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Review #1, by rebby Fight or Flight

19th November 2014:
I love your storyy!!
Like it very much!! I like harry potter and voldemort as father and son! Please let them stay like this, there aren't so much father son story of them and this one is the best i've read(☆_☆)

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Review #2, by Snape374 15 years later

5th September 2014:
The plot is very much similar to a fan fiction I have read called "The Darkness within".

Then again that fiction is quite popular any many people has adapted that plot.

Your writing is constructive. Looking forward to read.

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Review #3, by MyLoverVoldemort Business and Pleasure

24th June 2011:
I love this story are you gonna write more?! :)

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Review #4, by Cayti Business and Pleasure

19th May 2011:
Love it! i think it's cute at the end with the banter between harry and ella :) keep writing!

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Review #5, by stephanie Business and Pleasure

11th March 2011:
please! please! please! update!!

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Review #6, by TATgIrL Business and Pleasure

19th February 2011:
Are going to continue, I really hope you do I love this story

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Review #7, by PotterandPadfoot4eva Business and Pleasure

26th January 2011:

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Review #8, by kelly_the_muggle Headquarters

24th September 2010:
great job! i'm still loving it

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Review #9, by kelly_the_muggle The Meeting

24th September 2010:
I don't understand why voldemort would care about harry having a wife, especially when, only a few paragraphs later it says that he believed that love made people weak.

Oh well, I'm still enjoying it.

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Review #10, by Kelly_the_muggle 15 years later

24th September 2010:
I'm hooked! Great job!

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Review #11, by Kelly_the_muggle The robbed cradle

23rd September 2010:
Ooo, I really like the concept of this story. I will definitely be reading more.

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Review #12, by couldyoureallyknow Business and Pleasure

17th August 2010:
harry and ella are cute in a weird twisted dark sort of waay
he obviously really cares about her and its the only time hes polite and shows affection.
i really think you're doing an amazing job on the story more soon please!

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Review #13, by Babyshel Business and Pleasure

17th August 2010:
Love this story please keep Harry bad he is soo much better then good Harry and when is the next chappie coming up? can't wait to read more 100 out of 10 such a gd story XD x

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Review #14, by samkirk10 Business and Pleasure

2nd August 2010:
please wright more to it i love it

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #15, by Karkaroff Business and Pleasure

25th July 2010:
Great chapter and I liked how you wrote Ella in this chapter. Please write more thanks.

Author's Response: Thank you! And I will!

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Review #16, by :) Business and Pleasure

22nd July 2010:
oh, its so cute. please keep writing. (one question. will harry turn to the good side?)

Author's Response: Thank you! And that's the question isn't it? You'll just have to wait and see

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Review #17, by kookoobaby456 Business and Pleasure

21st July 2010:
post the next one soon. Please??

Author's Response: I've barely started the next chapter! Hopefully, I'll get it done quick, though

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Review #18, by Roxanne Business and Pleasure

20th July 2010:
YAY NEW CHAPTER. I love this story, and the evil Harry.
The playful ending with Harry & Ella was cute. :)

Author's Response: Thank you. I wanted to just keep it kind of playful and natural, rather than serious and strained

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Review #19, by RavenclawRoolz The Meeting

20th July 2010:
kinda strange. i have a character named ella whose in slytherin. her father's a death eater. only, my ella's last name is mawking and she's blonde with blue eyes.

Author's Response: Oh, that is strange!

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Review #20, by dragonsnake Business and Pleasure

19th July 2010:
This is a great story. Please don't have the wait for the next chapter be as long as the last. I really like evil Harry, he is so much cooler than regular Harry. Please don't make turn good.

Author's Response: Thank you! I haven't even begun the next chapter, but I'll try to get it up ASAP. And I wish I could tell you the plans for this story! I'm excited for it to play out

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Review #21, by dragonsnake Talks and Trees

19th July 2010:
This is an awesome story. I love how Harry purposely pissed off the other kids to get them in trouble with the adults, it shows that he is as manipulative as Voldemort.

Author's Response: Hahah, yes, thank you. Manipulative and just generally uncooperative, (:

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Review #22, by Abs Business and Pleasure

19th July 2010:
FINALLY. do you know how long i've been waiting for this chapter? i really like seeing how different harry is with ella, because it shows that there's something left of lily and james in him, you know? anyways, i really liked this chapter, it was excellent. update soon please! :)

Author's Response: People have asked me if Ella is necessary, and I truly think she is. It shows them that "the next Dark Lord" can love, can be selfless, and isn't the cruel person one would expect. Voldemort only wants the pair together because of the possibility of an "heir to the throne," if you will. He did not foresee the love, but I feel it's important the two love each other.

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Review #23, by doyoulikewaffles Business and Pleasure

19th July 2010:
OMG I LOVE IT! i love harry i love Ella i FRICKEN LOVE IT

Author's Response: Thank you! I have a soft spot for their relationship.

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Review #24, by xXxMissGinnyPotterxXx Business and Pleasure

19th July 2010:
:) i loved it. Their interaction is so natural :) Ella's and Harry's i mean :)
[=Miss Ginny Potter=]

Author's Response: I was trying to go for that! They could have had a serious "Oh my Voldemort, I've miss you and love you and blah blah blah" talk, but I liked the natural, playful conversation better.

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Review #25, by Domina de Orbis Headaches

17th July 2010:
I was wondering, why does Harry have a scar if both his parents are alive and Harry was kidnapped and taken to Voldemort? Just a thought! Otherwise, I really enjoy your story!

Author's Response: It'll be explained in one of Neville's meetings with Dumbledore. And thank you! (:

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