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Review #1, by CC The Boy Who Lived

26th April 2011:
Please update more chapters. I think I check daily for updates of this story.

P.S: if you can... make Nalani a Slytherin :P

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Review #2, by Love both serieses The Boy Who Lived

17th March 2011:
Jimmer is barely more interesting than THIS!

Author's Response: I'm so sorry this update is taking so long. I moved recently, so a lot of my projects were on Hiatus. I promise the other updates will e faster... i unfortunately lost my draft of this chapter in all the moving.. so i'm trying to rewrite it... very sorry again!

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Review #3, by CC The Boy Who Lived

27th February 2011:
Please tell me that Nalani will end up in Slytherin!

Author's Response: You'll have your answer in the next chapter ;-)!!

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Review #4, by Love both serieses The Boy Who Lived

25th February 2011:
Just to let you know, this is the ONLY fanfiction i check daily! So hurry up with the next chapter!

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Review #5, by Love both serieses The Boy Who Lived

26th January 2011:
UPDATES ARE NOT FAST ENOUGH!hurryuphurryuphurryuphurryuphurryuphurryuphurryuphurryuphurryuphurryuphurryuphurryuphurryuphurryuphurryuphurryup!
Are you allowed to co-author? Send the co-author (every other) chapter summaries and key points/interactions, they elaborate, you read and edit their chapter? When you decide to do a sequel, can you suprise us by not telling us and write half the story beforehand, uploading it's chapters weekly? ANYTHING TO SPEED UP CHAPTER UPLOADS!
Nice touch of irony, Nalani telling Harry the answers to the book's Day 1 Pop Quiz. Does the Hufflepuff card mean anything, like Harry's mentioned Flammel? Never mind, surprise me.

Author's Response: Sorry if I'm a bit slow lately, I recently moved out and now i'm preparing for an admission exam for 2d animation, so it's been real crazy lately. I'll have something posted soon I promise!

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Review #6, by Simon Cadieux The Boy Who Lived

23rd December 2010:
Very cool! Another great chapter! :-)

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Review #7, by Simon Cadieux The Birthday party

11th December 2010:
Hehe.love the family names! ;-)

Author's Response: Loo Jew XD... I had to... did you spot the Montreal references?

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Review #8, by Simon Cadieux Dragons, snakes and lions

11th December 2010:
Another wonderful chapter, but why so much space between paragraphs? I almost got tendinitis from all the scrolling down! LOL

Author's Response: I dunno, the web site does it. sorry!

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Review #9, by Simon Cadieux Dragons and snakes

11th December 2010:
I love Snape. He's one of my very favorite HP caracters, but the man just can't keep control of a situation like...a conversation with a bunch of kids! LOL

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Review #10, by Simon Cadieux Dragons

11th December 2010:
Oh boy! This chapter is even better! I like how Snape can be quite informative and considerate, if only in a very formal way, while being his usual dry, sneering self. But them he's always been like this. And yes, the kids are already getting on my nerves! LOL

Author's Response: Already? But, it's only the 2nd chapter!

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Review #11, by Simon Cadieux Benders and Wizards

11th December 2010:
Cool idea. I've always been crazy about crossover stories! :-)

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Review #12, by Love both serieses The Birthday party

9th December 2010:
It is going really well so far. I can't wait for more, and i can't stop guessing what will hapen! They aren't coming fast enough for me! I would love to have this go through all seven books!!!
I have some really good guesses as to what could happen, things that would be sweet and unanticipated. I don't want to post them here - if the author does them, posting them now could be a spoiler - but i'd love to send the author an email of my ideas.

Author's Response: Well send your ideas at lokitaparasiempre at lavache dot com (the thing won't let me put email addresses) , I'm always glad to here ideas. I wish I wrote faster and more, but I'm also working full time, going to school and working on a comic. So bear with me please, I'm trying my best. I'd love to hear your guesses and ideas so please do email them :-)! And I'm really glad you like it :-) I enjoy writing this story, and... I really hope to go through all seven books (for now i concentrate on book one). And, I don't want to give anyone any false hopes, but I have at least 2 other ideas of fanfics I want to work on :)

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Review #13, by I like Snape Dragons

7th December 2010:
More, more, more, more, more! Will she falling in love with Harry?

Author's Response: Glad to see you like it, I try to update as often as I can. Do you really think i'll answer that and spoil you?? tsk tsk! You'll have to keep reading to find out!

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Review #14, by Badlock Benders and Wizards

7th December 2010:
Too hot! I want more. And i saw a little bit of you in Nalani. I can almost say that I know Nalani :) because I know you. I am going to read the chapter 2 right now. Good work Lokita :):)

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Review #15, by ruthiemaree The Birthday party

20th November 2010:
why didnt i see this earlier!
im in love

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Sorry I didn't reply earlier, I just saw your review.

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Review #16, by Maybe Someday Benders and Wizards

29th August 2010:
Wow, awesome chapter!
Seriously, I never would've thought mixing Avatar: The Last Airbender & Harry Potter would work out all that smoothly, but, one word: Wow.
Once again, awesome chapter, & I really like how you pull the plot along. :)

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Review #17, by James Madison Dragons and snakes

20th May 2010:
Brilliant. Simply brilliant. I love the elemental concept, and you write very well. You have me as a regular reader!

Author's Response: Wow thanks tons! I'm trying to keep my updates as regular as possible, but I've got loads of projects. Don't worry though, next chapter coming pretty soon :-)!

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Review #18, by sevy-enil Dragons

23rd March 2010:
I want more, I think Snape is going to eat them for breakfast.
Good job

Author's Response: Every one is scared of Snape, except Kiran... but he's... weird.

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Review #19, by sevy-enil Benders and Wizards

16th February 2010:
It's intriguing I am waiting for next chapter already...goody!

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Review #20, by sisibelle Benders and Wizards

11th February 2010:
Looking foward to reading the rest of it.. very interesting...

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