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Review #1, by confusedlover I.

28th November 2011:
very lovely.

this was beautifully written! i usually don't read slash pairings to often but every now and then i find them quite interesting and this was certainly no exception. i really liked the entire plot outline of this story. it was simply and plausible and really fit right in to the cannon moments from the book. you did a wonderful job with characterization, especially for a one-shot. fantastic work. keep up the incredible writing and i look forward to reading more work from you!! (:

Author's Response: Thank you so much for this review!! I look forward to you reading more of my work and hope to hear what you think of it. :)

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Review #2, by sjmv I.

19th July 2011:
I cried reading this.
9/10 because I loved how bittersweet it was, but that one point is missing because it's so sad! Damnit, why won't anyone write happy things about those two.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for this review!

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Review #3, by butterbeergal I.

7th August 2010:
Cedric/Oliver has got to be the hottest slash pairing there is in Potterverse. :P

ANYHOW, this was ♥, my dear. I can't even begin to imagine how Oliver must have felt and I think you managed to capture his grief very, very well. I truly felt for him, especially during the part when he saw Cedric's parents and he wanted to grieve beside them but couldn't. Broke my heart, that one. I was also pleasantly surprised that Cho knew about them. I mean, even though they did agree to keep it a secret, I thought it was such a Cedric thing to do - telling the truth, not hiding anything from her.

Oh gosh, poor Oliver. This was so full of emotion and while the theme was sad, it was still a joy to read.


Author's Response: Cedric/Oliver! This was the first slash fic I had ever written. I'm glad that you enjoyed it. Angst is something that I usually struggle to write.

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7th August 2010:
My heart weeps for Oliver. He was just... naww, he was just the cutest, most saddest thing EVER. I adore him! (Not to mention he's super hooottt! :P)

When Cho started talking to Oliver, I kind of wanted to maybe punch her in the face. How dare she talk to the sexy Oliver who is obv. angst-ing?! ...Then again I've always hated Cho... :P

Anyways, this was just LUSH! I'm beginning to fall in love with the Oliver/Cedric pair and this was an AMAZING story for me to read! I'm sooo glad you talked about it on TGS, Mel!

x Aoife

Author's Response: Thank you for this Awesome review Aoife!! Lush is a fabulous word. :D

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Review #5, by Jellyman I.

6th August 2010:
DAWWW. THAT WAS ADORABLE AND SAD AND, AND, AND DAWWW. I wanted to squish Oliver into a million, billion pieces. End of.

Brilliant, my love. Brilliant!

Author's Response: -squishes-

Thanks so much! This was my very first attempt at writing slash, so it really means a lot to hear your praise. :D This is still one of my favourite one shots I've written for some reason.


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Review #6, by Poppy I.

28th June 2010:
Oh that's really sad and sweet, I likhow it is sort of pure as well.

Author's Response: Aww, thank you so much for this review!

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Review #7, by Mad Hatter I.

27th March 2010:
Hi there! 'Tis Emma from TGS, for the review exchange. :D

This was lovely! As a rule I say no slash - but this was just beautiful. The development of their relationship was shown wonderfully, even if we never got the whole picture, just snippets and hints. Cedric's wake is a lovely setting to put this shows time has passed and there's a sort of sense of finality about it, if you know what I mean? His death isn't the end, his funeral not quite...but the wake's the last thing dedicated to his memory. It's sort of the last chance Oliver would have, if you know what I mean?

The recurring line throughout I think was a nice way to tie everything together, especially that last line. They were just acquaintances, despite all that had gone between them, because of society and what was accepted. It makes me sad, and I almost want to ship Oliver/Cedric now. XD The idea seems to make so much SENSE, the way you've written it.

The picture of Cedric's parents mourning, crying over his body while Oliver watched was definitely one that sort of summed up the whole thing - others were free to cry, but he couldn't take part because he didn't think he really had a right to. And Cho saying that she knew, at the end, and that sealing the deal that he couldn't...though I don't understand how Cho would know - why would Cedric mention that he loved another man to his girlfriend? Just, you know, out of interest.

And just a few more things - while I love the style this is written in, the tense changes are a bit strange. I think the overall gist of it is in present tense? Because there are quite a few switches to past, and it comes in the middle of paragraphs, just random sentences that don't quite make sense. I know from experience that writing present tense if you're used to past is hard and you keep accidentally switching (and then when you've gotten used to present and you attempt past it's exactly the same), but i'd suggest you go back and look over them to just make things a bit clearer. Also, there were a few typos, but that doesn't really matter, they were nothing massive.

It was a wonderful oneshot, my dear, and yours is quite possibly one of the only slash stories I've really, really enjoyed. RonsGirlFriday's Minerva/Myrtle was the other one, but that's not the point. Cookie for you!

- emma xx

Author's Response: Hey Emma!

Thank you so much for this review. I was so nervous writing this fic, since, like you, I usually have a no slash rule. The praise for it is very humbling.

I was actually assigned Oliver and Cedric as a pairing in a challenge. I fell in love with them while I was writing this...

I chose to have Cedric tell Cho about Oliver because of my ideals of a relationship. I think they should always be honest and I wanted to instill this on both relationships in this fic.

I'm read Melanie's Myrtle too! It was really good.

Thank you so much for this review. Really made my day. :)


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Review #8, by Laugharama_llama I.

20th February 2010:
Becca, again this was beautiful.

I can't think of much else to say! The way you conveyed Oliver's emotions and thoughts was so touching! And the way you described the scene and everyone else's reaction to Cedric's death as so moving. Honestly, when you wrote the part about Cedric's father crying, it reminded me of so much and I had to leave the page for a few because I started crying also.

The whole scene was so beautiful beyond words. The mantra was so fitting with the story and how Oliver was feeling - ah!

I think my favorite part was when Cho came out and talked told Oliver that Cedric loved him. It was just a really wonderful way of comforting Oliver without comforting him, and was a great way to end the story. I love this whole idea of him standing outside the door, unsure of if he even belongs. It was a nice representation of their whole relationship - unsure, kind of on the edge, and in the end not even really occuring.

I know I keep saying beautiful, but that's the only word that comes to mind :) So, beautiful.

Author's Response: Hey Katrina!

I am so sorry that it took me this long to answer this. Inexcusable. life's been way too busy. :)

It's wonderful to hear that the mantra worked out well... and the description... and the cho scene. There was so much in this fic that made me nervous. I'm glad that it worked out.


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Review #9, by dracos_hotter I.

19th February 2010:
Recurring motif! Recurring motif! I adore those things... And I love slash, too. My obsession with it is taking new heights.

This has been added to my favourites. It's so brilliant. I think it just might have to be my new muse.


Author's Response: :) Thank you so much for reading this annnd for leaving a review. I'm glad to have potentially inspired you...

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Review #10, by Little_My I.

7th February 2010:
That was good. I really liked it, and liked the mood you managed to keep through the whole story. Also the way it was written and the way you portrait Oliver at his former lovers viewing. All in all a very nice one-shot:)

Author's Response: Thanks for taking the time to review this! It really means a lot. :)


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