love the ambiguity you've created; the unnamed narrator, his vile fantasies, his motiveless intent upon a petty murder, and Colin's trust in him.

The confusion you cause your reader is also brilliant. Up until Wood's line, I was sat here thinking 'Who IS this?'. I had thought it might be Crabbe or Goyle, maybe Blaise, or some other Slytherin somebody (because we're always the murderers :[), but then Colin was completely comfortable, trusting in him... just, GAH! I was totally confused.

And then, when the narrator's identity IS revealed, it turns out it's a disregarded, only-mentioned-once-before Ravenclaw boy!

Fantastic writing. You MUST write about about Cornfoot. PLEASE. You've created such an interesting character - please don't let him go to waste!


Author's Response: Thank you so much. I didn't actually plan to keep his identity hidden like that, it was just difficult to find a place where someone would shout out his name. But I am glad that it confused you. A bit of mystery is fun in a story sometimes :) But, alas, that is why hardly known characters who are barely mentioned are more dangerous than the outspoken ones.

And yes, I am definitely trying to jot down a plot for a larger story featuring him. Probably a follow-up to this one. Maybe Next-Generation or something like that. He is a lot of fun to play with, especially since he's a Ravenclaw and not Slytherin (all of the snakes aren't bad. people should realize that more often).

I'm so happy you decided to snoop around my page. Lol. And I'm glad you liked this. Thanks for such an awesome review, dude.


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