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Review #1, by Lillylover22 Cinema Kisses

13th May 2012:
Please update this story 9/10 : )

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Review #2, by Lillylover22 Arguments and Arrangements

13th May 2012:
This is getting better and better 10/10 : )

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Review #3, by Lillylover22 Dungeon Troubles

13th May 2012:
Haha i love the mock fight 10/10 : )

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Review #4, by Lillylover22 Free Game

13th May 2012:
I love dracos reaction. 9/10 : )

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Review #5, by Lillylover22 I Can Always Tell

13th May 2012:
Q is fantastic. I love him 9/10 : )

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Review #6, by Lillylover22 My Friends Call Me Q.

13th May 2012:
Q is an interesting characters 9/10 : )

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Review #7, by Athenagirl5519 Cinema Kisses

3rd November 2011:
Best slash pairing ever! It makes you think it actually happens, the way you describe it! So natural!

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Review #8, by TheDarkEmpress Cinema Kisses

28th July 2011:
This story was brilliant! Great job!

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Review #9, by isabella black Cinema Kisses

21st April 2011:
i really like this:)

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Review #10, by Deverje Cinema Kisses

18th April 2011:
this is the best ever. its really really good

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Review #11, by clairevampiress Cinema Kisses

17th April 2011:
Poor Q. As always fanamonal writing. How you manage to get so many emotions in with each chapter I'll never know! Congrats on another good chapter and I look forward to more.

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Review #12, by clairevampiress Arguments and Arrangements

19th January 2011:
Wow an amazing turn of events. Its like real high school. Love triangles, Secrets. yea fun anyway your writing is still amazing. I'm now excited to know what happens next!

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Review #13, by misshurtbreak Arguments and Arrangements

18th January 2011: your amazingly perfect. that is all.

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Review #14, by clairevampiress Dungeon Troubles

13th January 2011:
Wow.Amazing story! really well written. I normally don't read this kind of fic. For harry potter anyway. But you wrote it very well. Can't wait for the next one!

Author's Response: the chap is in for submission now, should only be a few days. :)

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Review #15, by darknessa Dungeon Troubles

22nd December 2010:
funny :D What will happen next? :)

Author's Response: well, i up the new chapter today :) should take 5 or 6 days though.

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Review #16, by Illy Dungeon Troubles

16th December 2010:
Keep going it just got good!

Author's Response: Thanks :) Im working on the next chapter now.

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Review #17, by misshurtbreak Dungeon Troubles

11th December 2010:
i absolutley love this story, im new to the site and this is the first story i read. its amazing.

Author's Response: Thanks so much! This review made me smile so much because you posted it on my birthday :)
Thanks so so much !

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Review #18, by BlueIsTheColorOfMyHeart Free Game

15th September 2010:
I love this story! When will you update again??

Author's Response: It will be up by weeks end
Upon my word as a wanna-be-author

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Review #19, by ???? Free Game

3rd May 2010:
I really love this story ^.^

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Review #20, by Jumbie Free Game

1st March 2010:
Ooh great chapter!
I was really laughing aloud with Sneep, and then hitting Draco's head and after with Q. needed to leave the class to =p

Can't wait till the next chappie! ^^

Author's Response: thanks so much! glad to have a fan

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Review #21, by Jumbie I Can Always Tell

27th February 2010:
Ooh so Harry and Draco have a relationship...
or kinda =p

I really like the way Draco gets jealous ^^

OOh that sneak peak!!.. I really don't like it!! ...
Because now I more want to read what's going on! ^^

Great story!
Can't wait till the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks so much, im just posting the next bit!

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Review #22, by Harry_Malfoy09 My Friends Call Me Q.

22nd February 2010:
that was good... hope you write more soon.

i'd really like to read more, and if u do plz let me know

Author's Response: Im updating another story atm. But the second chapter is done, so soonish. If all works out!

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Review #23, by Jumbie My Friends Call Me Q.

11th February 2010:
Good first chapter!

Normally I don't read this kind of stories.. But you write very well ^^

Can't wait till the next chapter!^^

Author's Response: Hey, thanks so much. I usually dont write this kind of story, so we're in the same boat.

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