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Review #1, by justonemorefic Game, Set, Match

5th October 2010:
I'VE READ THIS BEFORE! And I still love it so, so much. Medieval fantasy is my first love, after all. And this is just so GUH, something about lovers/former lovers who battle it out physically. Your syntax, your metaphors! It's so difficult to do an extended fighting scene (I'd totally run out of synonyms and flowery words in two paragraphs) and you make it look easy.

And Alberta, I just love how despite that she doesn't seem like an emotional person, there's a lot of emotion in here. "her legs, which stood firm after curse, jinx and hex, buckle and she reaches out to lean against the wall and steady herself"

Ahhh I just... *fangirl* !

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Review #2, by _Lady Marauder_ Game, Set, Match

23rd May 2010:
Hello!! So, sorry these reward reviews are coming late. Finals got the best of me for a long while, but now those are all over so I finally have time to review your lovely stories!!!

The first thing that comes to mind with this is WOW. You seem to have a profound gift for spinning a story from hardly any heading at all.

Your narration style is literally flawless. You paint a picture for us - and a beautiful one at that - that no one can get around. It seems like you hardly need dialouge to make a brilliant and intriguing story, when for most authors that is what they have to depend on to make everything interesting to the reader.

What amazes me about this, is how it is likely something no one knows anything about -me included- but you still manaage to make everything accurate. By accurate, I mean within canon as well as historical accurancy.

The way you portray Alberta is lovely. From the moment when we find out that she has replaced human and social contact with this one thing, this desire to duel to the moment we reach her epiphany about Samuel being the only thing she had left, the reader is wholly enraptured, I know I was.

The relationship you made between the two was very well done. I am curious, was that part canon or was that a little artistic freedom on your part? Whichever it was, it made the piece that much stronger.

Very nice!

Author's Response: Oh, not to worry at all, life takes over!

Haha it's much easier to spin your own story from nothing than work within constraints really! I'm far from flawless, but this piece was edited more extensively than any other piece, and it's good to know that the polishing actually had some effect!

It wasn't canon at all: basically I had the challenge to write about the first female duelling champion, who beat the favoured contestant (Samuel) to win with a blasting curse. Couldn't resist amping up the tension with romance!

Thanks so much for the reviews! They really are lovely!

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Review #3, by City Lights Game, Set, Match

10th March 2010:
I loved it!!! I've read a lot of fan fiction, but never have I come across a story like this. Congratulations!!!

Author's Response: I so almost didn't see this! I had a ball writing this, it was so much fun! Rin - .Indigo Seas issued the wizard card challenge, which meant we wrote about someone on a card. I picked Alberta, obviously, and then just ran away with the bares bones hp lexicon gave me! (two things my stories make clear: I am a sucker for childhood sweethearts and I've read far too much fantasy/historical romance. Glad you liked it anyway! And thankyou so much for reviewing!

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Review #4, by soliloquy Game, Set, Match

20th February 2010:
I loved this. Oh my goodness, I loved this. I loved the idea that they were a matching set and Alberta Toothill's - Ally's - patience and passion for dueling was truly, truly well-conveyed.

Everything was so precise - her lingering passion for him, the realization she has when she see's that he's motionless on the ground.

This is one of my favorite one-shots! It's perfectly canon and yet, is sprinkled with a bit of OCness that I adore.

Wonderful job! ^_^

Author's Response: Hello lovely! I can't quite tell you how excited unrequested reviews, particularly from other authors I follow make me!

I am over the moon people are liking this, I had so much fun writing this, but because of the era I didn't expect much response.

One of your favourite oneshots? Really?? You are far, far too kind, but that is simply amazing to hear!

I love love minor characters but am a complete canon freak, so hearing that is.. well, I'm speechless!
Thanks for the terrific review!

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Review #5, by butterbeergal Game, Set, Match

20th February 2010:
I have to admit, I was a bit sceptical at the start - mostly because I've never read any HPFF work from this era before. Don't get me wrong, I've always been partial to this era when it comes to books but in HPFF? I've never read one before so this was really something new to me and I didn't quite know what to expect. But as I read on, wow, I just couldn't stop and I held my breath, especially during the duel. That was brilliant! I wouldn't know how to write an action sequence for the life of me, but yours was very well written, very fluid.

Technically, just the minor issue of misplaced/missing commas but really, everyone has some trouble with that so it doesn't, in any way, diminish the ability of your story to capture a reader's attention (mine in particular teehee).

I loved how you were able to develop both characters quite well. You have managed to capture all the history between them as if I've just read a whole novel dedicated to their journey to this point in their lives when in fact, this was just a one-shot. The (sexual) tension between them was very palpable. Loved it!

I also liked how you described the scenes and events through the tiniest details - the fluttering of eyelids, the ragged breathing, the flushed cheeks. I personally like it that way because it makes everything more human, more real.

He has known the girl. The woman is another mystery.


Cheers, G

Author's Response: Hello there and thankyou for a magnificent review! I definitely review requested for this one because I didn't see 14th C being too popular here, to be honest I probably wouldn't read this myself!

I've never written action before either, so I was a bit timid and it would have been a mess except for Harry Potter wiki and their phenomenal spell list/description! ssh don't tell

I've already submitted an edited version (I THINK) which hopefully is punctuated properly =)

It is SO good to hear that tension is clear.. that was something I've never tried so obviously before as well but was really needed to hold this together. And not only do I LOVE getting lines quoted, but that is my personal favourite!
Thankyou so much for such a lovely review!

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Review #6, by marinahill Game, Set, Match

19th February 2010:
oh Jo, this was wonderful! I've been meaning to read this as soon as I saw you'd posted it, so I was delighted to have you request in my review thread. I have a soft spot for unusual ships and stories set in older eras. I'm so pleased you wrote this.

Where to start... First of all, I loved how you separated the piece into the three sections, and the three subtitles worked marvelously both with the piece as a whole and the content within each section. There was no break in the flow, the three fit together perfectly and seamlessly. It's one of those writing techniques that I adore simply because it's hard to pull off without breaking up the flow of the piece and when it works, it's absolutely wonderful. Needless to say, you worked it like a charm.

Your description is to die for, I'm so very jealous! You haven't gone over the top, yet nothing was lacking and you've struck a perfect balance. Your choice of words had me smiling a bit, merely because I appreciate talented writers like yourself and you know how to word your phrases and descriptions so naturally. I think I was smiling from the word go because I could imagine everything so clearly and easy, it was effortless just to get lost in the story and it was over far too quickly for my liking. Also, there was this wonderful note of nostalgia woven into the narrative without the need for flashbacks. I got this sense of their past as you were telling the present and I think that takes a lot of skill. It wasnt confusing, I didnt get lost in wondering when things happened because it was perfect. I could go on in this manner for a long time, so I'll save you the waffle and just say that I adored it all :)

In this short piece I feel you really developed both Alberta and Samuel into full characters - again, that was woven into the narrative. What you really got to grips with was the fact that as a woman, Ally wasn't expected to know how to duel or to be able to duel well and you explored that perfectly - you didnt dwell on it or give me a history lesson but I still got a feel for her situation, and that really helped to explain why she got herself on a Wizard Card. So you managed to tackle Rin's challenge excellently without needing to write it out obviously. I think it's even more remarkable that she won the title over Samuel because of their complicated relationship, and how well they know each other. It's a mark of her strong character, I think, that she can put the past behind her and continue to duel as if he is an ordinary opponent. Again, you're saying so much about the characters without putting it obviously and I just love how much thought you've put into this.

Overall, a terrific read and you should be very proud of this one-shot. 10/10

- Marina

Author's Response: Oh.My.God.
Marina, you are a goddess. That is the ONLY explanation for how you can be so utterly loffly and do as much as you do! This is SERIOUSLY so much more than I expected!

This is such a deliciously detailed review I can't thank you enough or fathom where to even start! Pretty much the minute the title came to me, the idea of splitting it came with it, so it is actually quite a relief to get confirmation that worked!

YOUR description is to die for, so your praise, while silly, means a great deal! I can't help but drown my stories in bittersweet-nostalgia esqueness but as I also actually cannot, cannot, write flashbacks tis a tremendous relief that their past was evident, it was tricky getting a balance there. I think I have read far too much historical romance/fantasy/ am incurably in love with the childhood sweetheart thing, because this was one of those rare pieces which comes together on its own quite naturally. Or I was just born in the wrong century =)

I had so much fun writing this piece, especially because it was so different, so hearing that other people enjoyed it means the world!

Thankyou so much lovely, this is such a beautiful review it had me smiling nonstop!

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Review #7, by bostongurll33 Game, Set, Match

14th February 2010:
wow, your writing is incredible. i'll admit, i was a bit skeptical because of how different this story is compared to most that i read, and the fact that it was so far back in the past, but because of the way that your writing flows, and how incredible your characters are, i was blown away by this story. the passion between alberta and samuel was so...real and fascinating, that i had no choice but to continue reading. just.brilliant, hun! (:

Author's Response: Thankyou so much both for reading and for leaving such a lovely review! Always fun to hear from new readers!

I don't expect this to be too popular because of the era/OCs, but I loved writing it, and I'm very happy you enjoyed it!
I was definitely trying for some passion here, so hearing that description is huge relief!
Thanks again!

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