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Review #1, by Lostmyheart FOREVER

16th April 2015:
Okay, Angie. We need a talk about this so-called ending that nearly broke my heart.
I actually choked a little on my drink when I read that she'd been sleeping the WHOLE TIME, like WHY Rose, WHY?!
But seriously, it's such an incredible plotline and what a fantastic use of plot twist. I have to be honest, there were some parts where I thought 'Wow, I never knew Angie would write a story like this,' because I'm so used to you being so dark or grounded. So when Ron were like "it's okay, you're marrying Scorp"-ish, I thought he took it too nicely, even though he told her he'd been angry at first but he seemed to be over it pretty quickly.
I don't remember the last time I've read a story with a plot twist, I've missed it!
Probably why I write plot twists all the time, muahaha. Nah, just kidding.

The ending is so heart breaking, I felt my heart ache when she realized it was too late and it had all been a dream. Loved it. I love to get my heart broken, especially by you.

On to the next story!
- Avi

Author's Response: Aw Avi thanks a lot once again for reading and reviewing. This is one of the pieces I'm not very proud of but I'm glad you enjoyed it nonetheless xP "I love to get my heart broken, especially by you." - this is one of the sweetest things anyone has ever said to me. THANK YOU!

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Review #2, by Maelody FOREVER

4th February 2015:
Heya! I'm back!

So this one was an interesting piece. My heart felt for Rose, it really did. I think it's pretty relatable for anyone who still loves someone they've lost. Though, when everyone started coming up to the attic to find her and tell her everything, I started getting a little confused. I was like 'How is everyone just OK with this?' Haha. I was glad to see that everyone respected her being with the one she loved, and Scorpius being with the one he loved, but it was all a bit magical!

In the end, seeing that it was a dream, I sort of liked that. As much as I think every person ever dreams to be with the one the truly love forever, it makes it all the more realistic. And heartbreaking. Everything was just going so smoothly and perfectly before, and it was nice to see someone get her happy ending, but then the reality came crashing down. It's perfect, in a way. Because nothing ever goes that smoothly. But my heart still aches for her.

I see that the dream bit was edited in, but I really like that choice. :) It brings even more heartache into the piece, and to be honest, it's a refresh to see something happen where it's not always the happy ending. Life is real even for the one and only Miss Rose Weasley. :)

Great job with this one! My heart is aching, but I loved it nonetheless! :3


Author's Response: Oh dear, I can't believe you've read and reviewed this piece as well. I'll admit, it's not one of my best - I wrote this when I was still 'learning' to write ;) And I feel it's kinda lame and I was going to take it down but I decided to let it be, and well I am glad you liked it anyway!

Yes I did edit in the dream because otherwise it was all too unrealistic and weird and I realised that upon re-reading the fic!

Thanks for your lovely review nonetheless!

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Review #3, by navyfail FOREVER

27th May 2013:
it was a DREAM! :O
I am in absolute shock right now and just...gah.
My OTP for life! *sobs*

This was a great story from beginning to end. I really liked your descriptions and how you worded Rose's emotions. Albus was a dear and Hugo was sweet yet clueless.

Favorite part:
"Scorpius's face morphs and I try to look away, but instead of shock or anger, his whole body displays unattributable joy. He jumps to the air with a loud Yes!"

Heartbreaking Part:
"I am sorry, Rose... but they... they just got married."

All in all, it was a lovely one-shot. :)


p.s. I was wondering if Scorpius ever did have feelings for her?

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks for reading and reviewing!

Indeed it was a dream xP *hugs*

I am pleased you liked the story with its descriptions and emotions. This is not one of my best pieces but I am glad you liked it nonetheless including Hugo and Albus!

Haha your favourite part is a bit funny, and the heartbreaking one is sad indeed. To answer your question, Scorpius did harbour feelings for Rose back in school, and maybe some of those feelings lingered, but in the end he loved Lily more, and thus chose to marry her =) It was nothing like Rose's dream xP

Thanks for your lovely words!

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Review #4, by aquabluez17 FOREVER

25th January 2013:
Wow. That was really good! I thought it was real!!

Damnit haha :P

You hav now inspired me to write a ScoRo fic too! haha that was awesome =)

Poor Rose :( Guess you can't get everything in life:(

Author's Response: hey thanks for reading and reviewing! haha i know right xD

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Review #5, by MalfoysCarolinaGirl2010 FOREVER

23rd January 2013:
I'm not good at leaving the really long constructive reviews so I'll keep this short. I really enjoyed reading this. I thought it was well written and conveyed the emotion of the characters to a "T" and although I would have enjoyed a happy ending, I thought the plot twist at the end fit the story and made the piece believable, it would have been too cliche without it.

That is all


Author's Response: hey thanks for reading and reviewing! I am glad you enjoyed this and found the piece believable with the plot twist at the end. thanks again!

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Review #6, by peppersweet FOREVER

31st December 2012:
Hey, here from review tag!

This story is quite an interesting take on a plot I've seen often - I don't mean it's cliche at all, because you've avoided cliche simply in your choice of characters. Quite often, I think, people would make Rose the bride, and then another one of the Weasley girls (or boys!) the jealous one at the wedding. So it's interesting to see a switch in characters and have Lily marrying Scorpius instead.

One comment I'd make is that Rose's narration seems a little melodramatic at times. I feel like you've written her as someone who's quite pragmatic and logical, and although she is in a desperate situation in this story, her sudden thought of 'I should just end it all' seems quite jarring in the middle.

I was also going to comment about how uncharacteristic Scorpius' decision to abandon Lily was, but, I see what you did there :P

I have to confess that I didn't like Scorpius or Rose much in this story at all. Scorpius seems like a bit of a prat, if I'm honest, and I just sort of wanted to tell Rose to pull herself together...if anything, I felt for Lily the most. She seemed to have done nothing wrong to get all that ill will from Rose! I know the middle section wasn't 'real', but I think you made a very important point there about Lily taking after Harry in her selflessness. While you took your time with Rose, it would have been interesting to see more depth to Scorpius and perhaps more of Lily in this fic.

Aside from that, your writing is pretty good in this. Your grammar is near perfect (unusual in fanfiction!) and I like how you use short sentences at the start of Rose's narration to show how broken her mental state was.

And one final thing that made me laugh: when Rose imagined that Scorpius was kissing her, I noticed that you hadn't written Albus as leaving the room so I was just like 'Albus is okay with watching this...?'

Good job! ♥

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks for reading and reviewing.

I am a little surprised that you chose this story to review as most people skip over this one, but I am glad anyway :)

I tried to avoid the cliche, hence the character-switch :) Its good to know it interested you!

I was attempting to write mere streams of thought-processes and thus it sounded a little abrupt I guess. I'll see what I can do about it though if I edit this.

Haha it was definitely very unrealistic and uncharacteristic, which is why it was a dream xP

Hmm this was all from Rose's POV so I tried to portray things as to how SHE would see them, and to her Scorp was definitely being a prat (for marrying Lily, if nothing) and her main attention was on Scorpius, thus little attention on Lily (which is sad, I know).

I am glad you liked my writing. And grammar is near perfect really? I do try my best, but I am not sure I am near perfect xP

Haha I didn't quite think about Al being in the room too! But well it gave some comic relief and it was a dream after all, lol.


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Review #7, by patronus_charm FOREVER

14th December 2012:
Hey this is your review from the review tag in the forum :D

I really enjoyed this fan fiction as I often find when reading Rose/Scorpius flicks that they often fall into stereotypes so it can turn into a rather boring read but, luckily yours didn't!

I really enjoyed the fact that Rose didn't get her man and putting it into dream perspective. It was so realistic that I thought Rose was actually going to marry Scorpius instead if Lily!

I liked how you did the flashbacks and I thought they worked effectively as well as sometimes they can often be irrelavent to the story but, I found they all worked well. I especially liked the one of them being sorted I thought it was really sweet how Rose was like Hermione in not giving into former prejudices and willing to reach out to the outsiders.

I also thought it flowed well and didn't lead to confusion which was really good and overall it was a really enjoyable read :D

Author's Response: Hi!

This is one of those stories that people tend to not be attracted to in general, but I am glad you chose it. Sometimes, I think it is horrible writing, but sometimes I can't help but love it myself xP

I am glad you enjoyed this, and you didn't think it was stereotypical.

You are quite the sadist to be happy that Rose didn't get her man xP haha just kidding. It wouldn't have been realistic at all if she got Scorp. Thus the dream perspective xD

I am always concerned about my flashbacks tying with the story, so I am happy to know that you think they worked well.

Thanks for reading & reviewing!

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Review #8, by True Author FOREVER

23rd November 2012:
Oh, I never read something touching like this! =[ I especially loved the way you described the whole thing; it seemed so real... And the ending was heart breaking, seriously.

So I must say you have a very original and intriguing plot. I never read anything like this before, so the summary almost dragged me in. Rose, is one of my favorite next-gen characters by JKR and I've read lots of fics about her, but no one usually writes her losing Scorpius, so you're different. =] Oh and I NEVER imagined Kristen Stuart as Rose! That's quite a nice idea... :D

Lovely story!


Author's Response: Hey! Thanks for reading & reviewing! I am glad you found it touching and liked my description, and ending, and plot.

Thanks for your review :)

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Review #9, by EnigmaticEyes16 FOREVER

21st March 2012:
Wow. You really had me going for a second. At first, when I believed Rose and Scorpius were going to be married and everyone was okay with it, I was like "Whhaat? That would never happen like that in real life." But then I was like, "Well, don't discourage them." And THEN I discover it was all a dream and Rose doesn't get a happy ending, and it made me sad.

This was a very well written piece though and I did enjoy it, believability (I don't think that's actually a word, but oh well) or not. The most unbelievable thing really was Harry and Ron's cool reactions (that would seriously never happen). You did a great job with this!


~green with envy 2012~

Author's Response: Haha that's true, that's why it turned out to be a dream because something like that is never possible in real life :D Aww, well the purpose was to make the readers sad, so good to know I achieved that lol.

I am happy you found it nicely written, and it all being a dream I don't care much about the believability ether. Thanks :)

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Review #10, by VioletBlade FOREVER

1st February 2012:
Hi there, VioletBlade here with the other review you requested! :)

So... this was a bit unexpected, though it did have Rose/Scorpius in it, so I'm happy :) I was definitely seeing this ending a completely different way! (Where Rose was the good-best-friend and let the love of her life walk away) But anyway, onto the in-depth review!

Language: I will admit, it did seem to me that this was a bit rushed, even though it was 5,000 words long! I just think that it might have been better as a two-shot, because it was a lot of plot/twists that were a bit hard to wrap my head around!

Characterization: Though I am glad that they got together, I'll be honest: The way Rose let her best friend get hurt just so she could have Scorpius kind of got to me a bit. I don't think I could have done it to any of my friends, to be honest. I would have to have a long in-depth conversation with them, and, only after time, could I actually go through with it. I just find it hard to believe that their friendship could have withstood that. As for Scorpius, again, although I was rooting for him, there were parts that got to me a little. The Big One was that he did something like that to Lily. That, to me, shows real cowardice. Again, I'm not saying I'm not happy he and Rose got together, because I am!

Grammar: Not too much here!

Plot: Like I mentioned above, I think this could have been a much more successful two-shot, just because there was so much information in it. It probably could have even stretched as a short story, if I'm being honest! But it was a good story, and definitely took me by surprise at the end, but it made me happy! It was a nice little read though that brightened my spirits so thank you for requesting from me!


Author's Response: Hey! Thanks for reading and reviewing! I know it was unexpected and kind of crazy, but I have edited the story now and changed the ending (which is still crazy but better) inspired by many reviews :)

Thanks a lot for all your comments!


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Review #11, by DracoFerret11 FOREVER

1st February 2012: this is actually DarkRose from the forums...and you're getting this review MONTHS late for your win in the One-Shot, Title, Ship, Rating Challenge. I can't believe that I forgot, but I'm going to make it up to you by doing it now! :] So, off we go!

Well, overall, I think this was a very sweet story. Believability? Very low, haha, but it wasn't a bad thing. So...your plot just doesn't particularly work out wonderfully in the real world. I feel that Lily would've been FAR more heartbroken and probably wouldn't have stayed for the wedding. And Rose and Scorpius haven't even dated! They've kissed like...three times, EVER. I can't believe they would actually just jump into marriage, but I guess when you know, you know.

I think the characters were all beautifully written. I especially liked Albus, Ron, and Harry. I feel like Harry would've been more upset on his daughter's behalf though. Rose was pretty good. I definitely felt her emotions while she was getting ready to watch the man she loved marry someone else. And Scorpius was pretty good too. I think his characterization made a lot of sense with the story.

I feel like there could have been more descriptions throughout the story of physical things though (characters, settings, etc.). The emotions were pretty good, but we didn't get much insight into how anything looked.

I actually expected this to be a dream at the end. Like...Rose wakes up in the attic and Lily and Scorpius are already married and she's crushed, y'know? But I was pleasantly surprised, though confused in way. It's just not particularly plausible, but that's all right.

Again, overall, I think this is a very sweet story. Great job! (And again, I'm sorry it took so long for you to get this review...)


Author's Response: Hey, don't worry about the delay, I understand how life gets in the way (that rhymed lol), but thank you for taking the time to read and review!

Haha I know the believability was low, but it was just an erratic plot, what could I do? :P

Still, I am glad you found the story sweet, though I know that it definitely won't work like that in the real world.

Thank you, I like it when someone tells me I wrote the characters nicely, especially the minor ones (Albus, Ron, Harry). I also liked that you could feel Rose and Scorpius.

I will see how I can improve the fic and what I can do while I edit, I appreciate your comments :)

Thanks again for the sweet & honest review, and no worries about the delay!


P.S. You know what? Your review gave me an idea! I am gonna change the ending! I'll make it a dream! Thank you so much!!! (I'll make sure to credit you)!

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Review #12, by parashar_harry FOREVER

23rd November 2011:
even though it is predictable that what is going to happen in the end , i never felt bored.
the best line was " though i still can't understand how malfoy's kid is so much in demand". ^_^

poor lilly, don't be sad i m here to marry u.(LOL)

thanks for sharing this story with us
i will be back agn with another review . i m going to read ur maraduer era story next

Author's Response: Aww thank you for ur sweet review. I am glad you liked it. :-)

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Review #13, by Manga_girl FOREVER

14th November 2011:
Hello, and I really like this! You have all the emotion, detail and language! I love the idea behind it and everything, its awesome! This is awesome! I like how you described the characters! Lily is great too, its awesome!

Author's Response: Haha thank you so much for your awesome review!! Glad you liked it xD

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Review #14, by Beeezie FOREVER

6th November 2011:
Aw, I liked this, too! I felt like your depiction of Rose here was very realistic and believable - I don't know how likely it is that everyone would have banded together and told Scorpius to marry her, but honestly, I don't really care. This was sweet, and it was heartfelt, and the way Rose reacted to everything made so much sense. The ups, the downs, the sudden about face... yeah. I don't have much to say other than that I really, really liked it... but I really, really liked it.

Author's Response: Aw your review made me smile. I am glad you really liked it even if it was slightly unrealistic :) Glad to know that the emotions came off well as well. Thank you for your kind words, I'm feeling flattered that you connected so well with the story :)


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Review #15, by Illuminate FOREVER

4th November 2011:
Heey! Here for review tag!

I thought this was a lovely oneshot. It's something that a lot of people can relate to, and the whole twist of Scorpius really loving her and them getting married is a fantasy that I think a lot of people in Rose's situation would desire.

I think your writing was kind of better in the beginning, when she was sad about the wedding- I think when the twist happened the flow sort of speeded up a little; and it's kind of hard to believe that Rose would not only steal Lily's fiance, but her whole wedding. It seems more realistic to me that they would wait a little while and arrange their own wedding.

But other than that, your prose is really poetic and beautiful and I really enjoyed it :) Great job!

Author's Response: Hi there!!

Thanks a lot for reading & reviewing :) I love review tag xD

I am glad you liked it overall, though I know that it was kind of speedy and weird towards the later part of the story. However, that's just the way it went & I liked it even if it was sort of unrealistic so I'll let it be :)

Thanks a lot once again & I'm flattered to know you found it poetic & beautiful!


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Review #16, by MsRosieMalfoy FOREVER

25th September 2011:
This is beautiful! I wish I had someone like scorpious :)

Author's Response: Thank you for reading and reviewing! I'm glad you found it nice. And aw, don't we all wish that? xD

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Review #17, by gran/ger FOREVER

26th August 2011:
Just started reading after getting a buzz from"Unanswered Prayers. You have a fan for life! I'm definitely adding you to my list of favourite [U.K. spelling.] authors. I'll be busy catching up with more of your stuff later.

Author's Response: Wow! Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! Fav author? Yay :D

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Review #18, by bri_5_stars FOREVER

13th August 2011:
That was different for sure. But not bad different at all. It was capable of making you go through so many emotions all at once, which is a pretty nifty thing. I'd say you've got a darn good one-shot here. Kudos :)

Author's Response: hi!! thank you so much for reading and reviewing! I know it was different, I always come up with strange stuff =P ...I am glad you found it a good one-shot though! thanks!

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Review #19, by Dark Whisper FOREVER

7th August 2011:
This was a wonderful read. I LOVED IT.
Poor Lily! I must say that I really loved that you would make the connection of the sacrifice of her father to giving him up.

I loved the awkwardness after what happened (the kiss), because really, not speaking to each other is exactly what would happen.

I really thought it interesting that the reason he was with Lily was so that he could be near Rose. I thought that was a brilliant plot line... the reason. There is just something about it that I love... the depth of it.

Me being a hopeless Dramione fan, I LOVED, LOVED Draco in this! And I must say, the best part of that paragraph was when he said, "whom he hasn't forgotten, not even now."

I'm in awe of that line. Such Tragedy! And now he will have to share grandchildren with his true love, which will bind them together for life, just not how he really wanted.

I also loved the humor with Harry questioning why Draco's kid would be in such demand. LOL!

You did an excellent job. I truly loved it.

10/10 for romance and for sticking that wonderful, tiny bit of Dramione in there that I so love! *winks*

Thank you for sharing this story!
Dark Whisper

Author's Response: Hi DarkWhisper!!

Yay!! Thank you for this awesome review!! I am so glad that you liked this!!

I know, poor Lily, but at least one of them either Rose or Lily had to suffer... *sigh*

I am surprised that you found the 'reason' so interesting when I just didn't put much thought into it =P but i guess readers look into things sometimes that even the author doesnt!! =D

Haha, I couldn't resist adding a tiny bit of DraMione in there and I am glad you picked up on it! yay!!

I know poor Draco.. you know i am considering writing a sort of sequel one shot to this with a little backstory on draco/hermione. it would be fun i guess!

Yep I decided some humor was needed in this mostly angsty fic.

thank you soo much once again for reading and leaving such an awesome review!!


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Review #20, by MyMyMiss FOREVER

5th August 2011:
I am insulted!! :p How dare you leave a review in my thread accusing me of bashing your story, how rude *inserts rejected ness here* I have never bashed your story. Not physically !! >.<

Love you Ad!! but I don't like the fact that Photobucket seems to be rejecting you saying your not very popular, don't worry ^.^ Your popular too me :D Best take a look at your banner ^.^ it says your unpopular, how rude!!!

Anyway... On with the lovely-ness of why I am here.

I do enjoy your first line in the Falshback and how you added an OC ;) Charming new development Luna has there ^.^

-"Now, tell me why you're up here crying in a dingy old attic on such a glorious day?"
Leave it too Albus to make the awkward, crying, sad situsation humourous and funny. Awesome job Albie :)

-"But you avoided me." Touché.
God this made me laugh, Silly Rose and her silly thought pattern when Poor ol'e Scorpius is trying to behave himself and get his feelings out there in the open, God she makes me giggle ^.^ x

So once again, yu amaze me!!! ^.^ I'm not the biggest fan of Scorose, but i'll read it if i've read the majority of the Dramiones out there, but I also fear I don't like Scorose much because I was too hooked into Dramione. ..Anyway, you've done it again ^.^ Made me like something I used to hate ...

How do you do it? Convert people to the dark side? Is it a talent? :O

I like the twist you had in it with Ronnikins and our little Idiotict pale headed git, I thought that was really good. It defined the Plot line alot and threw in a few tiwsts and turns where it was needed.
Taking me too my happy place? Don't want to know thanks very much !! ^.^ No, but really Aditi, you should write a full one on these guys when your Finished with Opposites attract, I think you will do that quite well, if you can constrauct a well written piece of material on Scorpius and Rose and turn it into a novel i'll love you forever ;) - Not in that way for people who read this and think we have gone completely balmy - x

Oh, did I mention, I really like the flow you had in this, going back in flashbacks and then coming back to the present, the only thing I would suggest is taking out this bit, A brief memory flashes through my mind.
I don't think it's nessacary ^.^ xx
Love, your online Crazy Buddy, Karni. x

Forum Name: MyMyMiss
House: Slytherin.

Author's Response: Haha sorry *cowers from MMM's wrath* I was just flouncing about asking for reviews for this fic and copy/pasting the same form :D

Thank you sooo much for your sweet review. It made me chuckle out loud and have an ear-to-ear smile.

I converted you? Really! Yay!! I think the Dark Lord will be happy to know this and can hopefully take me in now seeing that I can convert people to the dark side, mwahahaha!!

lol sorry coming back, thanks a lot. i am glad you liked it all!

Well if it were upto you, you would make me write novels out of all my one-shots :P Not that I mind, just I feel I don't always have the time and patience and muse to write chaptered fics!! haha but i'll give it a thought for sure!! kudos!

thanks once again!! I love you!!! you're awesome!!


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Review #21, by academica FOREVER

5th August 2011:
Hey! I don't believe in bashing, no worries :)

I loved the way you portrayed Scorpius in the initial sorting scene. In so many next-gen fics, Scorpius is just one of the guys, another golden boy just like Albus and James. But I imagine he would definitely be ostracized for his father's misdeeds, and he would probably feel very, very lonely. So I congratulate you on doing that well. I also loved how spunky Rose was.

Now -- I hate to say it, but I think this was a bit overdramatic. I can sort of understand Rose wanting to kill herself, and Scorpius's reasons for proposing to Lily made sense, but to have everyone, including the jilted bride, totally approve of their nuptials and want them to get married right then was a little much for me. It made it seem like the entire conflict here was self-imposed, just Rose being the only one left out of the big joke, so to speak. I realize that you wrote some personal feelings into this, and so a slightly exaggerated outcome was possible, but in the future I would maybe consider re-writing it into a chaptered fic and taking things a little slower.

Other than that, it was great. Rose's feelings seemed very real and she was unfailingly humorous. I also love the characterization of Albus as the loving big brother type -- very true to how I'd imagine him to be, considering his namesakes. I also didn't spot any big technical errors, so that's a plus. Good job with this one! :)

academica (Slytherin)

Author's Response: Hey there!

Thank you so much for your read and review! It means a lot to me! :)

And I am glad you found Scorp and Rose in the sorting scene and such =)

Haha, I have heard that a lot, this being overly-dramatic, but I don't know I just love the way it is and I wrote it for my own fun (and comfort =P) and I really wouldn't want to change it. After all, sometimes far-fetched overlydramatic crazy fics do make you laugh stupidly, dont they? But, thank you for your valuable input!

I am relieved that you found Rose's feelings real and even humorous, I was afraid I didn't get it quite right like I wanted it to. Also for the humor credit goes to my beta too =) Also, I am glad you liked Albus' characterization, it is how I imagine him to be too!!

Thank you so much once again to take the time and effort to read and review my slightly eccentric fic!!


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Review #22, by TheHeirOfSlytherin FOREVER

5th August 2011:
Wow. Even though I'm more of a James Potter (II) fan, I do love Rose and Scorpius. They're Draco and Hermione in Next-Gen form.

Lily was so amazing to be able to let go of Scorpius and watch as they got married. Very Gryffindor!

Harry and Ron were so supportive. As was Draco! Speaking of Draco, who was the girl who didn't take a chance with? I wonder...

Was an awesome one-shot!


Author's Response: Hey Sam!

Thank you for your awesome review =) And also thanks for taking the time to read my little piece. Haha, well the girl was Hermione. I thought everyone would guess it :P .and not to mention you have given me an amazing idea (or not so amazing) for a sequel or something (which includes Draco/Hermione). Though I don't know if I'll carry on with it! thanks once again!


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Review #23, by Really?Really? FOREVER

22nd June 2011:
Um, just read the first few paragraphs and have a question. How is Scorpius her 'brother-in-law to be.'? Lily isn't her sister but her cousin, making Scorpius her 'cousin-in-law to be' (which no one uses that term). I'll have to read more but that was confusing.

Author's Response: well yeah. Lily is her cousin SISTER. and since no one says "cousin-brother-in-law-to-be" i just said bro-in-law. and well lily is also like a sister to her. like if i have a best friend and she will get married, her husband will be like my bro-in-law :)

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Review #24, by DemetersChild FOREVER

26th May 2011:
DemetersChild here from the forums! So sorry it's taken me forever to get you your reviews!

Eccentric is definitely the right word for this story.

I loved the beginning. It jumps right into the story and immediately make me want to keep reading, so that's always nice. I could really feel Rose's emotions and how torn she was feeling through it all.

I wish though that there had been a moment before she ran away that she saw Lily and Scorpius together, or even Scorpius standing by himself looking so happy. Seeing something like that would have pushed her to run away.

After Scorpius shows up in the attic it starts to get a little strange. I would have liked to see more between Rose and Lily. And it just seemed so odd that they would get married that same day, with Lily there watching the man who just left her with her best friend and cousin.

It just seemed a little rushed that they would get married not an hour after revealing their feelings for each other. You did a pretty good job of explaining it off, but it still felt a little weird.

I did really enjoy it. There was so much emotion and so much going on that I would have had to try to be bored while reading this. Truly lovely. :)

Magically Yours,


Author's Response: hey Dem! Thanks for your magical review xD

I am glad you found the emotions and all appropriate! I know it was a bit rushed, but it was a spur-on-the-moment one-shot and well, that was all i could do!

thanks again!


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Review #25, by peaches_369 FOREVER

27th April 2011:
loved it!!!

scorose is my ultimate favorite 'ship!

keep it up!!

Author's Response: really? thanks a ton! it is my fav too!

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