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Review #1, by AlbusRebeccaPotter Gavin Martel

13th April 2010:
OK, You spelt McGonagall wrong near the top and also ot os Professor not Proffesor which is about half way down when McGonagall comes back into the room, Good evening is two words, not one, and when you are describing Gavin you put Jet short black hair, it should be either short jet black hair or jet black, short, hair, fallowed should be followed McGonagall is headmistress, not head master, also when you are talking about Lily defending Hogwarts you put the word spattted, this is one to many 'T's and should be the word spat, apon should be up on, relief has no e on the end, eating doesn't have a double T and it's answered not asnwered. This is only constructive critisisam and although it looks lots there isn't much wrong, it is just lots of small bits. Anyway, other than that this is a fantastic story. Well done.

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Review #2, by AlbusRebeccaPotter The First Year

13th April 2010:
This is really good, welll done and keep writing.

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Review #3, by Katiatrix The First Year

15th February 2010:
I think it's pretty good so far! Definitely going to favourite it and wait for more chapters. Keep up with the good work. Has a lot of potential.

Author's Response: Thank you.
And U have posted the second chapter
And I am now working on the third chapter.

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