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Review #1, by Athene Goodstrength .

8th May 2012:
I've never read Slash before, and certainly not Harry/Ron. However, I saw a really old post of yours in the Preview thread and it was so well written that I wanted to come and see what else you've done. I hope you're still active on here!

I thought that this was very well done. Apart from the actual romance between them (I'm just not able to comprehend it, as beautifully as you have portrayed it), I thought that both Ron and Harry are characterized perfectly; the conversation is so well written, and the row between them is just so Harry and Ron.
I love that you depict their doubt and embarrassment. Many other fics depict unlikely ships without any of that, and suddenly Flitwick and Hagrid are tearing each other's clothes off without a second thought. (I haven't actually come across a... Flitgrid? Hagwick?... but wouldn't that be awesome?)

I also loved the smaller things that just made it come to life, like:
'Ron had frowned then and dropped his school bag on the bed.'
'Ron crossed his arms over his chest.'
. I think they're very JK.

So, although I will never be shipping Ron and Harry, I really enjoyed the way that you did it, and I think your writing is excellent. You've really picked up on the tone of Rowling's voice, I think!

Looking forward to reading your other work now :)

Athene Goodstrength
Recenseo 2012

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Review #2, by harrylilyjames .

4th February 2010:
This was sweet, in a weird way...But completely gross. It was written really well, I just need to get use to Harry and Ron and I am sure I will like this little story more.
It was really well written, you did I good job with it.

Author's Response: Thanks...I think.

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