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Review #1, by watsongirl4L Silence is Golden

21st February 2012:
that was great!! very good work!!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I loved writing this story.

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Review #2, by draco_chic1993 Silence is Golden

30th September 2010:
OMG i cried at this story your a great writer!

Author's Response: Thank you kindly! I try my hardest. Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #3, by Dracos_Girl_Hermione Silence is Golden

1st September 2010:
OMG thats so sad :( but its wonderfully written...better then me lol
Keep it up xoxo

Author's Response: Thank you so much!

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Review #4, by CheckeredOrange Silence is Golden

6th April 2010:
Oh my god that's such a good story. :D I like it how Draco was so kind and caring to Hermione and the baby, and was so moved when he cried for Hermione; it was so sweet but tragic. And how Draco stood there quietly, accepting his death just to join his new family. ;) Write more :)

Author's Response: Aw thank you so much! I love hearing the reactions to this story. :)

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Review #5, by dracos_hotter Silence is Golden

8th February 2010:
I've entered this contest too... But my tale is by far less dramatic. Yours is an epic, whereas mine is... a happening. Hmmn.

I like it. Particually the last line; it's very simplistic, and yet it completes the story beautifully.


Author's Response: thank you very much :) i think i'll read yours as well, just to compare the two!

thank you for your review!

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Review #6, by blueirony Silence is Golden

8th February 2010:
Now this is what I wanted from people with this challenge. A tale that was told with no dialogue. A story. Nothing more. The interactions of characters, woven together in a plot.

This is the type of writing I love. I love writers who are story-tellers. And you are most definitely one of them.

There was something about this that was so personal, even though you only named one of the characters. The way you just referred to a person by their appearance, yet the reader immediately knew who they were. It was like you were inviting the reader into the story. And it made it so personal. And just lovely.

And that is not getting into the actual story itself. What a beautiful tale. Beautiful. Heart-breaking. Tragic. Nothing was out of place. Nothing was too cliche. It was just a story about the love that two people can feel for one another, and how strong that love can be.
Everything in this story is so believable. The affair, the secrets, the two getting caught, the magic, the baby, the deaths - it was just... so real.

I absolutely adored this. And I thank you for taking on the challenge - just so that I could read something as amazing as this!

I hope you enjoyed the challenge. I certainly enjoyed reading this response to it.

Ju :]

Author's Response: I have never recieved such a lovely review! You're a doll; and this challenge was absolutely perfect! I needed to bring my muse back to life and this challenge did it for me. Thank you for such a great idea (:

Your review is greatly appreciated!!

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Review #7, by Lynne Silence is Golden

6th February 2010:
*i'm crying...* that was so sad! i can't believe draco and hermione gave up everything for their love, even their lives! i mean, i know they love each other, but it's just so sad! my eyes are starting to water right now.

so, draco, hermione, and their daughter die? just like that? lucius malfoy deserves to die!

Author's Response: I found it difficult to kill them : as a writer it is always hard to kill off one of your favorite characters, let alone three. And yes... Lucius should die. However...

The point of the challenge was to get a point across that diologue was not necessary to tell a wonderfully beautiful tale; and I found that if I had given this piece a happy ending, the challenge would be null and void. It didn't make sense to me to give a piece of work that was supposed to get a strong point across a happy ending...

So they died :(

Thank you for your review :)

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Review #8, by FutureAggie09 Silence is Golden

5th February 2010:
Wow. That's all I can say. That story was so beautiful. I loved the way you used this challenge to create such a masterpiece. The no-dialogue challenge worked well for this story; it really increased the emotion that the readers feel when reading it. I also loved the title. It was absolutely amazing, and I want to thank you for not calling it Romeo and Juliet, because that would've been BEYOND cliche. I loved the fact that you merely mentioned Romeo and Juliet, though. It was a very sweet line: "He was her Romeo; she was his Juliet."
Anyway, brilliantly done. 10/10!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I was very proud of this piece of work; I had such a 'dry spell' when it came to writing, the worst writers block I had ever had! And then this challenge came along and I could not resist. So here I am... And I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

Your review is very heartening :)

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