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Review #1, by Danika_Phillips Chapter nine: A Mental Break Down:

29th December 2010:
Wonderful chapter! I really love this story. It sounds exactly like how a high school girl would feel, and I think you are portraying everyone excellently.

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Review #2, by wayoveryonder Chapter nine: A Mental Break Down:

31st October 2010:
this story is great!
please update soon!
thanks a bunch!

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Review #3, by IndigoLove Chapter nine: A Mental Break Down:

15th September 2010:
I loved it~ I just began reading it today as I'm new here and taking my sweet time reading what-ever story catches my eye.
Violet is very well written, believable and a lovable character.
Keep writing I'm hoping to read more soon?

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Review #4, by inspiredl Chapter nine: A Mental Break Down:

23rd August 2010:
Yay! I have caught up with you finally! But now i'm gonna have to wait for the next chappie :( please update soon! I really enjoyed this chapter I think sirius should start tutoring her now cas she messed up as it would be very romantic ;) i'll try to calm it with the sirius fing from now on :S Oh & i'd love 4 u 2 check out my story hiding bruises! It has a similar shy girl theme thing :) lily xx

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Review #5, by inspiredl chapter eight: The most horrendous day in history

23rd August 2010:
Helloo, well that was eventfull! :P bree is really annoying, i would tell you to get rid of her but all stories need at least one evil person so she'll have to stay. I'm really glad violet is getting away from her now though :) at the start of the chapter i was thinking 'i so hope she gets picked for the team' and wallah, you read my mind! Cant wait to see how practice goes. :) Lily xx

Author's Response: i hate Bree too, yep i agree but hopefully not for too long. i'm so grateful for you taking the time to express your opinion. xxx

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Review #6, by inspiredl Chapter seven: Date time

23rd August 2010:
Heyy again :) you seriously have me hooked on this story! I love it :) she's such a great character. I really liked the date and am so glad she wasnt all shy with him! what do i want to happen? I want sirius to steal her away, i'm sorry i no he's a cocky d*** but i love him anyways :) goin on to next chappie now! Lily xx

Author's Response: hai:) oh gosh that means so much to me, THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU. oh gosh i love sirius too

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Review #7, by inspiredl The Eyes

22nd August 2010:
Hello :) yay! I'm no 1 reviewer :) but its not cas of me that you got 70+ reviews! its cas of your amazing writing! ;) :P anyway it was a good chapter :) i like that she has some sort of special power thing and cant wait to see where that goes. Oh, violet and williams date should be interesting :) he seems nice but is she ever gonna get with sirius cas i love him! :) lily xx

Author's Response: thank you so much lovely :') ahh hopefully i can intergrate it later into the story, but i'm glad to here you liked the idea, i was wondering if it was a wee bit random. ah well you will just have to wait and see ;)

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Review #8, by inspiredl Chapter five: Back to normality

21st August 2010:
hey :) I'm back once again! Fillers annoy some people but personally i think you do need them for a good story :) and some cool stuff happened in this one! I like the way you write the lily/james relationship as its always done differently.I cant wait to see how you show her starting to like him, please dont do it too quick whatever you do cas that really annoys me! :) lily xx

Author's Response: Hello inspiredl, you are now officially my favourite reviewer. Thank you so much for taking the time to voice your opinion :) && for moving me out of the 60s and into the 70s!
Ah yeah, i am always worried about moving too fast throughout my stories, so a quick filler is necessary on occasion. Rose xx

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Review #9, by inspiredl Chapter four: Unlike Me

21st August 2010:
Hey :) i'm back. I enjoyed this chapter, it had some good bits and i like the sound of this william (though i am a complete sirius fan myself :P). I like the character you've created in violet though i hope she gets over her shyness a bit soon as otherwise not much will happen! ;) lily xx

Author's Response: hello again! oh my days, thank you so much for all the reviews! you've made me smile a whole heap. I'm so glad you like Violet i thought i'd put a twist on the perfect girls that are in lots of the storys these days. && DONT WORRY, her shyness will disapate, soon. i hope ;) Rosexx

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Review #10, by inspiredl Chapter three: Bullets on my skin

20th August 2010:
Hello again :) sick of me yet? You will be soon! I like the fact that you let the reader get to know the character before the action starts, it's good. Noticed a few mistakes again but nothing bad just thought i'd let you know :) will read more soon! Really enjoying this so far, am about to favorite it! :) Lily xx

Author's Response: oh my days another review! I'M NOT SICK OF YOU:o thank you so much!! :)) thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou (Y) xxx

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Review #11, by inspiredl Chapter two: an Enlightening Ride

20th August 2010:
Hey :) very good again! Not got much to say i just know how annoying it is when no1 reviews :) :L Lily xx

Author's Response: ahha this made me laugh:) why thank you! i know gee it makes me so sad:( but ahh well. xx

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Review #12, by inspiredl Meet Bree

20th August 2010:
Hey :) well this seems like a really good start! I soo want to know what happens next! You're good at writing but maybe you should read your chapter over before you post or get some1 else to because there were some grammar/spelling mistakes that i noticed. That said though i'm pretty sure mine is worse because i never read stuff over before i post :S :) going on to next chappie now! Lily xx

Author's Response: hey inspiredl:') ahh i know it's my major issue, i'm currently working my way round to fixing all of the grammar and spelling issues, i just need to find the will power which is currently lacking ;)
thank you for the review my dear xx

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Review #13, by innocentdreamers Chapter two: an Enlightening Ride

19th August 2010:
There is a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes here, like Remus's name. You kept on calling him Reamus. Don't worry about it, I do it all the time. Most of the mistakes seemed like an accidental thing, kind like the stuff I do. Just try to read it over a few times, even read it out loud. That is what I do. That way you can catch most of the accidental stuff your mind rejected while typing :D

I love your story though! Its cute! A nice muarader one. I definitely love Violet, she sounds like an awesome Gryffindor. Keep up the great work!

Author's Response: h innocentdreamers:) i am in the process of fixing all the grammar and spelling mistakes, im just taking my time about it because i hate proof-reading my work ;) ahhahha.

thank you so much lovely:) i love Violet too because she is the epitome of normal ;)

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Review #14, by daydreamer25 Chapter nine: A Mental Break Down:

19th August 2010:
I really love this story! It's not overly clique, and has some unique characters like Jemima that I really love :) I absolutely loathe Bree though(she's EVIL!!!), I really hope Violet goes badass on her and she gets what's coming 2 her!!! Update quick :D

Author's Response: Hello daydreamer25 :) thank you so much for the lovely review! ahh dito Bree is annoying me too /: i will, the next chapters almost written! x

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Review #15, by ShortPlatforms Chapter five: Back to normality

16th August 2010:
this chapter repeats itself, just so you know. It ends at "irrevocably alone" and then the next sentence is about how she can't get back to sleep. you must have copied and pasted it twice.

Author's Response: ohhh thank you, i'm in the mix of major editing at the moment the chapter i'm viewing because i've edited all of them just ends with:
'I couldn’t move forward with the same regal distain presented by Jemima, and listening to the happy, nonsense chatter surrounding me I couldn’t help but feel, incredibly, irrevocably alone.' with nothing below it :s
but thank you for informing me.

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Review #16, by ShortPlatforms Chapter two: an Enlightening Ride

16th August 2010:
I really like the story so far but theres just one thing that needs a little fixing. Remus doesn't have an a in it, you've spelt it Reamus. Just a handy hint :) looking forward to reading more :)

Author's Response: Hiii shortplatforms, thank you, thank you.
All those things have been fixed up but the other chapters are waiting validation:) but thank you for telling me!

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Review #17, by Gen Chapter nine: A Mental Break Down:

22nd June 2010:
AMAZING! I love Violet, she's really realistic and REAL! She's not some impossibly amazing, person, she has faults and that's really great to see and nice to read and relate to. Stupid Quidditch team, they should totally apologise. A lot. :) Anyway, I can't wait for the next chapter! Good Luck with the rest of the story.

Author's Response: hi Gen. thank you for the lovely review, it made me smile. big time.
ahha i know i read these storys and i get jealous of the girls who can sing, dance, look beautiful all the time... i thought i'd would be nice to show a real girl :)
thank you so much!

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Review #18, by justxxStormy Chapter nine: A Mental Break Down:

10th April 2010:
Hi there! Okay first off, love the banner, it amazing! just sayin. Anway, i also really like you story. i decide to read the whole story before commenting! Dont ake this the wrong way but you might want to check our spelling in a ew areas. i know i always have to! but then i no it really hard for me to find all my mistakes! i love your style of writting by te way, is awesome and made me want to continue to read the story! post up soon!


Author's Response: awhh thank you:) i was thinking about replacing it but i won't now. I'm so happy you took the time to read all of it, i got a wee bit worried over the last few chapters that readers would begin to cba with it.

ohh spelling. ahahah always sucked at it;) and i tend to write at night which is a bad idea too, ahahah thanks for the advice i will go back and check it out later when i have some time.

awhhh thank you *grins* means alot that you like my writing style.

i will, just focusing on my other story, 'cooties' at the mo, but i will update as soon as inspiration hits me for this current story;)

R x

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Review #19, by LadyCullen94 Chapter nine: A Mental Break Down:

10th April 2010:
I wish Bree would go and jump off some high tower! I seriously don't like her, and William best stop being a prat and tell her to back off too!

Apart from my annoyance at Bree, I really loved this chapter, James ranting and Violet and William asleep on the couch, very sweet!

Please don't take long on a up date!

Bye bye xx.

Author's Response: ahah, neither do I, Bree isnt the best of people now is she? ;) ahh William, well i guess he's just the typical type of teenage boy.

awhh than you LadyCullen94;) i'm glad you liked it. i wasnt so sure about introducing James as a slightly crazyyy character in this chapter, and i thought it was about time i added in some more loveey, dovy stuff between Violet and William.

I'll update as soon as i can. I'm a wee bit lost with where to take the story, but i'm already halfway through the next chapter
R xx

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Review #20, by naflower05 Chapter nine: A Mental Break Down:

6th April 2010:
wait... shes still on the team, right? im a little confused... what ever, cant wait for an update, it will probably be explained more there. great chapter though! =]

Author's Response: don't worry. im confusing myself with this story at the moment. but i will def explain everything later:)
But you'll find out for certain if she is still on the team in the next chapter.
R x

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Review #21, by Black_n_Wright Chapter nine: A Mental Break Down:

5th April 2010:
Hurry hurry hurry!! I wanna

Author's Response: thank you Black n Wright :) i will dont worry
R x

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Review #22, by staryyeyed Chapter nine: A Mental Break Down:

5th April 2010:
adore it.
specially this chapter, i like how you see James Rant
and go slightly mad instead of the image of perfection
projected onto him.

Author's Response: thanks staryyeyed,
i was wondering
do you know the song that your screen name is named after?;) brilliant song...

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Review #23, by naflower05 chapter eight: The most horrendous day in history

4th April 2010:
good chapter! still want to know how Violet and Bree became frineds, but all in due time i suppose. update soon please!

Author's Response: hey Naflower05 thanks for the review. Don't worry. i took your advice and soon enough you will find out, just in a few chapters;)
the next chapter is already in validation, and should *cross fingers* be up today:)
R x

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Review #24, by staryyeyed chapter eight: The most horrendous day in history

4th April 2010:
so much bad stuff to happen in one day!
well done on the story:]

Author's Response: hahha i know.
i was a bit worried it was wayy to much.
thanks for the review

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Review #25, by Anna chapter eight: The most horrendous day in history

4th April 2010:
the story overall is very good & different.
this chapter was a bit bitty as you said.
but i suppose every story has a chapter like that.

Author's Response: thanks.
im thinking i should re-edit this chapter.
you are right:)
thanks for the feedback!

R x

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