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Review #1, by Griffin A Momentary Peace

19th February 2017:
Absolutely loved this trilogy. Can't wait for the next instalment. Thank you!!

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Review #2, by WarthogHerme A Momentary Peace

12th December 2013:
Another excellent piece of work by a first class author, thank you!!

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Review #3, by Travis Midnight Plans

10th June 2012:
I can't believe that you killed Hermione and all the others!! And i have to ask is there a Sequel this? If there is let me know

Author's Response: My fanfiction series runs as follows:

1. Harry Potter and the Twilight Dragon
2. Harry Potter and the Dragon of Dawn
3. Harry Potter and the Dragon of Dusk
4. Harry Potter and the Fire of Oblivion
5. Harry Potter and the Adverra Effect
6. Harry Potter and the Omniscient
7. Harry Potter and the League of Luminatis

League of Luminatis is almost finished. I have a couple chapters left to submit and it will be done. Then I will prepare and unleash the 8th tale, the next leg of Harry's adventures in the States: "Harry Potter and the Unhallowed King". I hope to see you there.

And remember...not all happy endings start out as happy endings, nor do tragedies all begin as tragedies. Life is a wild ride when it comes to the wizarding world, and Harry's life is no exception. Thank you for your review, and I hope you continue to enjoy my stories. I'm not a professional author by any stretch of the imagination, but I do enjoy writing, and I possess a burning passion for the world and characters of Harry Potter. As such, these tales are my tributes to the legacy begun by J. K. Rowling, and I can only hope to recreate a shadow of the wondrous universe she has shown us. On to the next!

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Review #4, by Barenson Commander Vander

30th January 2011:
i like this story, but i think, harry seems to be rather fool here. he always get caught.
in the previous story, i thought harry's seven time die would rather be something heroic.

Author's Response: That dying seven times thing was just to up some of the suspense. Probably not the wisest hook to use...but I went ahead with it. And yes, Harry got caught. There was a purpose to it...whether he was fully aware of it or not. Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #5, by jrchalut A Momentary Peace

17th January 2011:
It's been a great trilogy! I'm really looking forward to reading more of your work! 10/10

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Review #6, by sinwillys822 Wings of a Phoenix

23rd December 2010:
i liked the chapter very much and i cant wait to read what happens next.

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Review #7, by interested reader Wings of a Phoenix

23rd December 2010:
It was a good story. I am glad the way it turned out. I was a little upset about Harry loosing all his friends especially Hermione. I look forward to the last two chapters. Thanks

Author's Response: You read the stories rather fast didn't you...? Oh well. I'm glad you liked it. Be sure to check out Fire of Oblivion when this story is complete!

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Review #8, by PotterBlack7201 The Stranger

19th December 2010:
great story so far.My only question is how long did the training take Harry.

Author's Response: About a week, although his mind kind of slowed time down a little, or rather, it allowed events to happen quite a bit faster, similar to the speed with which all of our dreams happen while sleeping. The week in reality translated to about a month and a half in his unconscious mind. A lot of training...and quite effective too! thanks for reviewing!

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Review #9, by sinwillys822 The Dark Lord's Tale

19th December 2010:
ohh i hope you are able to post them before the close down for the holiday. I am hoping that he is able to survive.

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Review #10, by sinwillys822 Impossibilities

6th December 2010:
all the suggestion i have is keep them coming, can't wait to read what happens next.

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Review #11, by sinwillys822 Old Allies

29th November 2010:
ohh, i can't wait to read what happens next, hope u add again soon.

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Review #12, by sinwillys822 Dominitus's Secret

15th November 2010:
i like the way that the story is going and i can't wait to read what happens next.

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Review #13, by Dave Commander Vander

26th October 2010:
(Sorry this wasn't in a previous chapter as it should have been, I forgot to submit it.)

I like your style. It's a bit rushed though. As I've read more it has gotten much better too, so by the end it may not be a problem at all.

The only issues I have with the set of stories you've written is the number of people you've killed off. I know it's necessary for some to die, but every main character in the series besides Harry is dead. I wouldn't even bring it up if you hadn't killed off Hermione. Your title page lists it as a Harry/Hermione pairing, but nothing really happens between them. The few things that do throughout the series of stories is short, and sudden. You've also made Harry less chivalrous than he was in the series. Harry is supposed to be the selfless one who tries (admittedly unsuccessfully) to keep his friends out of harm's way. In this series he backs down too often and depends too heavily on his friends. This, for me, makes him less relateable (I think I just made up a word, at least according to spell check) as a character.

I'm sorry if this seems too much like criticism instead of constructive crit. I tend to be more blunt than I'd like sometimes. I only review stories that I like, and that I see potential in. This is one of the top four fanfics I've ever found for HP. This series of stories has great potential, but it could use some tweaks.

Good luck writing future chapters and stories.

Author's Response: It's fine. A late review is better than none at all, as some seem to be ignoring my requests and not leaving any comments. Anyway, you noted that Hermione is very absent in this story, as are the others. Well, part of the purpose in my killing them off was to jumpstart Harry's first meeting with the founders. Also, they serve no purpose in this part of the story...so why have them around? and it just came together in my head. Blame the muses, haha. As for the Harry/Hermione pairing, well, the story isn't quite ended, is it? So no one knows how that will turn out...yes, I am implying that something will happen to reunite Harry with Hermione. Anyway, just read, and you will figure things out. Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #14, by sinwillys822 Braving The Storm

24th October 2010:
Happy dance that he was able to get through the battle pretty much unscathed. can't wait to read what happens next.

Author's Response: Hahaha...yes, he managed to, ahem, 'brave' that particular battle. but he will have some problems coming up...

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Review #15, by sinwillys822 The Fourth Defender

18th October 2010:
i liked the chapter and i cant wait to read what happens next.

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Review #16, by sinwillys822 Professor Thornage

13th October 2010:
all i can say is wow what a clifie, cant wait to read what happens next.

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Review #17, by sinwillys822 The Minister's Request

8th October 2010:
the chapter was awesome but when you are trying to write they are or do not as they're and don't should be.

Author's Response: Hmmm...I'll check into that. Really didn't notice that. Thanks for letting me know. Continue to review!

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Review #18, by sinwillys822 Chart of Conquest

5th October 2010:
i like this chapter and i hope that harry comes out the winner in the end.

Author's Response: Hmmm...it is possible, but perhaps not in the way that you might hope...thanks for reviewing!!!

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Review #19, by fatso Perversion

12th September 2010:
i havent read you story but i saw the banner and read the title but not the summary
and i thought that this is going to be harry and the dragon
like donkey and dragon from Shrek
if that is what happens that is the most hilarious thing ever haha
except a centaur having a seizure that would be so funny

Author's Response: Er...ok? unless you have something of value to say, like constructive criticism or praise, or something that gives this story value, please don't post reviews with little evident purpose. And on a side note, I don't do humorous stories, or pairings with characters from different movies or books. I may take character ideas from other places, but i don't copy characters in every detail. So...thank you for reviewing, and try to make it helpful next time. Thanks!

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Review #20, by sinwillys822 The Quattorvox

29th August 2010:
this chapter is interesting and can't wait to read what happens next.

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Review #21, by sinwillys822 Facing The Serpent

24th August 2010:
ohh i like the way that the story is going and can't wait to read more.

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Review #22, by magic_rowling The Beginning of Potential

24th August 2010:
omg i just love how ur story kinda sorta follows in the line of eragon. argetlam...silver hands. haha i love that book.

Author's Response: I'll admit, I took quite a few ideas from that story. I've also taken inspiration from some of my favorite authors on this site. But I've added my own unique touch to those ideas, and used them in my own fashion, making them my own for the most part. And that will continue to happen. However, it IS a Harry Potter story, so I cannot allow Eragon or anything related to take over the tale. Harry is in charge here...he merely benefits from other books.

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Review #23, by GAUTAM Looking Glass of Terror

20th August 2010:

Author's Response: Harry is strong...however, the spell-cannon disabled him for a short while, and in that period, they were clever enough to give him a potion that subdued him. And even though he has overcome that potion, it still took some help. so yes, even though he is strong, like any hero, he has weak points that he must learn to master. Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #24, by potterfan2012 Looking Glass of Terror

17th August 2010:
a little too short and not enough action, but still pretty good.

Author's Response: There will be action in the next couple of chapters. Length is unpredictable, so I can't promise anything with that. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #25, by potterfan2012 Draught of Crucello

16th August 2010:
nicee! i loved how he countered everything. HA!!

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