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Review #1, by Renfair nothing ever stays the same.

1st August 2012:
Hi! I'm Renny, and we're doing an obscure ship review challenge over at TGS. How perfect is your story for it, huh?! A review for a TGS challenge based on a story for a TGS challenge :) I don't usually read a lot within this time period because I don't like Marauder stories (though, thankfully, the Marauders don't appear to be in this story) so it will be cool to read a slightly different take on this period of Hogwarts history.

"Andromeda hadn't been disowned yet - though they all knew it was coming- so she had to acknowledge her presence occasionally." --Wow, way to emphasize Narcissa's coldness. Not that I blame her growing up in that family, but it just goes to show how they were all sort of raised to be wives for their future husbands instead of sisters who loved and cherished each other.

I'm always a bit confused when fan fic writers have wizards believing in Merlin as their god since many wizards in canon said "Oh my God" or things like that. But hey, that's fan fiction for you! It's nice to have the freedom to do whatever you want. ("fan-non?" is that a word? It seems like it should be). At the very least, the idea that there's no God would make it easier to understand how a person like Voldemort would rise to power... or maybe not. The Crusades weren't exactly a tea party after all.

"I'm not going to brutally murder you and dispose of your body behind the Hog's Head, if you were wondering," --She's NOT?! But I thought that's what ALL Slytherins do! Sorry, I get so annoyed with the whole all-Slytherins-besides-Snape-are-evil thing in canon sometimes. I'm really glad at least you're emphasizing what a decent person Andromeda was, and at least Narcissa is *trying* to be slightly more open-minded and think for herself. But that line did make me laugh. Mmm, dead Gryffindors make good food for Aberforth's goats. Yum.

Well, I guess we all knew starting out that this romance would be short-lived. Alice and Frank need to get together so they can join the Order and get to work on little Neville and obviously Narcissa ends up a Malfoy. This pairing you made is interesting because the reader is left wondering if maybe when Bellatrix tortures the Longbottoms into madness, she went so far because of revenge for Frank daring to meddle with her perfect little sister.

It was nice that Narcissa had a little bit of exposure to "the other side," no matter how brief to show her that not everyone in the wizarding world thinks like her parents and the Malfoys. The way you ended it was nice as well because we're left hoping that maybe Lucius isn't so bad after all and Narcissa might end up not completely miserable married to him.

Well, this was certainly a pairing *I* would never have thought up myself. Definitely an interesting read! Good job!

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Review #2, by WitnesstoitAll nothing ever stays the same.

2nd May 2010:
This was fabulous. I have not read much Narcissa, never mind rebellious Narcissa/Frank Longbottom. This was realistic and refreshing. I think that the passage of time denoted by the roman numerals was genius. I don't know why but Narcissa always makes me so sad... like, if only she had had a backbone where would she have ended up?? This story was a brillian little take on her attempt at being rebelious. I loved it. :)


Author's Response: Thank you, loff! I'm so glad you thought it was fabulous. I wouldn't go so far, but whatever floats your boat. XD Narcissa makes me sad, too - especially now that i've thought up that massive storyline about her and Frank. what if? what if? I ended up writing an AU Frankissa but don't read it because it's awful and I need to revise it before you're allowed.

Thank youu!

- emma xx

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Review #3, by collette michelle nothing ever stays the same.

27th April 2010:
So I finally am here to read this! Boy was I excited to read it. I love the idea of Frank and Narcissa ( I do believe I wrote Narcissa and Remus in another review, please ignore that, sometimes my brain does not function properly!)

From the beginning I love how you characterise Narcissa. It is in a way that I always pictured she would be. I love too how she blames this coming series of events on Andromeda, her rebellion and all. As a character she really developed through this piece, you showed her growth with fell to a recession almost after Lucius' ultimatum. Her reasoning behind it all, everything she did, her actions, her thought, her decisions were interesting to read. Narcissa (as well as Lucius/Narcissa) is one of my secret favourite characters to read. I think with her there is a complexity that is different from her sisters. You show that well here.

I love Frank, he acts like such a Gryffindor! I can't say I read much of him, but this portrayal was fascinating I must say. Over all he seemed like a genuine guy, and Narcissa was beginning to realise this too.

Lucius, though a small part, was done well. I think the ending was a really great show for his character, yes is is vile in many ways. But it's not to say that he doesn't care for Narcissa. Which ultimately, I believe he did, quite a bit!

Anyway, I loved this. I wish it wouldn't have taken me so long to read it, because it was brilliant. Granted it was a bit on the longer side, but it didn't end up distracting from the story like I worried it would.

As always, Emma, you truly are a brilliant writer! I love what you have done with this and I can't wait to read the others!

Author's Response: fail at responding. forgive me? xD

I like Narcissa putting the blame on everything. It's rather fun. I do intend to go back and revise this at some point, but it would be a rather long and scary process so I put it off. I'm so glad you like her character development, though! If anything, I think that's one of the good things about it being a monster oneshot - you get to see the development all at once. Except that sentence didn't make sense.

I did like Frank - he hardened up by the time he left school, though - and I felt so sorry for him. Sacrifices must be made... I've always believed that the Malfoys did love each other, however awful they were. Meep, thank you for the review, my darling! It made me feel all squishy.

- emma xx

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Review #4, by Laugharama_llama nothing ever stays the same.

23rd March 2010:
Hey Emma! I'm sorry this has taken so long for me to get to >.<

Aw, that was beautiful :(

I think you did a really good job of showing all the conflicting emotions going on in Narcissa's head.

The length was really good, but I feel like it would've made a nice short story, or even novel/novella! You could've elaborated more between each numeral, and I kinda just wanted more out of the story. It kind of felt a little fast-paced when things should've been developed more.

Great job though!!

Author's Response: No worries, love! Life gets the better of everyone. ^_^ Thank you so much for the praise! And I'll think on that, it's an interesting concept... something that sounds quite worthwhile, too. So I shall take your suggestions definitely on board! And perhaps when I get back into the swing of writing I can do what you suggest. :D Thank you sooo much for the review, my dear!

- emma xx

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