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Reading Reviews for See the Whole Board
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Review #1, by potthead See the Whole Board

9th January 2011:
Excellant, truly excellant. It`s wonderful to see a mature Ron. The facts of this story are true to the books, and Ron and Hermionie`s love was definatly forged in fire.
Great job.

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Review #2, by hbee See the Whole Board

3rd October 2010:
Written amazingly, too. :D

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Review #3, by Canadian_Hogwarts See the Whole Board

31st August 2010:
I love it! Great idea for a story. Good job!

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Review #4, by Jakota See the Whole Board

18th July 2010:
That amazingly well written. I love all the flashbacks and all the chess allusions. Plus it's a really cute Hermione/Ron fic.

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Review #5, by hermygirl_14 See the Whole Board

22nd March 2010:
I absolutely love this story. :) Great job writing it, you captured the characters I love so well.

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Review #6, by Charliexedd See the Whole Board

24th February 2010:
I like this story, a simple but clever little theme explored in an interesting way.

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Review #7, by spangles See the Whole Board

20th February 2010:
I loved this story! David's perspective was awesome and the whole chess refrences throughout the game were genius. I hope to see a lot more stuff from you, you're definitly going on my favoirte authors list!! (:

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Review #8, by Ydnas Odell See the Whole Board

10th February 2010:
This is destined with a little to be a Harry Potter fanfic classic , but to be honest it is not quite there yet.

It just needs another editng pass or two, but not a full beta read because of typos and a still awkward phrase or two and I'd detail these, but I don't have time at the moment.

Also, you're right about the chess moves not making sense. But neither did JKR's, LOL!

I'm a huge chess fan, not quite a master of course, but I understand theory and tactics and if you'd like; owl DA Jones on the forum and this weekend I'll send you a few notes about a better way to describe the moves and a few of the minor edits that are still needed that I spotted.

Added to my favorites. This is great!

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Review #9, by Jen See the Whole Board

10th February 2010:
Brilliant story. Nothing else to be said really. Well done.

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Review #10, by Avanell 2 See the Whole Board

10th February 2010:
Just wanted to say (again) what a cute, fun story! He'll do, indeed!

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Review #11, by Cal5114 See the Whole Board

9th February 2010:
wow, this story was brilliant! I love it!!!

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Review #12, by LindaSnape See the Whole Board

9th February 2010:
That was absolutely brilliant!

I loved that you included Hermione's parents that we never met in the books. I liked the characterization of both them and Hermione and Ron, as well. I really do like the chess analogies, though, as I do not play chess I could not tell you if it's glaringly wrong or not. To me it seems quite apt. I think that the game of chess as compared to Ron and Hermione's father in this tale was quite clever. This was a very original idea and I rather enjoyed it.

I like that you included her father's vague memories of Australia and how upset he was that his daughter had aged in a year. Not to mention all the other carefully well laid out details that wove themselves into the tale.

Not to mention that I could appreciate the way you blended the muggle and Wizarding worlds together with this piece and that was very genius, as well.

I absolutely love this. Wonderful, wonderful work!

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