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Review #1, by NinthHorcrux Teddy Lupin

30th January 2014:
Hello there!
I loved reading this, all the different colors/emotions had totally different feels to them. However one thing remained through them all...longing.
It was well written, description fantastic! I agree with all the colors you matched with emotions. I also agree indigo is NOT a color in the rainbow. XD
It could be unclear which girl was which, to be completely honest. I'll have to go back and reread it...I didn't catch onto the red/blonde hair thing. It's cool you didn't use names, and I think it makes the description stand out, but a bit clearer would be nice. Its hard to do! Im certain I wouldn't be able to write something like this without it being confusing at parts.
Ah yes, who Teddy ended put with! I'd have to say Victoire as my guess. It seems Teddy and Victoire have much more history and Teddy seems much more...scared almost?...with Dominique. The blissful color in this, yellow, was spent with Victoire, and Teddy longs for a tender relationship. He wants to feel comfortable with who ever he ends up with with no lies or doubt. To me, Victoire seems the more realistic option.
I'm REALLY curious about blue...and what happened there! Could you maybe...hint...please...? :)
I loved how thought provoking this was. And sad. But it turned out somewhat okay in the end. So bittersweet. I like bittersweet stories...just look at my favorites!
Beautiful job. I look forward to reading more of your stories! ^^

Author's Response: Hey there! Thank you so much for your review - I really appreciate all of the feedback (:
I can understand how reading this can be a little confusing. I did make it intentionally unclear who was who, for drama purposes, but I'm sorry if it made it hard to follow along at times!
Blue was when Victoire finds out about what happened between Teddy and Dominique and breaks up with him so, naturally, he's devastated - which is the emotion I tend to associate with blue. Sorry if that was also unclear!
I love bittersweet stories too!
Thanks again for the review - I'm so glad you enjoyed this.

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Review #2, by DemetersChild Teddy Lupin

4th June 2010:
You are such a beautiful writer. I cannot get over how effortlessly all your words and sentences flow together. No awkward breaks. It never seems like you're trying too hard, either. It just jealous.

You know, I thought immediately that he ended up with Victoire, but now that I think about it, I don't know! It seems like he and Victoire were having issues from the beginning, before he even kissed Dominique, but then there were those scenes where they were so happy together.

Hmm, still thinking Victoire. He stated clearly that he was in love with the idea of being in love with Dominique. Yes...that's my final answer. Cool beans, haha. I don't suppose you're going to tell us, huh?

It's lovely. Once again, as always. So very lovely. You need more stories, haha. I'm going to run out of things to read soon. ;_;


Author's Response: Thank you! You make me smile with how nice you are, although believe me: writing this was not the least bit effortless at all. It was actually quite painful, although I'm glad that that doesn't show in the writing and that my social awkwardness doesn't translate into what I write. That'd be a bit weird.

I love reading what people think, and you're no exception. So far, the general consensus is Victoire, and I can understand that. Most people are more comfortable with the idea of happy endings, I think (although, is that even really happy? Who knows?) Myself, I didn't even know who I wanted him to end up with when I wrote it :D So there's really no right answer.

I already said this in my other responses (I probably should've responded in order, I suppose) but sorry :/ Thank you so much for being so fantastically nice and awesome and leaving me such great reviews.

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Review #3, by Margravine Teddy Lupin

24th February 2010:
This is a lovely oneshot! Your summary absolutely captured me, this is the type of whimsical, dreamy writing I adore, and it is beautiful.

I think it's Victoire he ends up with - the Ted/Vic love story seems to be what holds together the framework of the story, and it his entire relation to Dom seems to be out of his own struggle with love rather than anything to do with her.

It's a refreshing departure from your average next gen, and I love that you made Teddy flawed and human. Well done!

Author's Response: Thank you! I was actually very self-conscious of my summary - it's pretty vague and I didn't want to push people away with it, so I'm glad to hear you liked it.

That seems to be the popular opinion (: I didn't actually have either one in mind when I wrote it, but I suppose most people like to believe in happy endings and Ted/Vic is a far deal happier than Ted/Dom would be.

Thank you! I try :D

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Review #4, by dracos_hotter Teddy Lupin

19th February 2010:
Indigo is just blue with a fancy dress on. Violet works just as well.

I've been thinking of writing a series of coloured one-shots... I guess you've done the shortened version of events.

Aren't love-triangles delightful? I can't help but adore them... Especially within the family. Scandalous.


Author's Response: Yes, exactly what I was thinking (: Violet just sounds better to me, also.

You should definitely give it a shot! I'd love to read it if you did :D I really like matching colours with emotions and such, and I kind of tried to do that here.

Yes, they are pretty delicious, if I do say so myself. Thanks for your review!

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Review #5, by FannyPrice Teddy Lupin

8th February 2010:

Ok, so I'm going to answer your question first. I think he ended up with Victoire. In the last part you said that the anger had faded, and Dominique never seemed angry to me--more scared the entire time. That, and she never seemed interested. I think she would have a lot harder time justifying going out with Teddy after what he did, more than it would take Victoire to forgive him. It seems that during the blue part, what Victoire was doing seemed to be protecting her sister as much as she was hurt herself. Obviously, she blamed the man and stuck by her sister. So, why on earth would Dom turn around and get with Teddy a few months later? Wouldn't that be a completely horrid thing to do to your sister, especially considering how Dom is characterized in this story? Also,he never seemed to express love for Dominique--more lust for the unknown that was also similar kind of thing. There were several points where it was pointed out that he and Victoire really were in love. Also, in the green part you say he is looking for a love with intertwined fingers one without deceit, etc. Now, this could be taken to mean he ended up with Dom because Victoire is somehow incapable of that, but I think he finally found what he was looking for with the girl he loved originally. That they had grown out of this childish phase (because the beginning of this story indicates that they were both acting childish) and into a more adult foundation, a we can forgive, we can trust, and we can move forward from this kind of thing. Like healing. And and by the way, have I mentioned I'm quite partial to Teddy/Victoire?

You know, I normally dislike Vic/Ted/Dom triangles, but I think you pulled this off very well. I like that his transgression, while certainly wrong wasn't something nearly as big know...the other thing. I knew that Victoire was blonde and Dom, redhead so that came across well to the reader. No worries there. I like your characterizations. Dominique and Victoire actually seem like sisters, you know? Not people who hate each other, which is what it often comes across as in these triangles.

Teddy is also done well. He makes a mistake, but he isn't a completely terrible person. He feels guilty and he is a bit of a coward, but obviously loves his girlfriend and his heartbroken, realizes its his fault, but still wants something he can't have. Its complex, and quite real for a one-shot. Also, I think once Victoire leaves him, he realizes what he wanted was always there and wants her to come back. (this goes back to my he ends up with Victoire theory). You know the saying, you never know what you have until you lose it.

Anyway, it was very well-written and I enjoyed it immensely. 10/10!


Author's Response: Hey there! :D

I actually find it really interesting to hear who you think he ended up with. Honestly, I wrote the last bit with no particular character in mine, but your logic makes sense. It would be pretty horrid of Dom to do that, if it was indeed her at the end (Who knows if it was, anyway? ;P) Haha, it's good to see people who actually like Teddy/Victoire. Most of the fanfictions I see on here have authors trying to break them up by introducing Dominique/Rose/Random Weasley into the relationship. I guess nobody likes the happy endings Rowling hands us, huh?

Thank you! It's a great compliment to hear you've managed to please a reader who is predisposed to dislike the writing. One of my goals as a writer is to take something overdone and make it fresh, because really, that's about all there is to do in the big scary real world of literature. Everything has already been done before; you just have to find a way to make yours stand out. Yes, I've got oodles of sisters, so I like to think I know a bit about those relationships (and when I say oodles, I mean oodles; people always think my family is like those folks on Seventh Heaven or something).

Haha, I'm glad to hear you like Teddy. I have to admit I kind of wrote this not liking him at all, and I tried to make that not show but I fear I was a little transparent at times. I guess that's why I made him seem like such an indecisive coward in the first place. I do honestly believe in the whole absence-makes-heart-fonder, so I guess that's a big part of this. Still, those are going to be some very awkward family dinners regardless of which sister he ended up with, yeah? ;D

Thank you so much! Seriously, you have no idea how happy this made me (: Although I'm inclined to believe this was a bit of a pity review - "Hey, that CherryBear has got a new story. Poor sod has no reviews yet. I suppose I could pretend to like it to make her feel a bit better about herself".

But seriously, thanks a bunch for this review :)

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