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Review #1, by BananaBut101 Ron's POV

11th October 2010:
Aw! That's so sweet! And subtly woo is a really funny word by the way. I totally agree with the plotting of this story. Now, you just need to write it in Harry's POV! Pretty please? Just for me?

Author's Response: haha, of course i will do it for you :)
just having a bit of writer's block for this story.

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Review #2, by BananaBut101 Hermione's POV

11th October 2010:
No they don't. Sorry, I was referring to the title. Feelings do not just disappear. But, that doesn't matter. This chapter was amazing. :)

Author's Response: i know, right?
thank you ;P

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Review #3, by The Blunt Phoenix  Ron's POV

5th September 2010:
Another sweet chapter. Update soon please!!

Author's Response: am currently writing harry's pov. sadly, that will be the last chapter of the story, but i'll try to keep writing.

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Review #4, by The Blunt Phoenix  Hermione's POV

5th September 2010:
This was really cute. I was practicallyy squealing with delight while reading this. Great chapter!

Author's Response: thanks! that makes me really happy :)
don't forget to read ron's pov. harry's is coming soon.

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Review #5, by HoneyBabyDarlin Hermione's POV

25th July 2010:
I think it's sad that there are almost no stories simply dedicated to Ron and Hermione, so I love just you're choice of characters. It's really good, but it felt a bit like a summary to me. I would have done a flashback, or just focused on one moment in more detail next time. That said, I thought it was really good! Can't wait to read Ron's pov!

Author's Response: thanks for the help, but that was kinda my idea, to summarize their relationship in about 1,000 words! thanks for reading, and ron's pov is up now!

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Review #6, by Sarcastic_Bones Ron's POV

20th June 2010:
HAHA! I LOVED Ron's opinion of his Parceltongue! :) Genius!
I also liked that Ron persuaded Hermione to stab the Horcrux, knowing that she could do it. :) That is SO like them.
And yes, Ron, pretty pathetic you didn't realise sooner! LOL. I just had to answer that rhetorical question. :)
Again, I loved seeing Ron's POV. :) I hope there will be more chapters? :)
Loved it.
Kerry. :) xxx

Author's Response: just wanted to start out saying: thanks for reviewing both my chapters! there will be a third chapter in harry's perspective, and then it'll be done. i had a fun time writing in ron's POV, because he can be really blatant sometimes. anyway, thanks to much!

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Review #7, by Sarcastic_Bones Hermione's POV

20th June 2010:
I saw the summary for this story and thought "YAY, A Ronmione!" I absolutely adore them and I'm so glad to find this story cause it's such a good idea.
I really thought you caught Hermione's personality and the way she would think. :) It's also realy interesting to see where you would first place her begining feeling for Ron. And I agree - I think some time around 5-6 Year she fully realised, although I do bleieve that they both subconsciously knew in their 3-4 Years that there was something there. :)
Anyway, to stop rambling and sum up :) I REALLY loved this chapter and the story and I'm going to read your next chapter right away, I'm just glad that it's here for me to read! :)
I was thinking of writing my own Ronmione missing moment (from HBP or something) and I really think I will now that I've seen they can be done very well. :)
Again, great chapter and well written. :)
Kerry. xxx

Author's Response: yay! this really made my day, thanks so much for reviewing! and yeah, i think hermione probably *subconsciously* fell in love with ron way earlier, but was too stubborn to realize it!

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Review #8, by saffy22100 Hermione's POV

8th March 2010:
this was such a cute one-shot. i love howu changed the segment u used from harry potter 7 and twisted it so it was in Hermione's POV. do u recognise my name? im the author of Whole Again. U reviewed my chapter once a few weeks ago then never again. what hapenned? did u lose intrest? sorry. just a little confused. love this one shot! so sweet!


Author's Response: aww thanks so much for reviewing!! i'm in the process of writing ron's POV, but i'm really busy right now. sorry i didn't keep reviewing, but i didn't realize that there were more chapters!!

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