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Review #1, by Reflections As If Things Couldn't Get Worse...

3rd January 2011:
Omfg omfg don't stop with this omfg this really good

Author's Response: haha omfg thanks for reviewing! more to come, don't worry :)

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Review #2, by raberbar As If Things Couldn't Get Worse...

24th September 2010:
I''m lazy and do not remember any details from her parent's relationship or lack there of. Well, Julia 's got to talk to Al sooner or later and take care of her wonky siblings - things definitely have to get better in the near future at least! I thought you could have had a bit more to deal with the revelation the Bass had been cheating on Dom as that was definitely a major event, but I'm sure you'll pick up that line and Al and Julia and even Emma in the next few chapters without having 'serious action'. I thought you had been going pretty quickly until now so I liked how this chapter changed the pace and brought new ideas - especially the letters I thought were placed wisely in this chapter.

Keep going! You've definitely got a lot of plot lines to go on!

Author's Response: Yeah.. I felt it was WAY too quick until now. I'll have a few more fillers, and a solid base for each chapter. I'll keep going :) thanks so much for the review! means a lot to me :)

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Review #3, by raberbar Nothing but lies.

18th September 2010:
Do please keep going and pick it up slowly in stages. You've definitely packed in the drama up to now. Here's to hoping you can grab some more inspiration!

Author's Response: wow... this review really just inspired me more. Plenty more drama to come ;) don't worry. Just Julia is staying, and maybe with a sequel??? HINT HINT! haha anyway, thank you so much for your review! I will keep going, hope you like the story!

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Review #4, by Leeia The First Task: Part 2

3rd August 2010:
your story is great! hope you update it soon!
Julie has a great since of humor, it great, shes so sacartisc and funny!

Author's Response: thanks! i try to make julia as much as myself as possible, so i guess i just write about what goes on in my life and how things go in my mind... anyway, thanks for the review! :)

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Review #5, by flying_rabbit The First Task: Part 2

24th July 2010:
Huh, this is weird. I'm sure I read this before, yet it's a new chapter? Was this up before, like part of the previous chapter or something like it? Not all of it, especially parts of the beginning seem new, but... besides that, I could swear that I've seen it somewhere already.
Anyway, I'm glad that she made it - I think I've commented on everything else last chapter, actually... it would be weird to just repeat that here, wouldn't it?
Hopefully you'll update soon :)

Author's Response: haha yeah... i split it into two.. adding a few more parts to it :) sorry for the confusion. and glad you like it and you'll be seeing the update soon :)

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Review #6, by flying_rabbit The First Task: Part 1

10th May 2010:
Hahaha, Al is an idiot. Those are really crazy ideas xD
But I think part of the chapter's missing? Because it suddenly jumps from Madam Pomfrey telling Al to stay for a bit longer, to where Al apparently feels guilty. I suppose there should be at least a couple of lines in between those two sentences? For example why Al feels guilty?
Pfew. So Julia's father was talking to... Lucius? Draco? About Julia? What do they want to do to her? :S And why? It was very funny that Al ran straight into a broom closet where Scorpius and Rose were as well xD At least it doesn't sound like they're about to break up anymore (or what was going on?).
Aw :) So Julia finally gave in? I'm sure Al is beyond happy now. Although I do think that they didn't seem to take it all too serious, the talk between Malfoy and Julia's father, even though it probably is.
Emily sounds... kind of odd, but kind of nice as well. Isn't it slightly weird that Julia asked her which of her brothers had been with Emily? Wasn't one of her brothers out of Hogwarts already? So he wouldn't be there to go out with Emily, right? And what happened to Dom, then, if Emily's dating her supposed boyfriend?
One thing, about that path to the arena, you say 'Emily and the others', while earlier, you said that there were three champions, so there would only be one other person besides Emily and Julia, right?
Those Dementors really affect her a lot, don't they? But it's awful what she saw. But don't Dementors make you relive your worst memories? I thought that only Boggarts showed you your worst fear... sorry. Or what is this about? Did they set this all up before the task started? I don't completely get it... :S It has to be a relief for Julia that everyone's still alive :)
Hopefully you'll update soon!

Author's Response: haha Everything will be answered in the comming chapters. I hope you enjoyed it, and I wrote that chapter pretty late at night, so a few things might be a little off... lolx Glad you liked it though!!


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Review #7, by Athensgrl The First Task: Part 1

5th May 2010:
Aw! I love Al and Julia! and everyone else of corse! A tad more Dom and Rose in the next chapter would be nice.

Author's Response: Haha, well they're in the the next chapter, Dom big time!! Thanks for your review hun!

x Jazz

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Review #8, by Ginny Yeske The First Task: Part 1

4th May 2010:
Really cute, but you're not giving enough details and you rush through it. Maybe you should make it more realistic?

Author's Response: Okay! I'll definitely run through it again, add some more deatails to it all. I'm redoing it, starting with chapter 1, making it more realistic :) thanks for your review hun.

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Review #9, by Ginny Yeske This Cannot be Happening...

4th May 2010:
Don't you think the whole hall going quiet is a bit dramatic? And you're taking it pretty fast.

Author's Response: Well, it needs to go fast, for further plot, hope you keep reading!

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Review #10, by Ginny Yeske Not again!

4th May 2010:
Wow, really cool! It caught my eye when I was searching for something to read because my name is also Julia (random tidbit). You're really good at writing!

Author's Response: haha thanks!

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Review #11, by flying_rabbit Three Days Later and an Interersting List I Found.

15th April 2010:
It does sound as if Al really was severely injured, then! Who would do something like that? And moreover, was that person acting on Saige's instructions (I mean, she does sound like the kind of girl who would do such a thing, even to a boy she likes)? Or was he Imperius-ed? :O
And if Julia really can't leave and gets butterflies in her stomach, she might want to reconsider going out with Al anyway ;)
There's just an odd thing, when Scorpius carries Julia into the classroom, and Rose starts talking, the sentence before, it's as if the Professor starts talking, rather annoyed. And in her mother's letter, she states that she has to go and help Julia's sister with something, but when Julia is thinking about it, she talks about her mother having to help her aunt (who would be Julia's mother's sister, perhaps)...
Ooh. Don't tell me the Professor Imperius-ed his own son to injure Albus? :O He was rubbing his arm where his Dark Mark should be. And Julia's dad is coming home all of a sudden. Their home, which is right next to the Potters. Are they planning some sort of attack to get rid of that entire family? :O
So Julia is comparing the fight between Scorpius and Rose (who are dating) to when Al was mad at her (and they are not dating, but you know, maybe they should?)? Hm, what could she mean by that, subconsciously? ;)
Al knows why he was attacked? :S I do hope he will tell Julia soon! Why was Saige even in the room, by the way, when Al was attacked? :S What was her last name again?
Aw :) Al is seriously writing a list with ways to get Julia to go out with him? That's pretty sweet. And desperate. Has he tried any of those ways? :P And why won't she just go out with him? I thought she had kind of established that she might just like him as more than a friend... Oh well. She'll come around, I'm sure of that :P
Hope you'll update soon! :)

Author's Response: Haha thanks I will!! Thanks for your review, they make me smile! And all will be answered... in due time!

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Review #12, by flying_rabbit Problem after Problem

11th April 2010:
Ooh, Saige is evil :O She will get him, no matter what? I'd watch out if I were Julia. Or Al.
And wait a second... where do the Scamander twins come from so suddenly? :S They haven't been mentioned at all, and now Julia's close to them? :S That's strange, if you ask me. She never hung out with them, or at least that was never said, and now they're her buddies? :S Perhaps you should've introduced them a bit earlier, when they came back to school?
Wow. Did Emma have a personality change over the last few months, or was she always nice but didn't Julia see her that way?
It's funny that she spilled her juice over Maranda and Saige. But would both of them get covered in juice from just one goblet?
I can't believe Lorcan sold her out so easily! And why? What did Maranda tell him? It's almost a little too easy, no? As if he never even liked Julia. But it is interesting. So Molloy is not her dad's real last name?
Who told everyone that her sister's pregnant? Nobody knew, right? I get that it's just rumours, but they're pretty horrible. But also a little strange... never mind :)
Wow. So Al was duelling someone in his dorm? Why? And where did Saige come from? It's rather cruel to snog someone who's unconscious on the floor, isn't it? (or am I interpreting this wrong and is she snogging Al's attacker? Who was that, by the way?) And why is Saige doing that? It's pretty pathetic, to snog your crush while he's possibly dying on the floor... if that's your way of 'getting him'. And it's not as if she knew that Julia would watch that scene, right? As I said before, she is cruel. But also odd, because I honestly don't see the point in this :P
I hope Julia storms in now and tears Saige away from Al, and then takes Al to the Hospital Wing. And then they'll live happily ever after. Alright, maybe the last part is a little too hopeful ;)
And now I can't wait to see what happens next! :)

Author's Response: I am glad that you liked it, Saige is cruel, and wierd because she is snogging the guy she's liked when he could be possibly dying on the floor. Things do get more interesting, and I hope you continue to read and review! Even if you don't like it, I want to know! Thanks so much for your continued reviews!

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Review #13, by flying_rabbit You Never Know Who's Watching

11th April 2010:
What happened in third year, when everyone had left Julia? Why? It's really stupid that nobody seems to believe that she didn't put her name in that goblet. Kind of like it was with Harry.
But why did Al say that he saw her on the Map while he didn't even have the Map? Was he bluffing? Had he been Imperius-ed? Has his memory been erased? Has he dreamt that? :P
But yay, Sebastian promised he'd help :D Wait, he didn't put her name in the goblet, did he? :O
Haha, I have to agree with James though - Al is whipped :D But there's nothing wrong with that, I mean, she likes him too, right, even if she won't admit it yet ;) And it's idiotic, I think, to just 'know' that she put her name in the goblet herself. You can't just 'know' that if everything you previously knew goes straight against it. Al is one strange bloke :) But I'm glad he came around (sort of?). So he promised to help her, does that mean he believes her when she says she didn't put her name in the goblet?

Author's Response: He does believe her (sort of,) and yeah, Al is one strange bloke. Sebastian did promise to help her, which was new, because he hasn't been around as much as your twin should be in a story. All more for future chapters, I suppose! Thanks for your review!!

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Review #14, by flying_rabbit This Cannot be Happening...

11th April 2010:
Wait, what... is Al an Animagus, or what? :P If he is, a spider? That is pathetic. And not very attractive at all xD
I have to say, it's not really unexpected that Julia's name came out ;) Yet, who would do that? Some Death Eater or a family member of one of her dad's victims? But why her and not Sebastian, then, if he's so much closer to their father? Or was it Saige and Maranda? :S
It's pretty stupid that Al won't believe her. But why is he suddenly so cruel? If he cares so much about her, he should be trying to help her, right? Although it is sort of nice, I suppose, that Julia is so affected by what he said. I still think she does kind of like him as more than just a friend :) And what happened to the, 'Whatever happens, I'll be there for you' from a couple of chapters ago? :(
I'm glad at least Scorpius believes her; couldn't he convince Al, then? So now they're both depressed, what a pair they make!

Author's Response: Okay, so for the record, Al is not a spider. That would be extremley gross if you're kissing a guy that can transform into a spider. Ugh. It wasn't really supposed to be a suprise that she would be picked, so it's just really importannt for the events. I don't know who put her name in there... (well, I do) but that's for further chapters. Thanks for reviewing!!

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Review #15, by flying_rabbit Finally!

11th April 2010:
So Julia didn't tell Rose what she wanted to tell her during breakfast? She did tell her 'later', but is it me or has she still not told her on the train? And I agree with Rose; Julia would be much better off if she'd just admit to liking Al. It might make them both happier too :)
Saige and Maranda sound evil. But in a funny way. Sort of. They are pretty stupid if they think that sitting with someone equals 'having something going on' equals being pregnant with their child xD But isn't it strange that they asked why Julia was sitting with Al, if Saige likes Al? Shouldn't they be asking him why he's sitting with her, then?
But I'm glad Julia is standing up for herself like that :)
Oh, the Tournament's coming back? Should be interesting :) By the way, how is Julia so sure that Saige and Maranda are whispering about her all the time? :S She can't hear them, right?
Pretty funny that Julia beat Al in Potions :) But is it really supposed to be a game to see who's the quickest? Even Slughorn calls her a winner; wouldn't that be dangerous? If everyone would try to finish their potion first, wouldn't it become one big mess because everyone has trouble with it in some way? :S

Author's Response: Saige and maranda are evil, and Juila would be so much happier if she just admitted that she liked Al! They have been friends for all of Hogwarts practically, so they do sit with each other often. And yeah, she can't hear them, but I'll explain her theory eventually on how she dishes gossip. It would be somewhat potentially harmful if everyone was rushing to finish their potion first, keep that thought in mind, it'll be in Just Julia. Once again, I must thank you a TON for all your reviews, they mean the world to me and help me keep on going!


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Review #16, by flying_rabbit On My Bed, Not In It

11th April 2010:
Oh... why was Al on her bed? It's really sweet if he didn't want to leave her alone; otherwise it's just scary. And it's nice that Julia looked at him, for real. And why would it be pathetic if he was dreaming about her? It might be scary (again), but I mean, he's been in love with her for ages, then he should dream about her, right? :P
And is she starting to like him back? I'm sure he'd be very happy with that :)
Uhm. And what did they do? They got her drunk and then did stuff which they now erased from her memory? That's diabolic indeed...
Why exactly did you put that memory from her birthday in third person? The rest of the story is in first person, even the memories, I guess... :S And why did she go outside? She had an idea, but what exactly was the idea?
Hehe... so I think Scorpius might just be right, somehow, about Julia liking Al, a little bit, perhaps. And the fact that she denies it only proves his point that she's too stubborn, right? ;)
Uh, again, sorry for all the questions and everything :S

Author's Response: I like the questions, they make me think even more about what I wrote. I don't exactly know why that specific memory was in third person, just happened that way. And she meant that it was pathetic that she just realized that Al was dreaming about her. It does only prove that she's too stuborn, 100 % right on that. jsut have to find out what else happens by reading on! Thanks for your review!


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Review #17, by flying_rabbit Of Brothers and Life

11th April 2010:
That nightmare does not sound nice :( Good thing it was only a dream, right?
... I feel horrible, but I've got another question: Julia said before that she doesn't apply much make-up, but now she does apply lip gloss and mascara and asks Dom to do the rest? :S Oh well, it's not that important, I guess...
Something else that's been bothering me a bit: Julia doesn't talk much to her parents, but she said that she could talk to her siblings. Now, Tom doesn't live with them anymore, but we haven't seen much of the other two. Now she meets Sebastian in Diagon Alley, and she doesn't really want anything to do with him... and earlier, when she went home, she kind of ignored both Sebastian and Emma as well. Isn't that a little rude, too? I mean, yeah, she feels neglected and forgotten but this way she'll only make it worse...
Once again, her family doesn't sound very nice.
And yay, Al followed her :D At least they didn't leave her all by herself and at least she didn't do something very stupid. Oh, and personally I'd get very uncomfortable if someone was watching my every move... but if Julia doesn't mind :) She must be used to it.
I'm glad Sebastian apologised to her. Hopefully he meant it :)

Author's Response: Yeah, her family slowly is drifting apart due to other reasons that will be mentioned later, if not in the next chapter. Julia has gotten used to Al following her, so yeah, it's pretty normal haha. Her family is rather mean to her, also for more reasons further on... that shall be mentioned! Thanks for your review!

x Jazz

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Review #18, by flying_rabbit 3 am

11th April 2010:
Haha, it sounds like a nice 'party' they had there :D
So Dom even keeps checking her make-up when there's actually nobody around except family, her cousin's boyfriend, and her best friend? :P
The comment about James' taste in underwear was great :D I don't think I'd want to know...
But so they sat there all night, with a drunk Dom and a drunk Rose, who kept trying to kiss Scorpius, and Al didn't even attempt to kiss/hit on/ask out/... Julia? I think Scorpius isn't the only one with self restraint, then!
Hm, Draco and Lucius suddenly coming to the Potters' house was quite a surprise! I don't think I've seen that before! Eh - Lucius hasn't changed a thing, then, by the sound of it... shame, really. Hopefully Draco isn't like him.
So was Julia's father a Death Eater once? That's lovely. I'm glad Harry and Ginny don't judge Julia because of that.
One question though, Harry says Julia's dad only got out of Azkaban a year ago, but I think last chapter, Julia said that they've been travelling due to her father's job? Isn't that strange? Also, why would her father be interested in Muggle stuff (like Julia also said last chapter) if he used to be a Death Eater (and the other way around, of course)? Sorry, I'm a little confused :(
It's sweet how Al came to comfort her and tell her that she wasn't alone. I think she really needed that! :)

Author's Response: hmm. yeah, I need to go back and redo the first chapter... it's confusing, I know... thanks for pointing out the bit about her dad! Glad you liked it! Thanks so much for your reviews!

x Jazz

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Review #19, by flying_rabbit Not again!

11th April 2010:
Hi! This sounds like a nice start, although it comes off as a little jumpy to me - for example when she says when she met Al, then suddenly her mum calls her in, and then she goes outside and starts comparing herself to Dom. Maybe you could rearrange that, somehow? Also, you switch tenses a little bit. Sometimes it's present, sometimes past tense, even it all happens in the 'now' and not in the past.
Also, she first says that Al is coming up with 100 ways to make her go out with him, and then he isn't like James who will do anything to make a girl go out with him? Coming up with 100 ways to make Julia go out with him sounds like he would do anything for that to me.

Anyway, Dom sounds like a great friend :P Plotting against Julia to get her to go out with Al, that's just lovely when Julia doesn't want to! Question: why would she smile upon hearing that she's all Al talks about? Shouldn't hearing that creep her out, or something like that, if she really doesn't like him?
It must be fun to come from a family with two twins. Imagine your parents wanting to have 2 kids and they got 4 xD And Al; she doesn't like him, she doesn't want to go out with him, but she likes his company when he walks her home? Why's that?
Her family doesn't sound very nice. I'm kind of curious about the secrets now; I'm guessing Al will try his hardest to find out what they are?
But - it's night, it's dark, and then Julia goes inside, and minutes later (?) she walks out again...? And then later they're going to have dinner? Oh well :)
Ooh, her mum's an alcohol addict? :O Ouch. She doesn't sound very nice.
And the Molloy family played a part in the war? Never heard of them :P Is that one big part of the secret?
Anyway, as I said before, this sounds like a nice start, and I'm sorry for the criticism :)

Author's Response: acctually, it helped a lot, i get what you're saying about the tenses and the confusion w/ Julia's feelings... thanks for reviewing!

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Review #20, by amy Problem after Problem

6th April 2010:
another great chapter again

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I think you'll like the next one too. *mysterious smile*

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Review #21, by ravenclawwriter You Never Know Who's Watching

1st April 2010:
Good chapter, I like the little bit at the end there.
Update soon!

Author's Response: Thanks!! I will!

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Review #22, by amy You Never Know Who's Watching

27th March 2010:
al was not so pathetic as the last chapter saige watching not a good thing i am enjoying this story

Author's Response: Oh I am glad you liked that!! Thanks for reviewing again!!

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Review #23, by amy This Cannot be Happening...

27th March 2010:
i like this story but albus comes across as a bit pathetic sometimes

Author's Response: Oh, well, he is Albus, so i just figured that he would be a guy sometimes, and they can be a bit pathetic at times... thanks for your review!!

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Review #24, by amy Finally!

6th March 2010:
i liked the bit about the stuffed bras

Author's Response: Oh.. I thought that was fun to write too! I was laughing at that part.. Well thanks for reveiwing!

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Review #25, by NorahGP7 Of Brothers and Life

1st March 2010:
Hello! So I guess I'm gonna do a review for all 3 chapters... so yeah. I really like this fic so far! I feel bad for poor Julia! Her whole family is just so mean! I was so mad with what Sebastian said! Seriously,I mean hello your her twin! Ugh so anyway... I love Albus! It's so nice how he likes Julia even though in the past she has been pretty awful to him :) Update soon!


Author's Response: thanks for reviewing! I really am glad you like it :) and I feel the same way about her family, but I needed her to feel closer to Al then she reallizes. Well, I'll update real soon!

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