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Review #1, by Lex Greenfield Lovers and Dual Emotions

18th December 2013:
Hey girl! I don't know if you remember me but I was Lex Weasley, anyways, I just wanted you to know, I had to remake my account here.
Anyways! Again I love this. It's just... Ugh. I can't wait to keep re-reading!

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Review #2, by missxbasalisk Filling in the Ditch

27th July 2012:
you gave me my inspiratiion to be an author. not as good as you but i still try:) this story is one of my all time favorites. its just soo...soo.. scandalous! i love it soo much. this has been added to my favorites list. xoxo

Author's Response: oh thank you!!! i'm so glad that i gave you inspiration. reviews like this makes me want to continue writing so i guess a simultaneous thank you and your welcome is in order!

good luck with all future writing and im happy that you enjoyed the story!

-WP ^_^

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Review #3, by Biscuits Filling in the Ditch

3rd January 2012:
Amazing amazing amazing! :D

Author's Response: thank you!!! so glad that you enjoyed it!

-WP :)

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Review #4, by Biscuits Happy Times and a New Friend

3rd January 2012:

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Review #5, by Witness Filling in the Ditch

29th November 2011:
I have to say your story was very didn't resemble Harry Potter at all, but it was entertaining lol.

I just have to comment though: I've never seen such an anti-Ron story. It's not like I'm in love with Ron or anything, but I was just shocked reading this at how little regard he was written with, especially given what his wife did to him.

First of all, he's portrayed as an idiot. He can't tell that his wife is constantly cheating on him. He can't tell that his wife got pregnant twice by another man. He can't tell that his kids look like Harry. Does he dress himself, or does Mrs. Weasley have to come over and help him?

He is completely emasculated. He can't please his wife, who has to turn to physical comfort to other men. You might say that he won in the end because his wife didn't leave him for them, but I don't by it. It's more like his wife found a new pair of heels that she likes, but after a while they hurt her feet so she went back to her slippers, which are cheap and ratty but comfortable.

He's depicted as a deadbeat dad, runnning away from Isabella and Evan when he figures out they aren't his. Harry might have been half the chromosomes, but Ron was the father who raised them. Yet you have him abandoning two of his kids after he's been their dad for years, only having him being a father for Jaylen. What about Ron's character suggests that he would abandon his family? He sticks it out with Hermione for a while (which was completely unrealistic) for Jaylen--not for the others. Later, he doesn't see them at all, even when it's clear that the two love Ron, not Harry, as their father.

I really just have never seen such a trashing of a major character, and it shocked me, quite frankly. I kept waiting for Ron to be depicted in a good light instead of a pathetic one, but it never happened. Actually, looking for that became my favorite subplot lol!

I'm dead curious as to why you think of Ron in this way. Did you consciouly write Ron to be stupid, etc, or was it just an unconscious reflection or what you feel about him? Like I said, I don't mind Ron, but I'm curious have me hooked! There's *got* to be some reason why he's so feckless, right? Come on, you can tell me ;)

Author's Response: hello there :)

i've gotten so many reviews from the opposite ends of spectrum when it concerns this fic. i love all the hp characters dearly, and i never mean to purposefully portray them in a certain kind of light.

usually i just start off with an idea and then the story just takes off on its own. im a firm believer in that an author begins a story, but it finishes by itself. you may want a certain character to do something, but the situation that you created for it won't allow it. its an interesting concept i think lol.

i think that this fic is unrealistic in some ways, realistic in some. ron was definitely the one to be pitied here. i do admit that what shold've been there was a moment where, maybe not directly said, that ron had an idea of what was going on, but didnt want it to be true, and so kept his suspicions to himself. denying the truth, if you know what i mean. i think that would've added a dimension to ron and helped his characters loads.

and i think a problem too is that yes, isabella and evan were harry's kids, but the description of them is green eyes, like harrys, but hair more towards hermione's. i think the instant reaction for anyone is to think that harry's kids would look exactly like him, so how could ron POSSIBLY not piece things together?

im not sure, but its definitely a delicate subject matter in this story; from the theme to the way the characters are depicted. it's amazing where your imagination can take you, especailly if you werent expecting it in the slightest :)


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Review #6, by Amparo Filling in the Ditch

17th September 2011:
ahhh, I'm sad that it is over.
and I'm sad that non of them are together at the final end. But perhabs that's the best end. at least, the most realistic end in my eyes. I belong to the people who loved your story!
It's really great! was, correction, it was really great! Although it's a bit of a pity that Draco is engaged to a Hermione look-a-like. Poor Draco :( Really loved your story!

Author's Response: aw thanks!! im so glad that you liked the fic and that you thought the ending was realistic. if it had ended any other way, i dont think it would've worked, you know? so yey!!

and yeah its sad for draco. personally i think he has it the worse. false happiness, you know?

thanks for reading/reviewing!!
-WP ^_^

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Review #7, by Nay Malfoy Tender Moments and Farewells

10th August 2011:
The end of this made me cry. Their goodbye was heartbreaking!

Author's Response: if it made u want to cry can u imagine how i felt when i wrote it? sweet and sad at the same time without a doubt

-WP :)

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Review #8, by Dark Whisper Filling in the Ditch

19th July 2011:
Well... I have to admit that I read this last chapter awhile ago and I wasn't sure of what to say... so I left it alone to think about it for awhile... and well... here goes...

There is so much in this fic... so many lessons on the twist and turns of the heart... of marriage... of mistakes... and consequences. People are generally flawed and to that end... this fic is probably more realistic than what some might want to consider or believe. But this type of thing can and does happen and kudos to you for writing what can happen between one women and three wonderful men... none of them perfect.

I completely agree with your Author's Note. When you have that many reads/reviews... one can easily see that you are a huge success! So take a bow and accept your congratulations!

You were absolutely correct at this being a roller coaster ride. Sometimes it made me want to puke right along with Hermione's morning sickness. LOL! Just kidding!

I went from not wanting her to be with Draco... to wanting that child to be his... and then... not wanting her to be with him at all... and then at the end... I wanted them to meet up again so that he can have the real Hermione instead of an imposter. (Not for her sake... but for his)! Success to you, my dear... as my head spins in circles!

But really... your ending was in many ways... perfect. She was left by herself... possibly becoming friends with Ron again. And you left us Dramione fans with a bit of a slim possibility. ;)


You really made me 'feel' for Draco when that child wasn't his. He wanted it to be his and I could just feel his disappointment... his shattered heart... knowing it would finish whatever it was that they had. He loved her... as evidenced in the girl he was with. Such a tragedy for them all.


Congratulations on a well-written, smart, 33-Chapter work of brilliance.


Dark Whisper

Author's Response: hey there and thank you!!!

im so glad that you read the fic, took time to think about a review, and then came back. i really appreciate that :)

this story was a piece of hard work, honestly and truly. im so glad that it made your head spin with emotions lol. that's exactly what i wanted. life isnt simple in the slightest. it doesnt just have one storyline; it has several.

i wanted this story to be complicated and complex. i wanted my readers to think. i wanted them to feel. i wanted them to be utterly lost and have their minds changed.

so, im glad that you had so many thoughts about draco. he was a bit ruthless in the beginning with him constantly pursuing hermione, but in the end you can truly see him break down. it was no longer a mission to further corrupt her, but rather to keep her.

and out of everyone i'd say that draco has the most pain at the end. doomed to have a wife who will serve as a constant representation of who he can't have. if that's not torture, i dont know what is.

all in all, im so happy that i wrote this story and im glad that you liked it ^_^


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Review #9, by SwitchyWitch17 Lovers and Dual Emotions

4th July 2011:
Ok so this is a great opening to a story :)

Author's Response: thank you!

glad that you like the way it's started! ^_^


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Review #10, by flufff Filling in the Ditch

26th June 2011:
Aw, I can't believe it's already over! Wow! This was a very... interesting chapter. And an interesting story. I swear, I've never read a fanfic with as many plot twists as this. It's really amazing. I'm glad that Ron and Hermione are starting to patch things up, and I liked how Hermione saw Draco again after all that time. I'll really miss reading this because I've never really read anything like it! It was a very unique story and I'm happy to have read it. Your writing is incredible, and I hope to read more fics that you might write in the future... Great job, keep it up, bye for now! x

Oh! And I'm a bit embarrassed to be saying this, but if you ever have the time, could you please R&R my fanfic? There's only three chapters atm but I would appreciate it if you reviewed, since you seem to have a lot of experience. ;) Thanks!

Author's Response: thank you!!! "interesting" is definitely the right word. i never intended for this fic to have as many twists and turns as it did, but im a firm believer in once a story gets started, the author doesnt control it anymore. it takes on a life of its own and you just go with it. so thats what i did lol.

it was completely controversial to say the least, but i dont regret a minute of it. for ron and hermione i think it was good to have that small, VERY SMALL, bit of civility between them. because no matter what, ron loves her, and i dont think that after all that time he'd be completely cold (not that he'd be all happy with later lol)

and you know i couldnt leave draco out of the picture! he was the one loose string that had to be talked about and well, there he was :)

im so glad that you liked my writing, and might i suggest reading my fic "Conquest"? a lot of people liked it (plus its my fav that i've written lol!) i think you'd like it.

aww, dont be embarrassed ^_^ sure i'll read/review your fic. it make take me a bit since im doing school work still until the end of the month, but soon im free and then i can read all i want :)

thanks for taking the time out to read and review!!


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Review #11, by Elluzions Filling in the Ditch

17th June 2011:
I am experiencing an array of mixed emotions right now...I'm sad to see the story end, a bit incomplete that Draco & Hermione nor Harry & Hermione ended up together..BUT satisfied that I've read such an incredible story :)

Author's Response: wow, you really do have some mixed emotions going on there lol. completely understandable and i'm glad that you enjoyed the fic.

please be sure to check out some of my others! ^_^


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Review #12, by sandals Filling in the Ditch

14th June 2011:
This ending was disappointing, although I knew it would be. I'm a Ron fan, and Ron gets absolutely no justice in this entire fic. I've read in reviews that you said he'd get his moment, but it never came. He's divorced and humiliated, still has to deal with his harpy ex-wife. He has to watch as Harry takes over being a dad to the 2 kids Ron thought were his own for years. I guess you're not a Ron fan!

Ron never even gets to hit Harry. Speaking of Harry, where's his remorse? Where does he apologize for his sickening behavior? He never does; he's a sociopath. You've made him a bastard from start to finish. This is the first story I've read where I wish Voldemort had won! I mean, Harry does everything wrong and comes out a winner. He gets to see all his kids all the time, he's still friends with Hermione. He has no guilt. He lost Ginny but you never gave readers a reason to believe he actually loved her anyway. He lost Ron, but it's kind of hard to believe Harry cares about Ron when he has 2 kids with Ron's wife. And to read that Harry has the temerity to almost fight Ron? Where does he get the right to be angry at Ron for anything at all the rest of his life? Like I said, I guess you're just not a Ron fan.

And Hermione...ugh, worst character ever. I had to laugh when you conceded in my last review that she was "a bit selfish." A bit? Lol, what does it take for you to think that someone is a lot selfish? Constant extra-marital affairs, 2 bastard kids, and constant lies aren't enough. Also, I didn't really find it believable that Ron and Ginny would stay with their spouses for another year.

So, I'm glad this story's over, because I hated it but couldn't stop reading it lol! I mean, I've never hated characters as much as I've hated the ones in this fic, but it was entertaining. I'm sure I would've liked it more if I wasn't a Ron fan, or he wasn't so thoroughly abused for the entire story. But you are a good writer, so if you want to make it up to me write a story where something good happens to Ron and he's not trampled over by Harry, Hermione, and Draco. But knowing you're affinity towards Ron, you're probably more inclined to make him an usher at Harry/Hermione/Draco's wedding after they've all won the lottery and repossessed Ron's house from him. Oh well, I guess we just like different things!

Author's Response: srry the ending disappointed you! but as a ron fan it would most definitely lean more towards that end in a sense. i know i said he'd get his justice, and in that way i really did want him to have to "duke it out" with harry, but i felt like.. to have a fight would've been cliched and i wanted ron to kind of be the "bigger man.." but i dont know. i kind of wish he had a bigger field to him as well, but the right outlet that i was hoping would come, didnt truly present itself to me.

quite a few people have added that harry has no remorse. i take the blame for that because i found it quite hard to bring that out in the writing when the fic was basically in hermione's pov, you know? i wish i could've done better in that aspect, truly.

haha, okay, yeah she's definitely a lot more selfish than "a bit." and i guess i had ron and ginny staying with them for that age-old reason of doing it for the kids, kind of thing.

lol! i love your last paragraph of your review. honestly and truly i love ron. i really do. and its sad to say, but i think his character is "cursed." his character is fixed in this harry's shadow, the clumsy one, he can't get a girl complex. it happens constantly in almost any fic you read. it's almost hard not to fall into that trap.

but i did promise someone, or more than one person, that i'd write a fic for ron. id like to do that, especially because i hardly ever write outside of hermione and draco characters. i wand to branch out so, i'd might as well start with him, yes?

so, thanks for sticking by though this fic that made you recoil and want to smash a few things lol.

-WP ^_^

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Review #13, by Lyla Black Filling in the Ditch

14th June 2011:
You obviously don;t have much love for Harry and Ginny as character or in fact any hp character other than Draco. While Hermione comes across as the worst kind of woman and friend, Harry is the sort of man mothers should tell their daughters to stay miles away from. He gets his wife pregnant while he's having an affair with Hermione and even in the epilogue his lack of remorse or emotion is appalling to the say least. The fact that he was trying to run away from his trouble shows what little respect he had for Ginny and his children.
I don;t know what to say other than the fact that the only way this story can work is as spoof (and that too an unintentionally funny one) or perhaps an original fic where by the time you are done, you don't feel a thing for any of the characters other than perhaps the wronged wife and husband, which the author couldn't care less about.
Honestly, this fic has absolutely nothing to do with HP characters. Yes, I agree people make mistakes but everyone was some consciense and character traits that stick out even during after those mistakes. In your story the characters were nothing but people who sought self-gratification and had no concept of love. Surprisingly, the HP books central theme was love and friendship.
Makes me wonder why people like you write fanfics at all, when you care so little about the characters you write about. Only to get readers and exposure that an original fic like this wouldn't have recd?

Author's Response: i honestly didnt write this fic just to get readers or exposure. i have plenty of other fics that are not like this in nature and would be more your cup of tea. i love the hp characters dearly, even if it may not seem like it. as i've said many times before, it was just an idea that i had and i ran with it. it took much more turns than i had anticipated which is to be expected when i prefer to have fics "write themselves" and flow naturally, rather than fit it to such a close mold and lose fluidity.

you say that harry showed no remorse, and i found it a bit hard to fully bring that across as the fic was from hermione's pov. you also say that harry ran away from his trouble. sure he did, but i wouldnt say that it showed little respect, but rather realizing that so much damage had been done that it was impossible to fix. but of course everything is open to interpretation.

either way, this fic wasn't to your liking and that's okay. i appreciate the review.

-WP :)

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Review #14, by sandals Loosened Lips and Broken Walls

14th June 2011:
The way you had Ron and Ginny find out was brilliant, and I loved Ron's line about it being on his terms. I think he's owed something on his terms, considering how he's been screwed over (literally!) this entire story behind his back by his wife, his best friends, and his biggest enemy.

But I must say, Harry and Hermione make me sick. Hermione's such...a slut; there's really no other word. I just can't understand how they could do that to the people that mean the most to them. It's clear she doesn't love Ron--you don't do that to people you love. No, Hermione loves Hermione and she'll do whatever/whomever she feels like to get hers, who cares about consequences.

I mean, the Weasleys were Harry's first family, and gave Hermione some refuge when the mudblood garbage started coming up (which btw, Draco was a big instigator of...hmm, maybe that word is a turn-on for Hermione?).

There's no way Ron can realistically go back to her. She's cheated on him repeatedly throughout there whole marriage. The marriage is built on lies. And there's no way Harry or Hermione would ever be welcome in the Weasley household again.

Also having Harry and Hermione end up together would be a disappointing cliche. The story has been enjoyable in a perverse way, lol, but I'm hoping the ending doesn't turn into a joke. There are a lot of cliche potholes out there, and I'm hoping that this is finally a story where the people who mess up have to face realistic consequences for their actions. (I will definitely let you know if you veer off into cliche world!)

Like Ron's fist in Harry's face lol!

Author's Response: lol! well, i must say that i try as hard as possible not to give into cliches as i absolutely hate them. and then if i see myself going into one i berate myself endlessly.

you're right. having ron go back with hermione wouldnt make an ounce of sense. there's a high chance it wouldnt happen in reality so why would it happen here?

i tried to make ron and ginny find out everything in a interesting/different way, so im glad that worked! and ron's line, i loved to DEATH, because i think that'd be so much better than just an all out fight which would be very much expected. plus i think it added more character to him :)

yes, i'll agree that hermione was a bit selfish. she didnt know what she wanted. i also lean towards the fact that there were difficulties in her marriage that helped to drive her to it, but then again that was in the beginning. afterwards when things were alright, well, her priorities certainly weren't so genuine.

i think "perverse" is a fantastic word to describe this fic and i'll keep that in mind lol. im glad that you liked it nonetheless and that you enjoy the last chap ^_^


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Review #15, by Araxia Filling in the Ditch

14th June 2011:
Oh where to begin.

What a great ending to a simply amazing story. I think it ended just about the only way it really could have ended. Everyone pretty much on their own to live with the mistakes that happened.

I found it very true to Hermione's character that it her that came completely clean with everything including Draco. Like she had stated that could have ultimately been hidden forever. The no more lies really showed she had to get everything out there regardless of what was going to happen. I think I did hit it right on that the Draco betrayal really was miniscule in comparison to Harry's. Sure it made Ron mad as hell, but still not the same.

I did like how Ron at least tried to stick it out, but in the end it was purely just too painful a situation to be reminded of every day. No surprise that H/G split as well. Honestly I've never seen their relationship nearly as strong as R/Hr has been.

The interaction between all the children was something I didn't see coming, but found very realistic. The animosity between the children has got to be no fun for anyone. The "stats" part I thought was actually pretty amusing.

Finally I think you are still putting stuff in just to mess with me and give me hope. The last interaction with Ron I found very enduring. I would look at that and think that even with all the pain, Ron probably is still in love with her. The kids thinking someone is going to be in the "Hot Seat" soon really has me pointing to Ron. She's had plenty of time to be with Harry and nothing. I think given the amount time that maybe R/Hr could fine themselves back to each other. Or at least I can always hope. That would definitely be a sequel I'd be all over reading, even though I've noticed you're pretty much a complete D/Hr writer. *hint, hint*

Well I said finally once, but I still had one more thing. I so think Draco got off easy. Everyone pretty much lost everything and he finds a girl he can love that will love him back. Where's my smackdown? Ron being an Auror so should have hunted his ass down for some "words". On that note I was sad to never find out what "On my terms" ended up being between Harry and Ron.

OK, this is my third finally. It's been a great ride with your story. Through the ups and downs I have found it to be a truly amazing story with a great ending that leaves a little something for everyone. Maybe you'll find it in your heart to write a story with a good ending for Ron one of these days as I do so love your writing.

Thanks for the good reading.

Author's Response: well, i must say thank you for staying with me throughout this incredibly long story with all of its bumps.

to have this story end with any one of them in a relationship just wouldn't have felt right. in my mind they were their significant others, their "one&only" and with that destroyed, who could really fill that void? it just seemed better and even stronger that way.

i also think to have hermione keep silent about draco would've undercut her being sorry about this whole entire mess. to come clean to one thing and deny another is no purification and definitely had to be said.

as for ron, the good man that he is, he tried to do the right thing, but as you said, it was too painful of a situation to look in the face day after day. but the fact that he tried says a lot. which brings me to the fact that you think i've teased you lol.

there are definite subtlties that point to ron still being in love with hermione, which is completely believable. she was his wife, someone he loved more than life itself, and something like that doesnt go away too easy no matter how angry one may be. and as harry said, hermione and ron's son is only ten. a good reason for them to stay in each other's lives. so..there goes the possibilities.

lol..a d/h writer, yes i am though i try hard to explore otherwise. you say draco got off easy? in essence, sure, but as i responded to another review, the woman he's getting married to resembles hermione in every way. did it ever cross your mind that draco, in a way, is trapped? trapped by his love for hermione that the only way he can get by is to find someone to replace her? i think he has one of the harsher punishments. to marry a woman til death do them part who is merely an imitation of what he cannot have.

all in all im so glad that you liked the story with all of its rollercoaster similarities. after all this i really do believe that ron deserves a little story of his own, and it'll come one of these days i promise ^_^


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Review #16, by reesecup Filling in the Ditch

14th June 2011:
Interesting end. I wish there was more with her and Draco (maybe an idea for another story perhaps a sequel)(wink wink) lol I really enjoyed this story and I'm glad you put up the last chapter so quick even though I hated to see it end. I loved it an I wish you luck with your future writing =)

Author's Response: thank you! haha, ah yes, the untold story and the push and possibility of a sequel lol. i was waiting for that to come up :)

im really glad that you liked it and thanks for sticking it out with me!


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Review #17, by DEE Filling in the Ditch

13th June 2011:
This story was absolutely fantastic.. I'm so sad to see it end. I loved the epilogue, everything makes sense in a way.. I feel sorry for Bella and Evan because they are the bastard children out of all this. Jessica and Amy will probably dislike them forever.
You are a wonderful story teller and I cannot wait to read you fics in the future :)

Author's Response: thank you!! im so glad that you liked the way the story played out and that it made sense. i worked really hard in trying to do it justice after all of this, so im happy :)

as for other fics, i have to update a fic i have called Saving Sirius that i believe is about eight chapters in. my story Aurors vs. the Condemned has the final chapter coming out soon and there's a sequel called Condemned with Reason that already has six chapters done and will be out as soon as is prequel is over ^_^

thanks for reading/reviewing and i look forward to seeing more comments from you!

-WP :)

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Review #18, by Rachel m Jealousy and Babies

13th June 2011:
Honey thats great that ur doing this and im glad someone has carried this out as much as u have, but cld u make them a bit longer. Try copying the document and placing it in word to see how long the chapter is. If it fits in 3 pages, its too short. Hope that helps! Story is great tho! Keep on striving!

Author's Response: thank you :)

im a fan of longer chapters myself, but usually if i feel like the chapter would end perfectly at a certain part then i do, even if that means a bit of a short chapter :)

glad that you like it so far though! ^_^


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Review #19, by TheHeirOfSlytherin Filling in the Ditch

12th June 2011:
And Draco got his happy ending! I am so proud of him! ;)

Yes. Yes, I am. And no one will take it away from me. Ah, Slytherin till the end. We always get what we want!

I'm so proud of Ron too. More so, maybe, for not staying, even though he could of. He even tried. I understand that he couldn't look at Isabella and Evan as they got older but I was a little angry that he left because of the three of them; it wasn't their fault, just Hermione's. I understand why but he should only have left because of her. Though, maybe, through Jaylen, they could be acquaintances at least.

Definitely no hope for Harry and Ginny, though. Just too much anger there. Deserved anger, though, I must add.

As for the kids...

Isn't Jessica and Amy a bit mean? Blaming them? As I said, it's not their faults, it's Harry and Hermione's. I think Isabella and Evan hating THEM is justifiable if they're gonna hate them for something they had no control over. Ginny too. They're just children!

Evan's a bit mean too; what he says to Jaylen. "Dad's here... No, our Dad... You're not one of us, remember?"

Harsh. But kids will be kids. I'm sure we've all said things that can upset others (I have). I'm just thinking "poor Jaylen."

This is a very realistic ending for this story, it couldn't have gone any other way. I have sympathy for everyone, though I feel Ginny and the two girls could have handled things better with Hermione's two; like I keep saying, not their fault.

And back to Draco... Going for a Hermione lookalike? He should have just waited. Eight years later, they meet again, things happen... It could has been the start of something beautiful. ;)

Wow, possibly the longest review I've ever written. Good. It deserves a long, positive review. I loved this story from beginning to end. I refuse to dismiss any of my ideas too. I always write them down and see what I can make of it (like Behind the Mask), though sometimes they change on me (like You're Not Going to Believe This. LOL).

I don't believe our beloved HP characters where as OOC as other make out. I think of this as a story where we're being shown that no one is perfect. Things happen in life that can cause people to make mistakes, mistakes that have consequences, consequences that, however long it takes to be revealed, are revealed and need to be dealt with. Even our heroes make mistakes. People need to see that.

This is the perfect story to show all that and though others may not agree, I am so glad you wrote this.


Author's Response: haha, what a long review! a long response it is then :)

you say draco gets his happy ending BUT does he really? he's getting married sure, but to a woman who looks like hermione. he's a bit trapped by her, so, not entirely happy ending i say lol.

ah ron. he stayed as long as he could've. to be hurt that deeply and look at the results of that deception really is tough. and what would be better, him leaving, or staying and unintentionally being short with them because of his sadness? but yes, at least there's still jaylen so chances with being on level of enough terms with hermione can still happen ^_^

the as you say, kids will be kids. jessica and amy are quite the harsh ones. but the h/h thing defnitely broke their family apart and they might as well put the blame on someone and they certainly found it with Isabella and Evan.

and yeah, evan is a bit mean too. but his "mean" is a type that's like dark humor. poor jaylen indeed. wish he was real so i could give him a hug :)

haha, im really glad that you liked this fic, and yes, fics change, ideas flourish into unbelievable ends that you werent thinking of, and some are unconventional.

i dont think it could be better said about people making mistakes. and that's what i wanted: a fic to show how things could happen. there was a lot of excess writing here to show the reasoning, sometimes awful reasoning, why they did what they did. without it, it would definitley make them ruthless.

so thank you then for reading/reviewing my fic and another shall be updated as soon as i finish write it! ^_^


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Review #20, by clairevampiress Filling in the Ditch

12th June 2011:
wow i loved the ending though i had to re read it like seven times before i understood the childrends relationship with each other. i look forward to whatever fic you put up next.

Author's Response: thank you :)

all of the relationships are a bit confusing, but i hope you've got it now. as for other fics that im working on, if you haven't read Aurors vs. the Condemned, the final chapter for that shall be up soon and a sequel to that called Condemned with Reason will be coming out after it. its d/h involved :)

i have a fic called Saving Sirius that was put on a bit of a hiatus, but picking back up and.. i think that's it so far. i've got other ideas for fics in mind, but id like to write them far enough before i talk about them ^_^


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Review #21, by seymlour Loosened Lips and Broken Walls

12th June 2011:
Wait? Is an epilogue all there is? I mean, it WILL explain what happens, I hope?
I'm mighty curious as to what Ron chooses to do. Take Jaylen and leave?

Author's Response: well the final chap is up so all your questions will be answered!

-WP :)

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Review #22, by Ruby_Elsi_Riddle Loosened Lips and Broken Walls

11th June 2011:
So guess what? I almost forgot about this story. It's really sad. The fact that you updated on the day that I graduated is awesome though.

And guess what I also did? Got tickets for HP7p2. Thursday July 14th at 12:01. That's what the ticket says. It's RealD 3D, not IMAX because I was stupid, but I've heard that IMAX hurts your brain, so RealD is fine. I'm excited, can you tell? I would have rather gone to the premiere of the book, but I was at camp then, so...

Okay, so now that I'm done rambling about my life (and on to rambling about the super long wait for this chapter).

OMG!!! What took you soo long? I realize that college sucks, but COME ON WOMAN!

And now on to the actual story/chapter review:

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!! That is NOT how I expected it to go down, but it did. Now we just need to get Draco into the mix and viola. :))

Awesome chapter, I want more soon. No more of this waiting 2 months bull. Mainly 'cuz I can't count on having access to the internet for very much longer (stupid economy).


Author's Response: hahha, rambling is good! omg, i HATE leaving stories for so long but things get in the way and then i cry lol. OMG my roommate got tickets for HP7p2 today as well! but she got IMAX instead though. but as you said, hurts your brain, so i suppose you're luckier than her lol!

i really want to go and see it at midnight, but there'd be absolutely no way for me to get to the theatre and back on my own, so its friday for me. gotta get those tickets early or else im screwed lol.

okay, now I'M done rambling lol. hahaha, part of the reason i took forever is because i wanted the chap to be the best it could be. on the upside, the last chap is FINISHED and its going to be up this weekend so.that makes up for the long wait, yes? ^_^

i definitely wanted the secret to get out in a way people DIDNT expect, so yey!!! glad that you liked it and the last chap shall be up soon, and THAT IS A PROMISE! no reason for a delay when its done lol. (unless internet sucks and lets pray it doesnt!)


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Review #23, by flufff Loosened Lips and Broken Walls

10th June 2011:
Wow, I can't believe Ron and Ginny finally found out... Yeah, Ron's a good actor. I liked the part about the "he's a cheater" thing. I mean, it was a good line. It's sad that now Harry and Hermione only have each other to turn to. Pleeease put in everybody's reactions and everything in the next chapter. I want to see what happens, and if anybody else knew (did they? :O I wonder...) Anyways, great chapter, I really liked it! Update soon!

Author's Response: thank you!! the final chap i manged to finish last night and i hope to get it out by the end of the weekend.

ah, everything's out in the open now and all unanswered questions will be revealed when i post next :)

thanks for reading/reviewing!

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Review #24, by cosmos Loosened Lips and Broken Walls

8th June 2011:
Well well..Harry and Hermione are now embracing each other eh? Does it mean theres a third baby on the way for them? lol..
doesnt seem not possible given how selfish they are in this fic without any disregard to others!!

Author's Response: lol, no, no more babies. this time "embracing" meant a hug/holding each other.

more shall be up soon :)

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Review #25, by KittyLuna Loosened Lips and Broken Walls

7th June 2011:
My heart literally felt like it caught in my throat when Ron said "he's a cheater" part. This story is such an anxiety trip my goodness. I hope there is good closer on this story.

Author's Response: this fic is definitely home to some anxiety-stricken moments. i can imagine how you reading it as i was writing it. the last chap is just about finished written and i hope to have it out soon :)


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