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Review #1, by ginnygirl808 get what you deserve

4th May 2011:
awe how bitterly sweet... it was so sad... i must admit the only reason i was going to read this story is because i love your banner... you have bradley james on it and well i think that really just made my day because i just simply love him so much!! does this mean you actually know who he is or did the person who created your banner find him? if you are a fan of him i must give you props... anyway to the story now, i enjoyed it alot, it was different and i liked it bunches!! :D

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Review #2, by Jellyman get what you deserve

15th July 2010:
That last line, oh my God, I loved it. In fact, this is the best slash I have read for a while. Beautifully written, simply perfect.

Viva la Hugo/Scorpius!

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Review #3, by evans_4eva get what you deserve

2nd May 2010:
This is really really good - so beautiful. =] 10/10

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Review #4, by Camilla Monet get what you deserve

8th April 2010:
So deep and amazing.
I never thought of Scorpius and Hugo together. (But I don't really write/ read slash. But this was. AMAZING.)

Soo good.

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Review #5, by PenguinsWillReignSupreme get what you deserve

15th February 2010:

Saying this is my favourite Hugo/Scorpius ever is not going to work so I will instead have to say my favourite piece of slash ever which might just cover it.

I think we have established two things here:
1. Hugo and Scorpius are never going to get a happy ending
2. You can sooo write angst. The good kind - not overpowering depressing stuff but this deep, more meaningful and relatable sort.

I thought it was beautiful. Scorpius' character was oddly endearing in that meek, powerless, almost pathetic way that makes him such a brilliant character and obvious Malfoy.

Rose. How dare you make me feel sorry for her! Hugo too, actually, and yet I find myself unable to really blame Scorpius for it.

That last paragraph is possibly vying for my favourite of the story but it's tough. The 'you don't want justice' is genius.

I'm rambling but all you need to know is it was stunning, stupendous, splendiferous and superb.

♥ ♥ ♥

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