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Review #1, by Pheonix Potioneer The Shadowed Nightingale

15th January 2013:
Here's my theory: Rowena Potter becomes Rowena Ravenclaw. They both are said to be similar, they even share the share the same birthday! And there is nothing known about Ravenclaw's past. It all fits!

Rowena is awfully brave. If I fell through a time machine, I would panic and probably do something stupid. But she stayed cool and blended in. I really admire her.

Keep writing!

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Review #2, by Pheonix Potioneer Diagon

15th January 2013:
Cool! Albus's grandchild. I wonder where she got her natural beauty from- maybe Albus married a pretty woman?

I find it interesting that she calls Albus, "Papa" and not "dad"

I like reading too.

I read the summary and I think the idea is cool. It says the main characters are Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin, so maybe she'll go back to the time Hogwarts was built!

You've certainly got a creative mind!

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Review #3, by Helena Violent Arrivals

20th October 2012:
Amazing! that's the only word to describe these writings

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Review #4, by Elemental The Shadowed Nightingale

8th August 2010:
Wow. I am really starting to get into this story! Oh, but alas it has not been updated!!! GAH! And to learn that the Knave was good ol' Gryffie! So if ya don't mind, please update soon. I would love to see this story to its end!

Author's Response: Oh I know, I'm sorry! It's been forever since I've written. *hides* Don't hate me! Yes, he's starting out as quite the cocky little turd. x] He'll develop, I promise! I'll try try try to write a bit more. We'll see what happens. x] Thank you so much for the R&R, I'm glad you liked it so far!

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Review #5, by hermonine The Shadowed Nightingale

15th July 2010:
Great story. 10/10 I look forward to your next update! Keep up the great work and update soon!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it =D

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Review #6, by Nicole The Shadowed Nightingale

25th May 2010:
This is really, really, really cool. I like the ending for the chapter. There is nothing wrong with your story. So keep doing what your doing, cause it's amazing. Thanks!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the R&R! =D

I'm really glad you liked it. Hehe, I wanted the chapter to be longer but I liked stopping it there. I probably could have kept going and created another good stopping point but. The moment was there, so I took it. x]

I hope you continue reading as I continue to write, and thank you again!

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Review #7, by anonymous The Market and Songs

11th May 2010:
I love it! You write really well, especially for first person. You have a good balance between Ro's thoughts and feelings and her awareness of her surroundings, moving the story forward. :) 10/10

Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much! Sometimes I question myself writing in first person, as it makes it harder to include anything outside of Rowena's own mind. But for some strange reason, it just comes easier to me! =]

The story will definitely push forward further in this next chapter. I know, it's crazy! "Wait, something is actually going to HAPPEN now?" x] But now that I've finally set up this scene, I'll be able to start developing plot.

Thanks for the R&R! =D

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Review #8, by elvesandimps The Market and Songs

11th May 2010:
i disagree! I don't think it's uninteresting - you're just setting the scene.
I like how Rowena is pretty ballsy :P

Author's Response: True, true. =] I'm hoping in this next chapter things will speed up a bit. A little more happening, another character being more thoroughly introduced. ;]

Ballsy..I like it! x] She's braver than me! But I suppose desperate times call for desperate measures!

Thanks again for another R&R! =D

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Review #9, by elvesandimps The Fall

11th May 2010:
i wouldn't even worry about the switch between third-and-first person. It didn't make a difference to the fluidity of the chapters.

that said; i disagree when you said you can't do third person - I think you did it brilliantly!!

im really interested in seeing where this story is going :)

Keep up the excellent work!

Author's Response: Thank you! =D

Hehe, maybe it's just me being crazy. I guess when I'm writing it just feels much harder to do so in third person.

I certainly hope you stick with meh! Thanks for the R&R! x]

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Review #10, by The Elite Violent Arrivals

7th March 2010:
I love scenes like this, the ones that force you to write about something you have never directly experienced (like stumbling into a shack with a dead body staring directly at you). Instead, the author most use other experiences from their own life similar to the scene at hand. I believe you may have dropped that scene from your own life into this chapter (the cat, perhaps?).

I've loved ever bit of this novel so far, and I cannot see turning toward sudden failure in the near future. This is going at the top of my Favorites list. Congraduations on being my first Favorites novel in all of three years I have been a part of this site!

Happy writing!

Author's Response: I HAVE seen partially decomposed animals before, horrible as it is. Made me want to puke! I tried to capture the horror of seeing that but it is very difficult to do! I hope I didn't fail too badly at it. =o

I am so flattered that you have added mine to your favorites! I hope you continue with the story, and thank you so much for the reviews!


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Review #11, by The Elite The Fall

7th March 2010:
I read your A/N in the summary and I felt my stomach drop. I have read some downright awful first-person stories on this site and others, but yours is not included in the stereotype. Again, I love where this novel is going and I'm going to plug through to the next chapter!

Author's Response: Aw, really? I certainly hope mine doesn't join that list of awful! I would keep going with that third person, but like I said, it is so difficult to me for some reason. It is a major challenge, which is good, but I just had so much I wanted to write and so quickly, that I didn't want to take the time. =] Thank you for the review!

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Review #12, by The Elite Diagon

7th March 2010:
I hope you go far with Rowena! I'm loving it already! I clicked on your name in the authors online box at random, and am sure glad I did. This character has so much potential. Her initial voluntary separation from groups or posses combined with her obvious drive for knowledge and discovery are going to be important keystones in developing her character's depth!

I was working on my current novel, but I think this is worthy of forgoing my previous engagements and continuing with this promising novel!

Keep it up, and happy writing!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! And I'm glad you picked up on that. =] It is an important part of her character! Again, thank you very much for the review!


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