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Review #1, by Dirigible_Plums First Kiss

9th April 2017:
Hello again!

Well, wasn't this a bunch of loveliness? Honestly, Lily and James were both just too cute in this fic; I couldn't handle their adorableness. They're as sweet as sugar those two!

My headcanon is that James is this really big romantic, like even more so than Lily, which is why the fact that your James wanted his first kiss to be special just about melted my heart. Like. What a cutie. It's honestly so sweet. And there's nothing wrong with waiting! It's seventeen not seventy 😜

Lily was similarly adorable. Her babbling about first kisses and Alice and all that was a nice touch to her personality. Usually, I find that Lily is portrayed as strong and direct (which there is nothing wrong with, of course!) so it was lovely to read about a Lily who's as scatterbrained as the rest of us. She really feels like a teenage girl in this fic.

I was squealing like one when they finally kissed XD It was simple and understated but no less brilliant. Well worth James' wait too, I imagine. Especially because they're going to be together forever seeing as Voldemort doesn't exist, you know. Voldemort who? Sounds like a rock band.

Basically, this was lovely and cute (as you can see by my CONSTANT use of the word).

Plums xo

(breakout review for ctf)

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Review #2, by PaulaTheProkaryote First Kiss

9th April 2017:
HELLO LOVELY! I’m here for CTF at HPFT. Obviously the Claws have to win. ;) You know how these things go.

You’re my go-to Jily writer because you just do them so well. Even in your older works. They’re adorable and even though you pick up the general ideas behind cliches sometimes (like first kiss, thoughtful proposals, etc) you always do them in a way that just seems right and fresh and wonderful.

I always love when we have the head students complex thrown into a story too. I swear the entire castle shipped them and that's why he made head boy. Sure, it might have accelerated him growing up, but it also definitely forced Lily to give him a proper chance and get to know him better.

I'd so have attitude if some portrait decided to scold me. Rude.

I love that he didn't immediately taunt or harass her for being late. It could easily have been something along the lines of being irresponsible or trying to extort some affection from her or anything that I think a lesser writer might have gone with. But James is just kind and moves on. He’s got a good characterization here and I find him much more tolerable than some common James’s I read. Jameses? I don’t know.

She's definitely frazzled and I love it. Him joking with her about quidditch was also cute. I love this lax adorable only slightly mischievous James.

OH JAMES. He needs his first kiss. ;)

17 years old and still never smooched anyone. He's bold to admit it. Although it was a different time. And it is sweet!

“I always thought you were incredibly lame.” Lines like this is why I live for your version of lily. She’s so perfect and always has the best one liners.

Ugh. This was just so sickeningly cute and innocent and precious and 135 points to Hufflepuff for this cuteness.


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Review #3, by wolfgirl17 First Kiss

20th July 2015:
House Cup 2015 - Hufflepuff

Hey Katie,

Me again with another review for TAR because you're one of my favorite puffs ever! Also, this story was so sweet and fluffy and wonderful. I love the way you write James in all your pieces as being a bit of a goofball and being totally chivalrous and charming and endearing. I also loved that you made it so he'd waited to kiss anyone until he kissed Lily because he wanted it to be special.

It was such a sweet thing for him to have done and i couldn't stop smiling throughout this whole piece. I love your writing (if you hadn't caught onto that by now) and everything about the way you write James/Lily as a ship is brilliant.

Keep up the wonderful work. You're totally making me ship these two more than ever!


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Review #4, by FredWeasleyIsMyKing First Kiss

19th July 2015:
Hey again!

House Cup 2015 Gryffindor!

Guess who's back again for more Lily and James goodness? Yes it's me!

How do you write James so cute? Gah I love him. I love that he's never been kissed because he's been waiting for Lily all this time and he gets all cute and embarrassed and I just wanted to hug him. I also thought it was funny that he doesn't understand girls at all - the need to talk about things like kissing and the others spreading rumors about him. I don't disagree with the need to discuss everything with other girls - that's just what we do. It's not so nice that the others spread rumors though.

Lily in this was one of my favourites out of what I've read tonight. Her being all frazzled from being late and feeling happy from Alice and Franks experience. Her unable to leave the whole James has never been kissed thing alone to - her curiosity getting the better of her. This is how I imagine her to be.

And they kissed! I liked that Lily initiated it and James was so happy bless him. Gah just so cute. You make me so happy with Lily and James feels, thank you for that.

Another lovely oneshot! You really have a gift with characterisation and Lily and James in particular!

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Review #5, by randomwriter First Kiss

19th July 2015:
House Cup 2015

Hi Katie, so I'm back to read an alternate version of James and Lily's first kiss. I will try to keep this shorter though. I'm awfully bad at that, but I must learn.

I'm amazed by how you wrote the same situation in two completely different ways. In your previous story, Lily was very vulnerable, and James could have taken control. Here, you flipped the situation on its head and made James the vulnerable one. I was impressed by how different the situations were, and how you managed to write them both so well.

I felt really warm and fuzzy when I read this. It was so sweet, and it made me smile from ear to ear. Even though it was a bit predictable, I still felt like I was reading something new and fresh.

In addition to that, I really enjoyed how you wrote them as co-heads. You took a popular cliche, but gave it your own touch, and that really worked here.

Both James and Lily were incredibly sweet here. The fact that he waited for her, and that she went for it was so perfect. Though I don't get girls and their need to spread rumours either. Also, I don't mean to generdise this, but I rarely find guys waiting for their first times to be special. The fact that James, who is often portrayed as a playboy of sorts did, made it all better.

If I had one piece of advise, I'd say that the opening para could be slightly clearer. It could possible sound like Lily was the one who kissed Frank. :p

All that aside, this was a lovely story, and I'm glad that the HC is giving me the opportunity to actually read so much of your work ♥

Author's Response: If it helps, I wrote them pretty far apart :)

I'm glad you enjoyed this, even though it was a bit cliche and predictable. I feel like I wrote this a lifetime ago, so it's nice to see that my older stuff is standing up!

I will definitely look at that paragraph again. Thanks for pointing it out! :)

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Review #6, by EmilyPotter2390 First Kiss

31st May 2011:
Sooo cute :) I love lily/ James stories :)

Author's Response: Thanks! I love writing them! :)

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Review #7, by MsAnnaPotter First Kiss

3rd May 2010:
aww! so adorable! loved the 'fuzzy, floaty first kiss feelings' bit, too cute!

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you like it! I think that's my favorite line in the story. :)

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Review #8, by Sara C. First Kiss

1st March 2010:
I liked it. It was so cute! Thanks for writing.

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #9, by RoseParsons First Kiss

1st March 2010:
so cute:)
i wish my first kiss was that sweet;)
anyway 10/10 & added to favorites.

Author's Response: Awe thanks! I'm glad you liked it! :)

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