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Review #1, by spangles Abilities

21st March 2010:
Cliffie much! I'm so sorry I didn't review this earlier, I didn't notice you'd updated. And already, I'm dieing to read more! I love your protrayel of Dumbledore, he seems very in character. As does Lily, of course. You're doing a competely superb job and I'm going to check this everyday until you update, I can't wait for the lessons! (: Cheers! 10/10

Author's Response: thanks! sorry i didn't respond before, i've been so busy! the update should be on sorry it's taken so long! don't give up on me yet! (:

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Review #2, by Devon Abilities

3rd March 2010:
love it. cant wait to see who's there with her. update soon!

Author's Response: dun dun dun :)

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Review #3, by spangles First Glances and Invitations

1st March 2010:
I can't wait to see what that vision was!! This story is really intruging and I'm REALLY sorry I didn't leave a review the first time I read it, I swore I did but it's not there.whoops.

Anyways, I think that everyone seems really in character but I warn you not to make Lily to Mary-Sue. You don't want to be to cliche either, but it's hard to avoid that with all the James/Lily fics out there. I really liked the conversation with McGonagall, but Lily should have felt more emotion. Maybe she blushed? Felt embaressed? Whatever you want. (: But anyways, you better update soon because I can't wait to find out what happens next! 8/10

Author's Response: no worries, stuff happens! lily gets more spunky as time goes on, dont worry!! and thanks for the honesty, i appreciate it :) new chapter is going in probably tonight for validation!! drew (:

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Review #4, by severussnapeloveslily Patrolling, Plans & Privacy

25th February 2010:
cool! i am a diehard snape/lily fan, but I like how your fic starts. dialog is realistic if the plot starts a little slower than i was expecting!

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Review #5, by spangles Patrolling, Plans & Privacy

13th February 2010:
I think I'm going to love this story! I can't wait to find out more about Lily's mysterious power, this story has a LOT of promise, I'll definitly be keeping an eye on it. (:

But as for this chapter, it was good, but it could be a bit longer. Maybe add in some descriptions to make it flow more? Emotions? Whatever you chose to do, I think it'll be great because I can really tell you have it in you to be great! Godd job! (: 8/10

Author's Response: thanks a lot for the honesty! and i'll do my best to take that into account! thanks, again...drew (:

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Review #6, by Devon Patrolling, Plans & Privacy

13th February 2010:
i LOVE it.
update very soon. :)

Author's Response: no problemo! (:

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Review #7, by RoseParsons Patrolling, Plans & Privacy

13th February 2010:
First review, Yay;)
i actually really like this
9/10 & added to favorites
update soon?

Author's Response: i'm glad you like it! the second chapter is going in for validation today! thanks for reading! (: drew

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