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Review #1, by xxpetrapan Chapter 1 'Boarding School'

6th January 2011:
Here to dish out a review! That was very well-written and I was brought into the story! I love historical things and the fact this is a different magical school! it was amazing!


Author's Response: Well, I'm glad you like it. I'm hoping that my next challange will be a history-based challange.

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Review #2, by Crystle Chapter 4 Retribution

2nd August 2010:
wow, scary. Great chapter. you should get more reviews, the story is really well written, and exciting. I guess becuase it isn't involving canon characters, that's why it doesn't get as much interest.

I had no idea what so ever about those indian schools, before I read the story. Awful places.

I wonder if Annie or someone Annie knows, really did have something to do with the death.

I can see now why Corrina is frightened of the nine year old. She is only a kid herself really. I was just shocked that she would want to leave any kid in a place like the indian school, where they were beaten and some even raped. and she could knowingly turn her back...

Author's Response: Well, I'm glad this story could help to inform you about a true piece of history. And if you want to read more about little Annie all grown up, you can note that this piece IS a companion story to The Deer Woman.

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Review #3, by Crystle Chapter 3 Righting Supposed Wrongs

8th June 2010:
God I can't stand Corina, she seems really stuck up, and how can you not feel sorry for any child living in that situation. Even if Annie is quite rude and cold.

Her dad seems like a good man though.

great story please update soon.

Author's Response: Oh, now I just HAVE to finish the story! You'll lov...well, there will be an ending.

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Review #4, by Crystle Chapter 2 Behind Closed Doors

8th June 2010:
I really like the story please continue. Annie sounds like she is going to be trouble, and that her experiences have left her cold and emotionless.

what year is this set, by the way

Author's Response: Wow! I had almost forgotten about this story, but now I think I have just enough insperation to finish the last chapter! Oh, and the story takes place in 1882.

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Review #5, by LindaSnape Chapter 1 'Boarding School'

15th February 2010:
Well, I have yet to read the companion piece to this, but this seems like a very interesting and highly original story. I really liked the dialogue, the word choices, and the flow of the story. It all seemed pulled together quite nicely.

Author's Response: Well, the original story doesn't have a lot of chapters finished yet, something I hope to rectify, but I hope you will read it none the less.

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