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Review #1, by Oxygen A Clean Break

18th January 2010:
Okay, so this is my first ever review on my new account! Yay XD

Wow, Sarah, this story has left me speechless. It's short, yes, but it all flows so seamlessly together, it's just perfection. The underlying knowledge between Rose and Ron is heartwrenching and beautifully written, I really don't know what to say! Everything about the way it flows together just ... wow.

I think we all know how it feels to let go of the things and the people we love, and to move on for our own benefit, and I don't think there's a person who could have read this story without relating to it in some way.

You are a truly magnificent writer, hon, I love this, and I'm favouriting right now. Your writing is as gorgeous as your graphics - I envy you more than you know :P

Author's Response: I feel honored Liam, absolutely honored! And my goodness, do you have any idea how much I am blushing right now? Any idea at all? Well, I think a good description would be that I am as red as a tomato. And I don't think you realize how absolutely wonderful this review is. It has made my day completely, because I struggled so hard to make sure I did't overdo or under-do the emotions in this! To hear from you that it worked and worked well is just beyond encouraging.

Liam you are just the greatest boy around -insert cool heart thing it wont let me do-


(And I envy you more than you envy me :))

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