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Review #1, by x.Harry.x Truth or Dare

18th March 2010:
OMG AddICTed To ThIs StOry. Just Keepz GeTTin BeTTer EVeRy ChApTeRz

Author's Response: Haha lol thankyou for reviewing!

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Review #2, by BabyGurrrlll Truth or Dare

18th March 2010:
Daniel's pretty well, charming :) cant wait to see more of him

Author's Response: Haha yes in deed he is, and yes there will be tonnes more of him! xx Thanks for reviewing

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Review #3, by Scabbers101 Truth or Dare

18th March 2010:
Yeh this is good. p.s. Goblet of Fire is my fave book.

Author's Response: Haha thankyou, personally I love Chamber of Secrets, but romances are better when they're older, and she's with harry/dean in the others lol thanks for reviewing xx Lily

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Review #4, by Weasley is our King!! :) Truth or Dare

18th March 2010:
Hey, I really like the character Grace... Can we see alot more of her?

Author's Response: yeah sure you'll definately see much more of her...and blake ;) thanks for reviewing!

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Review #5, by Malfoy Forever <3<3<3 Hosgmeade, Roses, and a Shirtless Someone.

18th March 2010:
Hellz yeh, this is brilliant, by the way, Daniel.. is .. SEXY! MORE OF HIM PLEASEEE YUM YUM!!

Author's Response: hahaha thankyou, yes there definately be more of him! thankyou so much for reviewing!

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Review #6, by LondonCalling You found me

18th March 2010:

Author's Response: thanks for reviewing youre awesome :)

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Review #7, by harrryyishot Return to Hogwarts

18th March 2010:
Lurve it! Itz awesome yesh lurve it!

Author's Response: thanks so much for reviewing lol

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Review #8, by luv_addictGxJ Truth or Dare

18th March 2010:
haha this was really, very funny! haha i keep waiting for something to happen between daniel and ginny. haha i can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: thanks heaps lol, hehe yes well i cant give out too much but me too lol :) thanks so much for reviewing!

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Review #9, by Robin Tappin Truth or Dare

17th March 2010:
Wow, a goblin? Didn't expect that, good job!

Author's Response: hahah yes a goblin thanku lol

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Review #10, by Luna What? Hosgmeade, Roses, and a Shirtless Someone.

17th March 2010:
FANTABULUS LOVEVVEVEVE ITTT! Gets better every chapter!

Author's Response: thankyou so much lol :)

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Review #11, by Harry Potter Lover You found me

17th March 2010:
Did someone say AMAZING!@(#&

Author's Response: thanks so much youre so nice lol

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Review #12, by Abbott <3 Truth or Dare

17th March 2010:
BHAHAHAHAHAH that was funny :P one of them should have jumped in the lake nudey that wouldve been classic but i still love it! Mcgonogal said SEXY :O NO WAY! lol whens the next chapter come up??? ily Costello
p.s i hate adrein >:(

Author's Response: haha thankyou :) and yeha i know i was gonna make her do it lol :P haha yes adriens kinda annnoying, and new chapter up on sunday if i get five reviews on this, figners crossedd

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Review #13, by Garry Brock Hosgmeade, Roses, and a Shirtless Someone.

17th March 2010:
Wow amazing, loved this chapter!

Author's Response: thanks heaps for reviewing/reading

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Review #14, by Maggie Ford You found me

17th March 2010:
Hey, this is seriously good, keep it coming.

Author's Response: thanks so much lol

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Review #15, by luv_addictGxJ Hosgmeade, Roses, and a Shirtless Someone.

16th March 2010:
haha this chapter was quite funny. Daniel is so weird. haha in a good way i guess though. haha

Author's Response: yeah i know lol im trying to make him weird cus adriens so borign and normal :P

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Review #16, by yaaan_pigwidgeon Hosgmeade, Roses, and a Shirtless Someone.

15th March 2010:
wooo this was so addicting!

Author's Response: thankyou so much for reviewing and thanks lol :)

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Review #17, by Tickles Hosgmeade, Roses, and a Shirtless Someone.

14th March 2010:
BHAHAHAHAHAH! that was funny! i love the rubix cube joke and the sex setup! as if she give him back his shirt, what was she thinking? id pounce him in a second lol its realy good and i want to read more please :)
love you bert xxx
p.s i dont like Adrien >:( hes getting in the way lol

Author's Response: Yes Adrien's kind of annoying, haha. But I guess it wouldn't be interesting if they just got together at the beginning. Yeah the waiting queue thing is really short this week so I'm hoping to get quite a lot of chaps up this week, but only if I reviews, cause otherwise itll loook bad haha. Thanks for reading and reviewing xoxo

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Review #18, by Deelight Return to Hogwarts

18th February 2010:
Wow, this is amazing, it's very descriptive and has alot of attention to detail. It really captures the essence of teenage spirit of Hogwartz, with a lot of hints to the adventure that is to come. It is gripping and I love the way it sticks to the actual Harry Potter story, but the introduction of new characters and also new character traits works really well. Love it, 20/10

Author's Response: Thankyou heaps for reading it and wow 20/10 thanks heaps :) And yeah thanks I wanted to try a story that sticks to the original harry potter story, but sort of make it 'behind-the-scenes', thanks for reading! :)

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Review #19, by erinn1197 You found me

17th February 2010:
Hmm very good :D
I can make u a banner if u want but im not the best :) lol but i got it down. If you want one just email me @
Erinn1197 @ Yahoo. com
Remove spaces :D

Author's Response: omg yay thankyou so much :):):):) yes ill email you asap thankyou !!! :)

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Review #20, by luv_addictGxJ You found me

17th February 2010:
i still enjoy reading this very much. haha udate soon!

Author's Response: thankyou yeah new chapter within 10 days, :) thankyou for reading :):)

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Review #21, by yaaan_pigwidgeon Return to Hogwarts

10th February 2010:
good on you lilo sucked in to all of you, i have read the next chapter on this. tis good :) XX

Author's Response: :) thankyou my dear and yes indeed you have :P xxx and it shall be up soon (yn)

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Review #22, by Adam Return to Hogwarts

8th February 2010:
wow, i like your story, it seems realy good. i dont usally like fanfics but i like yours :) would you post more? please?

Author's Response: Hey thanks for reviewing and im glad you liked it. Yeap ill be posting more within the next week, just waiting for validation because my chapter got rejected, ah well itll be up soon :P thanks for reading

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Review #23, by luv_addictGxJ Return to Hogwarts

3rd February 2010:
hm...very interesting. haha i can't wait to see where this goes! udate soon!

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! Yeah my next chapter should be up within the next 2-3 days, just awaiting validation :) Hope you enjoyed it :)

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Review #24, by Tess aka Ernie Return to Hogwarts

1st February 2010:
holy macaroni and cheese!
lil! since when can you write??? this is heaps good! im not joking, i LOVE it and i want more!! write faster!! i love it so much i stopped looking up stuff about supernatural to read it!
:) i give this chapter 10 out of 10 i l

Author's Response: Thanks Tess wow i do feel very loved that you put supernatural aside for it haha, new chapter will be up in about two days just waiting for validation lol :P thanks for reading xxx

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Review #25, by Kirsty Weasley Return to Hogwarts

26th January 2010:
ooh. i love the mystery of the boy from the bookshop! loving it :D - Kirsty xx

Author's Response: Thankyou so much! I've written about five more chapters, and there's lots about him in them, just waiting for validation :) Thanks for reading.

Lily xx

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