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Review #1, by kTDOTC When She Was Born

24th January 2017:
Re reading this after three years😢 im loving it, it just is the best scorose fic❤

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Review #2, by Zsaz Epilogue

29th September 2016:
You're an amazing writer, thank you for the addictive and exciting book. I read this about a year ago and have been searching for it to re read and read the sequel!!!

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Review #3, by evanlyn Paranoia and Secrets Revealed

26th September 2016:
Good chapter I like this story

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Review #4, by evanlyn Chit Chat and Detention

25th September 2016:
I'm really enjoying this story, thank you.

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Review #5, by Hphphphphphphp Epilogue

23rd March 2016:

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading. I am so happy that you liked the story. I hope you enjoy the sequel.

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Review #6, by HPpppPPPP Bitter Sweet Talks

23rd March 2016:
This chapter was WOW!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading. Glad you liked the chapter.

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Review #7, by PolyJuice_ When She Was Born

12th June 2015:
Hello! I remember this was one of the very first ScoRoses I read. I absolutely loved it, and going back now, I fully understand why. Your writing is excellent, even before we really get to know Rose as she is in the bulk of the story, we are already loving her to bits. You've taken Ron and Hermione and made them your own, but yet keeping their characterization true to JKR's canon which I love. But yikes, Draco and Ron. That was...interesting to say the least! I can't wait to go through and read this story again to see how it all plays out. Just reading this first chapter gives me chills as I know what's in store for these characters!

This was a wonderful first chapter, I'm glad I'm going back and rereading this (I'll get to teh rest of the chapter post HC, for sure!) and so thank you very much for a fantastic read.


House Cup 2015

Author's Response: Hi, Well I am glad that you enjoy the story so much. It was the first story I ever wrote, and thinking back on there are so many things that I would change about the writing/grammar. I always wanted to start with a Ron/Hermione scene. I love them so much and I wanted to keep them as close to canon as I could, though I do think that towards the later stories Ron has deviated a bit, but I think it would be in a somewhat logical way. I am so glad that you like Rose, when I first wrote the story I didn't have a good grasp on her character like I do now, and I am really pleased with how she has turned out. When it came to the Draco and Ron scene I knew that I wanted a moment that really would shoe that a Scor/Rose relationship in the future would be difficult. I'm glad that you are rereading the story. I always like to go back and reread parts of the story to see how much the characters have a evolved from then to where they are now. Thank you so much for the lovely review, and I hope you enjoy it just as much this time around.

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Review #8, by seymlour Breathe

12th March 2015:
A fair few spelling and grammar mistakes. Oftentimes you've used the wrong word, such as writing 'are' instead of 'our'. So I think you simply need a good edit. But I'd like to commend you on getting some strong emotion across. Break-up scenes are difficult to write, because most of everyone knows how they feel, so when they don't ring true everyone knows it. This did ring true, good job.

Author's Response: Trust me I have been trying to get this thing edited for years, it's just time. However I can say that as the story continues through the other book, a lot of mistakes start to get better. Also I'm currently talking to someone about editing F.T. So... fingers crossed. Anyways I'm glad you felt the scene held true to reality I was going for heartbreaking but real so...glad you liked it. Thanks for the review.

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Review #9, by Romy Brouwer Forgiving and Understanding

19th November 2014:
Well, this is getting really depressing. I want Rose and Scorpius to get back together and I want Ron to accept that it was a mean move to make her choose.(yeah I understand his intentions but still) I just want everything to become alright. This book is awesome! This is the second day that I'm reading it and I really want to know how this is going to turn out for them...

Author's Response: Sorry it has taken me so long to respond back to you, school has been taking over my life. Yeah it has to have it down points. If you choose to read the sequel you will see some improvements. I am so glad that you are enjoyed the story and thank you for reading and reviewing.

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Review #10, by Julie Breathe

22nd September 2014:
That chapter was beautiful, really! (No, that's not a tear, damn my allergies)

Author's Response: Yes allergies are a pain, even fake ones. I'm so glad that you thought the chapter was beautiful, I usually don't get that kind of response with this chapter. So thank you for reviewing and I hope that you enjoyed the rest.

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Review #11, by Julie Pushed Together

20th September 2014:
Amazing story! It's 3 a.m. In France (where I live), I have tons if lessons to learn tomorrow... Er... In a few hours but I can't seem to stop reading your story, I love love love it!! :D

Author's Response: Not going to lie it is kind of cool that you can't stop reading it. I really hope that you enjoy the rest.

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Review #12, by Santiago Epilogue

12th August 2014:
Okay listen up , I'm a 17 yo boy who parties and drinks nearly every day of the week. But my one true passion is Harry potter , not many people know this but yeah it's true. I have cried 3 times during my teen year. And 1 time during this story. May seem as nothing to you but the fact that you made me cry like a little baby with this story proofs that it is one of the best I've ever read. Thank you

Author's Response: That's not nothing to me, It means a lot to know that I could make you cry. Not in a weird creepy way, but in the wow, I can't believe my writing made you cry way. I take it as a compliment. Thank you for reading and for the lovely review.

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Review #13, by Santiago Breathe

12th August 2014:
I really hate you for breaking rose and scorp apart you are the worst person ever. I don't wanna hurt ya feelings but this really is the saddest thing I have ever read in my whole life. I'm sorry

Author's Response: Trust me I had prepared myself for this sort of reaction when I posted the chapter. No feelings hurt.

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Review #14, by aragorn007 Epilogue

28th May 2014:
WOW! Brilliant! One of the best fanfictions I've ever read! Outstanding work, mate! Congratulations!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the lovely review. I am so happy that you are enjoyed it.

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Review #15, by aragorn007 Forgotton Birthdays With Unexpected Reactions

28th May 2014:
Very well-written chapter. Really liking the story now :)

Author's Response: Glad that you liked it. Thank you for the review.

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Review #16, by oldershouldknowbetter Epilogue

28th April 2014:
This is an amazing story, what's more it has a sequel, what's even more is that the sequel is probably going to have a sequel.

I almost stopped reading this story at the very beginning. If I remember correctly only the fact that it was marked COMPLETED kept me going.

It wasn't for any reasons of poor writing, nor was it lack of decent characterisation and it certainly wasn't the plot - that seemed to be the usual variation of a hate-to-love romance (epitomised by Jane Austen in Pride and Prejudice). What was wrong with it was there was simply too much ingrained, unquestioning hatred between the protagonists. Far, far too much for them ever to get together by the end of the story and have them stay together believably. They had to stop the hatred, start to converse as normal people, start to like each other, start to fancy each other, start to love each other, overcome everyone else's notions of why they couldn't be together, and finally be together as a happy couple. That's too much of a stretch to come from their initial point of all-consuming hatred.

I mean why did they meet there, in the Room of Requirement? The way they fought, their overwhelming hatred for each other, the way they kept fighting till the bitter end. I believe they were each there to kill the other, or at least practice for the time they would. I can see it so clearly, them fighting somewhere with malice in mind. One saying something like, 'That's exactly what you'd want, if I killed you I'd be the one to spend forever in Azkaban. You'd have it easy being dead'. The other replying along the lines of, 'Yeah? so let's do it somewhere the victor can get rid of the body.' Hence the battle in the Room of requirement.

Coming from such hatred, they just couldn't be a happy couple by the end of the work.

... and they don't.

I should have had more faith in the storytelling abilities of EarthsTrueGreen.

They fell in love so gradually, so well written, so believably that the reader could not only conceive of their love but believe it. The hatred of the past forgotten as if it never existed. Wonderful, wonderful writing. That you could take us from two people who wanted nothing less than not to have the other exist on the same planet; to a place where they know that, whatever else may come, their hearts belong to each other forever.

Yet, they could not be together by the end of the story. It is obvious that, though they may think themselves ready the rest of the world is not. Neither are they, though they do not know this themselves because they are still really only children - they both have so much more growing up to do.

The family pressures on both of them, what they want to be and do with their lives and a host of other things cannot allow them to have a happy ever after yet. Brilliant, even though it broke our hearts in the process it couldn't be any other way.

There is not much to say about this epilogue in itself. Except that how thankful are we that it is only the filler between this story and the next. How happy was I to read that the epilogue EathsTrueGreen intended was too large and deserved to be converted into a whole other story.

We get a hint of where Rose has been, emotionally more so than physically, and where she's going to go, physically rather than emotionally (that is for the future story to tell).

Even though it says almost nothing about what has happened to her for the last two years, the conversation between Rose and Ron tells us so much. It is the soul of brevity but it is full of sub-context. It is here we begin to see that even though Ron got what he wanted, ie for Rose to choose him over Scorpius, he actually lost her as well. He misses her but he made her choose between him and her own happiness. The filial bond between them was so great for Rose that she had no other option to concede to his wishes. She loves him yes, and always will, but she doesn't have to like him, or in this particular his actions. It's almost like she cannot stand to be in the same country as him.

But that's actually truer for her and Scorpius.
Scorpius is so honest with her, there is no manner of dissembling on his part -
"She's missing a couple of things." Rose raised an eyebrow "You know, red hair, feuding family ...that sort of thing."
"That's the thing memories are just as strong, and remembering you kills me ... every time,"
He basically tells her he's still in love with her, there is no one else. At this point, this particular moment in time they could be together (four more years will change things too much). It truly is her last chance, if she came out and said 'you know what, I think I'll choose you now'. Scorpius would say 'So is your new place in Toronto big enough for us both, or will we have to get another one'.

But she is not honest with him and she's certainly not honest with herself, he actually calls her on it. That she's even talking to him is only because she recognises this encounter for what it is - a chance meeting, not to be repeated and safe. The only way she is being honest with herself is when she remembers back to their last night together -"if we can't be together then we shouldn't be near each other." She knows this so completely, so instinctively, that she is not safe from being with him she must distance herself to keep her promise. Another country should be safe enough, she reckons, even then she moves around making it even more unlikely for them to meet. Were they to be near, just in the same city even, she could not resist him. She even has that last moment of clarity, a last moment of truthfulness before she parts from him (in her mind forever)
"Scorpius when it comes to you I'm always fighting temptation."

Author's Response: Well thank you. When writing this I knew that the hate between them was strong but I didnt want something like name calling that could be overlooked. I wanted something that was going to make these characters truly go from hate to love. I knew that this story was going to take the course of years they had a long way to go for them to get to love & it was 2 ½ years. I will say that they werent there to kill each other. You can see through Scorpius reaction that the thought of actually killing one another is scary. It is more that these fights started out as harmless (to them) but things just got carried away. But the actual act of killing never crossed their minds because even though they hate each other they do have a lot to lose. For the epilogue they are left with an open end. I really wanted a story that wasnt just two people falling in love but that was two soul mates coming together. Theyve never forgotten about eachother & they have never been able to over on from one another. It is as if they have accepted that they are in love with each other & just live with it. When I first began this story I planned that they were going toend together but as I got farther into it I realized that 17 was too young . Rose had no clue who she was. She spent her whole life trying to be perfect for other people but she never had the chance to know her. If she & Scorpius stayed together then she is allowing herself to be controlled in a different way. I felt that the epilogue was a good way to end it. It showed that Rose has grown up & I like the idea of them just meeting & siting at a table across from their soul mate but carrying on as if they were old friends seemed to fit them. I dont actually think Ron got what he wanted. What Ron wanted was for Rose to have never wanted Scorpius. As for Rose, kids are not supposed to like their parents. Rose not liking Ron really means nothing to him. He honestly thinks that he made the right decision because Ron never saw the side of Scorpius that she saw. A lot of people forget that Ron was never given the chance to get to know Scorpius & Scorpius never once tried to clear the air with Ron. Honestly if Scorpius had written Ron & tried to explain/declare his love then Rons reaction might have been different. He may not have like Scorpius but he would have seen something else & might have accepted him. I will say its not that Rose cant stand to be in the same country as Ron. It is that she cant stand to be in the same country as Scorpius. Her move was completely about Scorpius. The fact that she moves so much is because she likes to travel & maybe she is running a little. Scorpius has had a lot of time to think & rethink things. He is honest because he hasnt pushed back his feelings for Rose yet. Whereas Rose keeps them hidden them still being in love is this unspoken agreement. They both know it & accept it Scorpius is more willing to voice it. No they couldnt be together at this point. For them to be together Rose has to know herself without any influence of her family & she is not there yet Albus is still around. The only thing Rose is not honest about is when she says that Im happy being alone. I do think she is content she has accepted that she doesnt want to be with anyone if it is not Scorpius but she isnt happy. Her saying that she & love are not on the same page that is true if they were on the same page then she would be with Scorpius. You are right that she knows this completely they are not safe around each other. I dont think Ive mentioned it in the CT but the end doesnt just stop with a kiss thats where I ended the story but that scene probably ended about an hour later in Scorpius hotel room with them putting on their clothes. They have no control around one another & that scares Rose. Im not sure what Rose was thinking but it certainly wasnt that this is the last time she is going to see him.

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Review #17, by draco_lover12 Epilogue

2nd March 2014:
Mmm.spelling mistakes glore in the beginning

Author's Response: Yeah the beginning is a huge mess not just with spelling but with grammar as well. I learned a lot over the three years it took to write it. I'm in the processing of editing it, it just takes time to do that. Thank you for reading.

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Review #18, by MissesWeasley123 When She Was Born

1st January 2014:
Hi there! I'm here again for the 12 Days of Reviewing from the forums!

This chapter was seriously one of the sweetest things in the world. It had everything, from characters to plot and it was such a nice introduction to this rivalry Scorpius and Rose will have in the forthcoming chapters. You set the bitterness right from the start, and it was so real, the whole concept.

I loved Hermione. Her characterization was brilliantly done. Lines like this one made me smile like a goof, it was brilliant:

Hermione looked up at him and said, "Oh wipe that grin off your face."

I love Ron and Hermione as a pair, and Ron was just the sweetest thing to Hermione. You really have a knack for writing romance.

And Draco! He's so hard to write. But you do it so well. This was hilarious:

"Oh yeah, I'm done. That was all I needed. I hope you don't mind me asking, but are you sure you are the father? I mean I just don't see the resemblance..." Malfoy smirked at him. -- LIKE, WHOA MALFOY, CALM DOWNN. He's so mean but it fits him so what the heck, I loved him in this. Especially the little things he muttered under his breath, gold!

And children are so tough to write but Rose was amazingly done. Her relationship with Ron was brilliant and I really liked it. Great work!

Author's Response: Nice to see another review from you. I am a huge Ron/Hermione fan so this was a little tribute to them. I also thought it would be a good set up to show the tension between the Malfoys and the Weasleys. As for Draco, I don't think it is him being mean but more of him having a fun. Still it isn't very nice.
Thank you so much for coming back and reviewing this chapter. unfortunately it is the relationship with Ron that is going to give her a lot of heartache.

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Review #19, by MissesWeasley123 A Lot Can Happen in a Year

30th December 2013:
AH. This chapter. I've already finished this story, but I wanted to come back to this chapter specifically. Also, I happen to be here from the 12 Days of Reviewing from the forums!

This is so brilliant. The last chapter had so many feels... and this one was such a great follow up. I need to reread this story sometime. What was great was that when I read this chapter, I realized why I had this favourited. You write wonderfully.

I love your characterization of Rose, even if she's a bit aggravating sometimes like this. And Scorpius is just perfect, is he not? I love him. This was the reason I shipped Scorose. This is the reason.

"What do you think I'm hiding from?" he paused for a moment, "Our family." -- HUGO ♥ Dude, he is so awesome. I find him a really relatable character, and I love him. He's so sweet, and so smart and absolutely brilliant. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

I'll be coming back soon! I've been meaning to reread this and reviewing every chapter, not just the stupid one I left on the last!

Author's Response: This is one of my favorite chapters from this story, probably because of the time jump, and it shows one of the few times of their home lives.
I have an odd love hate relationship with Rose in this story, she is very aggravating to write when it is chapters where she is not with Scorpius. As for Scorpius he has his moments that make me swoon.
I feel like Hugo is a bit of the outsider looking in. To be honest I didn't relate to him that much in this story, I definitely feel like I relate to him more in the sequel where his part is more complicated.
I hope you come back and I look forward to your reviews. Thank you so much, and I hope you enjoy the story just as much the second time you read it.

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Review #20, by kayleefrank Forgiving and Understanding

21st December 2013:
K, one thing that is bothering me. You put begging but I think you mean beginning. Wonderful story!

Author's Response: Yeah I have finally home in and edit all of this story,once the queue opens again I'm going in and replacing all of the chapters with the edits. Thank you so much for pointing it out though. I will make sure to recheck that chapter to make sure it got changed.

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Review #21, by thisoneguy In the Bird Cage

7th September 2013:
Grammer and spelling could use work. Story gets boring.

Author's Response: Grammar and spelling are getting fixed little by little, I am editing the chapters when I get a chance. As for the story getting boring, I know it's a little slow to begin with but in order for two people to go from hating each other that much to falling in love, it takes time. I hate reading stories where they hate each other and then are in love in the very next chapter so. I will say that if you keep reading you are very close to the first signs of them sort of liking each other and that after chapter 12 things really do speed up.
Thank you for the constructive criticism, I do hope that you continue to read.

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Review #22, by blerp Epilogue

4th August 2013:
Love love love love love. Some of the best fanfiction I've ever read.

Author's Response: So glad that you enjoyed it. Thank you so much for reading it.

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Review #23, by SS Situations and Punishment

29th July 2013:
I love your story so far! Great Sunday night reading :)

Author's Response: Glad that you think so I hope that you enjoy it. Thank you for the review.

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Review #24, by Alice Epilogue

22nd June 2013:
I don't normally review but I just want to say this was such a good read. I'm glad and upset there is a sequel, glad because I want to read more and upset because it means I have to wait to find out what's going to happen!
Thank you for putting the time and effort into writing this, it must have taken you ages. I can't wait to read more.
Alice xx

Author's Response: Well Thank you so much for the review. I'm glad that you liked it even though you do have to wait to find out what happens. It took me almost three years exactly to finish this story. It wont take as long for the sequel because I have myself on a schedule where as with Fighting I occasionally wouldn't update for a few months.
Anyways hope you enjoy the sequel and thank you for the review.

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Review #25, by ohcai Epilogue

18th June 2013:
I have to say, I was disappointed by the ending, even with a sequel. Nonetheless, this was a charming read. You are good at creating and staying true to your characters, and all of their interactions felt very real. Nice work.

Author's Response: Well I do hope that you will check out the sequel. As I said in the A/N, as I got into the story I realized that Rose was a very lost and confused and that she needed to go be on her own a little bit so that she could see what she wanted.
I am glad that you thought it was charming and that I stayed true to my characters and that it felt real. Even though it may not have had the ending you wanted I am glad that you enjoyed the story overall. Thank you for the review.

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