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Review #1, by Katelyn Revolver

13th September 2011:
I'm quite speechless!!! This is so good!!! Please keep writing this and more stories!!!

Author's Response: Unfortunately this is a one shot :/ but thank you! I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #2, by Loony_Scorpy Revolver

18th May 2011:
Awesome story :D I really liked how different the characters were to how they are usually portrayed :D (I mean Lysandra as a general malfoy) anyway good job :D

Author's Response: Well thank you :) I actually don't like it that much anymore, now that I've reread it a few times. I should have made it a bit more convincing... But all the king words! ^_^

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Review #3, by MarsIsBrightTonight Revolver

30th November 2010:
Wow. This story is absolutely incredible. I love the way that Lysandra is so matter of fact about everything, even if she's telling you something that most people would be ashamed of. At first she comes across as arrogant and uptight, but there's an edge there that almost screams 'Delicate.' I don't know why, and she seems very unfeeling, but to me she sounds quite breakable underneath the front she puts up.
The Albus you've portrayed is one of the favourite Albus' I've ever read about- I absolutely love him >.<
Oh, dear god. I sound like a Harry Potter freak that talks about characters like they're real, aren't I? Oops..

Oh yeah, one last thing- D'you know who the girl on the Chapter image is, because if you could tell me that would be amazing! (I'm writing a story at the moment and she has the whole 'Look' my character has)


Author's Response: That's exactly how I pictured her! Someone living behind a mask, someone easily breakable - but someone also dangerous. Glad to know you and I see a bit eye-to-eye about her :) After all, she IS human, and feelings always get in the way.


^_^ I love Albus and I loved him in this fic, too! Hopefully if I create any new fics with him in it I'll use the same persona and the same confidence he has in this one.

And about the image: no, she's just a random girl from a photography site :/ sorry!

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Review #4, by annoymous Revolver

17th November 2010:
that was awesome! it was truly a unique story. I have read a lot of fan fictions but none of them were as deep and amazing as this. 10/10

Author's Response: Oh, thank you ^_^ you so are wonderful and so very kind to say that!

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Review #5, by LillyRoseanne Revolver

24th June 2010:
This is BRILLIANT, it's so well written, and I didn't notice a single grammar or spelling mistake, which really distracts me when I'm reading.

As for the story content, love it, your OC is so believable as a chracter and your portrayal of Albus is amazing. The ending is so sweet and you are left praying that everything they have together will survive if they do tell anyone about it.

I'm so glad you didn't turn this into a ridiculously long and drawn out novella, this ways it is concise and well paced. So well done, congrats, and keep it up :D

Author's Response: O_O

I love you! I love writing OCs and sometimes I feel like people just don't like them. But clearly, you seem to appreciate her! And that makes me all fuzzy inside! ^_^

Yeah, I didn't want to maka a novella for exactly that reason - and also because it has the potential for continuation but I couldn't make that kind of dedication right now. Stories like this get messy and I probably wouldn't know how to end it.

Thanks for the fab review, darling ♥

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Review #6, by whisky Revolver

23rd June 2010:
WOW!! THIS WAS WRITTEN AMAZINGGG!! SUPERB!!! i just wish there would of been moree!!

Author's Response: I know, sadly it's only a one-shot :[ But I can't handle another story at the mo... unfortunately. But there are other stories of mine you are welcome to read! :D

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Review #7, by A.D.G. Revolver

9th June 2010:
heyy :) i absolutly love this. i dont usually write reviews but occasionally when i come across something i absolutly love i will and i really love your fic. i cant stop re-reading it every few weeks. keep writing!! 10/10 xx

Author's Response: Really!? O_O This is all great feedback I'm getting, thank you so much! ;] You're amazing.

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Review #8, by krapfm Revolver

15th May 2010:
Liked very, very much :D
I really like Lysandra :) and Slytherins in general, but her control and coldness is amazing.
From the beginning to the end you can feel through the words how she gets warmer. (my impression) :)

Author's Response: I love control and coldness! It's an important factor in being a Slytherin. :] I'm really fascinated with how you said she gets warmer throughout the fic. I never really thought of that! :] you are so smart.

thanks for reveiwing!

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Review #9, by Saffy Revolver

11th May 2010:
Hi, this story is great! And I know this might seem a little rude/impatient but I think you might have to resubmit LB again?

Author's Response: Haha, thanks. Yeah, I know. L&B is drivaing me nuts right now, don't apologize for your impatience. I'm sorry for the wait! It was rejected twice, but I submitted it again.

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Review #10, by savageheart Revolver

7th May 2010:
Yes I very much liked it.I was longing for a story that told how Slytherin women were.How they think and so on.I believe you've captured that perfectly.Good show

Author's Response: Thanks! It was a blast to write.

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Review #11, by marciabarcia Revolver

18th April 2010:
That was so... so... intense. The emotions were all so vivid and well defined. I honestly have to say, hats off to you.


Author's Response: Well, thank you kindly :] I tried something new with a new pairing... and what do you know! Positive feedback! yay!


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Review #12, by Gabby Revolver

22nd March 2010:
Very, very interesting :)
Can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Sorry, it's a one-shot. :[ but thank you for liking it enough to review!

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Review #13, by ReAnna Revolver

16th March 2010:
That was really good but i want to know more i wanna know if they reveal there relationship and if they do how the parents and everyone takes it...anyway good story

Author's Response: Thank you! That was actually the whole point - the mystery and the wonder behind the relationship. I may write another in Albus Potter's POV, but my main objective was to talk about how the relationship unfolded in compeletely opposing circumstances (ergo, Lysandra's beliefs).

But thank you for your opinion...and who knows, I may just write another one-shot to follow up on the aftermath of their relationship ;]

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Review #14, by wolverine83 Revolver

15th March 2010:
I'm not a big fan of one-shots but this one was truly amazing, I was really sad to see this story end and I hope that you might consider doing another one-shot to go more in depth with this Albus/OC pairing but it's up to you whether you write a sequel or not. Anyways, this story was excellent and is one of my favorite Albus stories on here.

Author's Response: *Blushes* you are just too sweet. It was my first try with Albus at all, so I'm very glad to see you liking it so much. I may consider writing another in Albus's point of view :P Who knows? I'll think about it.

Thanks for the review, lovemuffin!

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Review #15, by Breanna Revolver

11th March 2010:
Ha ha ha, thank you!

Author's Response: Mmmmhhhm =]

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Review #16, by Breanna Revolver

28th February 2010:
It kinda made me cry. :)

Author's Response: :]


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Review #17, by SimplyStupified77 Revolver

28th February 2010:
wow, your writing continues to improve with each story. I loved it. You know, this may sound weird, but Lysandra somewhat reminded me of Sherlock Holmes, if you've seen the newest movie. I guess it's just her ability to spot and observe so much. idk why i thought of that haha. Great one-shot, keep on writing :)

Author's Response: Okay wow! that's not a compliment I was expecting :P I hope my writing does improve, but does it really get better with each story? That's... a fast improvement! hahah :D Thank you so much! I totally agree with the Sherlock Holmes/Lysandra thing. She is very mysterious and she is very very good at observing. I wanted to show taht she really isn't an average teenager. :] I'm gald you understood that. It's a good Analogy!

Thank you for the great review!

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Review #18, by iha_02 Revolver

27th February 2010:
Loved it! wow. this is a great first chapter, your write beautifully and the way you explain your charachters is flawless, im so interested in this story and cant wait to see where it goes. update ASAP!

Author's Response: Awe, love... It's a one-shot :P I'm sorry. I wish I could. But I already have a marauder short story coming along in James Potter's point of view! Maybe in the future ^_^

Thank you for the wonderful review, and I love you for loving it!

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