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Review #1, by Yum01 Of Secrets and Lies

24th May 2011:
when i was reading that sirius was throwing harry in the air i was thinking- really?! are you really going to go down the 'dropped on the head as a baby' route but it worked out really well and i enjoyed reading it.
there was good humour and no peter pettigrew (thank god) and you wrote the characters in the style that's so realistic to jk, but you dont come across it much in fanfic because its peoples opinions of the character rather than the actual style.
i also love the fact that james and lily lived- i havent come across many of those stories either and it's refreshing to do so because i love the marauder era and the characters and sometimes i wish that the books were about them rather than harry... but that's just me
thank-you for writing it, it was great! :)

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. Yeah I did go down that classic path but sometimes you just gotta. I'm glad you like how I handeled it though.

The marauders were my favorite as well. I do enjoy a good what if this or that character lived as well.

Honestly I wrote this because I don't like Harry, I'm glad I'm not alone on that.

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Review #2, by Nynfadora Of Secrets and Lies

27th April 2011:
Haha! It's so nice to read the boys as being proper Marauders, in so many fics they just seem to be in love all the time, not that thats wrong, but with the way JK wrote them, they seemed to be more interested in pranks than girls!

So, anywhos, it's just great to read about them mucking around! :) And I love the way you wrote Remus and Sirius, their personalites came across great! Especially Sirius' recklessness, when he was tossing Harry, and Remus' responsibility, when he tried, and failed, to get Sirius to stop. It follows on with their personalities from the books really well, as we know Sirius and Remus were both those things, and you've made the boys sound so realisitc, I actually adore this fic!

Hopefully Harry isn't 'broken' completly, but this story has definitely put me in a good mood!

Thank you for the great one-shot! :D

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I was not expecting any reviews like ever again because most of my stuff is old but then this popped up and made me beam from ear to ear.

I'm glad you like how I write the Marauders they have been my favorite characters for ages and I've been writing them for years.

Sadly Harry kinds of is 'broken' he's always been an odd duck to me and just doesn't exactly match up to the awesomeness that is his parentage. So to explain why he doesn't live up to that awesome is this. He's not SEVERELY damaged just an odd duck is all.

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Review #3, by RonNiffler Of Secrets and Lies

22nd August 2010:

Oh my goodness! Thatís really all that can come to my mind at the moment. I mean this is quite a random piece! I would never have thought of writing something like this! This really isnít my type of story I like to read, but I was amazed how much I enjoyed this!

Some lines were quite humorous, yet other parts were really upsetting. They balanced each other out perfectly! I loved Sirius in this! I can picture him trying to hide something like this from James and Lily.

Itís so sad that Harry is permanently damaged just because of one accident. I couldnít even begin to think of the guilt Sirius and Remus must be feeling!

Well wonderful job! =D

Author's Response: It seems like this is the common response to this fic, I know it's sad what has happened to Harry but I don't like him much so it doesn't phase me as much. I'm glad you liked this even if it wasn't your usual style. I'm glad the humor was able to win out over all though.

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Review #4, by LovlyRita Of Secrets and Lies

22nd August 2010:
this story was funny and cute :) It's so like Sirius to be like "Don't...tell...anyone" and then cover it up. Poor little baby Harry! The ending, of course, was priceless. "You broke my son!" Ahhh that's gold, that is.

But to the crux of the matter- is like...Harry brain damaged? Because the PT in me is a little sad right now. The medicalness in my brain is like no!!! It's not right!

Like this story is funny but I can't get past the fact that Harry is now permanently altered!
(although, maybe the reason Harry isn't acting like James's son is that he is actually Severus's son...maybe? please?)

But anyway, I loved it!! And Lily was wonderfully written as well. I liked it. good job. And this is a very chaotic review. But would you expect any less of me?

Author's Response: I'm glad you like it, and a chaotic review is fine. I'm glad you liked how I did the characters. Sadly Harry is not the son of Severus but no worries I will do a Sev/Lily story at some point though I sort of have one with the evil Harry fic.

I know this wasn't the most medically sound of a story, but yes Harry is sort of brain damaged, I don't like Harry and a friend of mine agreed cause even in an AU verse Harry would have been messed up. He's just weird so yeah, the slight brain damage is what is being blamed but it's not like the end all of his oddness.

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Review #5, by CornishPixie Of Secrets and Lies

18th August 2010:
Hahaha, this is pretty random! The idea is funny, and I could feel for everyone in this piece. I felt sorry for Remus and Sirius, because they must have been so mortified, but afraid for their friends to find out. And of COURSE they couldn't just drop him on his head ONCE and then put him to bed after that... lol. Poor guys. And then years later I felt for Lily and James because they noticed that there was something a little bit off about their son.

That was a nice surprise! I had no idea that you were going to keep this AU by having them be alive years later, but it's too bad that Harry wasn't living up to their expectations. I was almost expecting this to have happened the night before his parents got murdered. There would have been the scar, but it would have actually been from being dropped on his head that couple of times. But your way was cute too, and the last line was perfect! Congrats to Remus for being able to keep that secret for so long! I didn't think he'd have it in him!

This story could use a read through to fix the grammatical errors, there are a couple of spelling errors that are probably just typos, and one time when the " is placed wrong. The addition of a couple commas here and there could help this story to flow better as well, but besides those minor things this was a great story to read. I hope Remus and Sirius have learned their lessons! Lol! Good job!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! It was a very random piece, just something light heart and fun. As to keeping it AU it was because the idea came from an AU conversation of what the Potters would be like if they lived. My friend and I felt that Harry was just weird all the way around despite his parents so this is why he's just weird and a lost cause.

I do agree that there are mistakes that need to be fixed, I did put up a VERY rough version onto the archive.

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Review #6, by PrincessPadfoot Of Secrets and Lies

17th August 2010:

best line: "I hate you both!...You broke my son" hahahaha

This was a really cute fun little one shot!! I never imagined Sirius and Remus babysitting a young Harry. Though it would seem only natural for Lily and James to ask. This was a really clever idea for a fic!

Haha the personalities in this are dead on. The way Sirius and Remus bicker and fight amongst each other while babysitting was really believable and made me smile. I can't believe they dropped Harry! TWICE!! Seriously...*sigh* BOYS!

hehe this was wonderful dear. There were a few minor grammar issues, but they didn't detract too much from the story.

Bye now!

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked this one. I love Remus and Sirius so much that in a way they come natural to me. This honestly was the result of a late night convo. I'm glad the mistakes didn't distract too much because honestly I didn't get it beta'd I just wrote then posted.

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Review #7, by AndrinaBlack Of Secrets and Lies

17th August 2010:
lmao! "You broke my son!" That was a perfect ending to the story. It had me in giggles! I liked this. It's a good humour story which isn't even entirely humour and had me both giggling a bit and wincing at times.

Whoa! That's totally a baby sitting nightmare to drop the baby on it's head - twice. And then even something happens to the baby. It made me think of how at my friends wedding, the bride's mother somehow dropped the bride's sisters baby. The baby kept wailing for ages! Anyway, the thing I found a bit weird at first was how there wasn't really much wrong with Harry, but they still saw a problem with him, and I kept waiting for them to say that there was something obviously medically wrong with him. Then when it went on I realized that it was going with the humour, that they saw such a problem in him just not being as they expected. And that's where the last sentense fitted so perfectly.

I enjoyed your writing style as well. You had the story progressing in a fluent way and had me at the end before I really noticed. There were a couple of small typos, like Mooney instead of Moony and quite instead of quiet and something else small like that. Other than that I don't really have any criticism. I truly enjoyed the story.

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it. It is one of those pieces that I question from time to time. Humor is my main mode when writing, it's just how I work it seems. I'm glad that I was able to entertain. It sort of came from a conversation with a friend about how weird Harry is. I should go in and fix the typos I did put this up fairly rough, but glad you enjoyed all the same.

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Review #8, by bubblebubble Of Secrets and Lies

4th June 2010:
broke his son? lolness. kinda sad though. poor harry.. very nicely written

Author's Response: Thank you, it is just a spoof and a joke written out.

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Review #9, by LOLhaily Of Secrets and Lies

1st February 2010:
hahah!! u broke my son!! haha i luv this

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked this little bit. It was just a random silly thing I did.

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Review #10, by zojo Of Secrets and Lies

1st February 2010:
hey! interesting start. i think it's a different story than all others have going on. if u write a sequel one-shot, i'd love to read it too! it left me wanting for more! ;)

Author's Response: Thanks! This was just a silly little thing I wrote out based on a conversation with a friend. I don't think I'll write more of this particular story line but there are my other fics that you can read I have various hurmor and Marauder fics sitting around on my account. Thanks for the review!

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