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Review #1, by LovelyMioneWeasley One

16th December 2010:
What a brilliant little one-shot. I really enjoyed the descriptions and tenderness. Dominique's vulnerability was one of good creativity and great ideas.

I also love The Young Victoria so it was a great incoporation. I love the dark and light imagery; I always enjoy the playing of opposites. I can't say much more other than I love Dominique/Lysander.


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Review #2, by Angelina Ze Insightful One

14th September 2010:
Wow, this is so great! Absolutely amazing. My heart skipped at the end along with Dominique's! This is just magnificent!

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Review #3, by Ronsgirl29 One

20th August 2010:
Wonderful! This is the first story I've read in second person, and I wasn't sure I'd like it, but I ended up loving it! It's such a unique way to read a story. I might even try writing in second person myself!

I love their relationship, how he was always there for her. It's very sweet. (:


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Review #4, by StepUpx_Gryffindor One

9th February 2010:

Oh my lanta, You already know how much I love this pairing, but this one-shot was the perfect mix of short and sweet and seductive!

=] they're so purrddyy.

Author's Response: I MISS YOU. I will get in contact ASAP.

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Review #5, by abeille One

9th February 2010:
This was so gorgeous! I've always wondered about Dom and both of the Scamander twins, and I love the way that you wrote both Dominique and Lysander.
And HOLY COW! I am sooo not a second person fan! But this was really great - I love how you managed to bring out a story without making it annoying (I've found that lots of second person doesn't end well--but holy cow!)
Love this! I only wish there were more to it

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Review #6, by Childish_Fairy One

25th January 2010:
Gorgeous! The only word that I can use to describe this! Seriously,this piece was beautiful and imagry outstanding, I don't think I've ever been so swept away in such a short piece before.

And I love the last bit of dilalogue - I think I'm going to have to see Young Victoria now.

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Review #7, by Ink One

19th January 2010:
I love and adore all your stories and one-shots! Dom and Lys are one my favorite pairings and this one shot I found beautiful. Keep up the amazing work you always do.

Author's Response: Aww, thank you!

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Review #8, by TheDirigiblePlum One

17th January 2010:
Beautiful beautiful beautiful descriptions!! I was always told the power of three emphasizes a point you wish to make, hence I used the word beautiful three times. :)

"His eyes are the clearest blue, even clouded with the remnants of a waking dream."

This line is just gorgeously poetic and yet delivers such a clear image in your mind. The thing I love about very short stories like this is that usually every line means something. Words are used way more carefully and when amazing writers (like you :D) do this incredible lines like the above are born!

I love your stories! They just make me smile! :D :D :D


Author's Response: Haha, your reviews always make me smile, thanks so much!

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Review #9, by baletgir One

16th January 2010:
That was beautiful and wonderful, and much too short. I enjoyed reading this so much. I wish there was more, but it doesn't leave me questioning things, I just enjoyed it too much to want it to stop. For something so simple and short it felt truly complete. Great Job!

Author's Response: Aww, thanks! It means a lot to hear that, that was exactly what I wanted to hear!

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Review #10, by onestop_hpfan18 One

15th January 2010:
Hey there Georgia, me again to review! I really enjoyed this. You did a great job writing in second person as it seemed so natural and like it was the only way to write it in. I didn't see anything to critique on, so this review will sadly have no constructive criticism in it, but that should be a good thing. It's so hard to find second perspective stories written well, but this is now among the few I've read that I found myself enjoying that flowed so effortless through. Great job! 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks so much! Second person is a lot of fun, as long as it isn't interactive in the "choose whatever" kind of way :)

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Review #11, by PenguinsWillReignSupreme One

15th January 2010:

Really, that's all I want to say because I pretty much told you how I felt about this yesterday.
Gorgeous. Brilliant. Wonderful. SUBLIME.

Completely and utterly ADORED it


Author's Response: I love you.

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Review #12, by Eridanus One

15th January 2010:

First of all, thank you SO much for writing me such a lovely story. When I heard you were planning it I squee'd a ridiculous amount and I'm doing so even more now. And you're the funny one really XD.

DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE YOUR SECOND PERSON? WELL, I DO, BUT IT'S PROBABLY AN ILLEGAL AMOUNT. And you write the most wonderful Dominique. Combine that with a Dom/Lysander shipping and I am in heaven ♥.

And I am such a total creeper that the mention of Teddy made me adore it even more? There are so many versions of Dominique, but I can more than imagine her crying at the thought of losing her first love. Or who she thought her first love. BUT WHY WOULDN'T TEDDY BE YOUR FIRST LOVE?!

Favourite Part ♥♥♥:

And when he cupped your tear-streaked face in his soft hands and kissed you, it wasn't a romantic moment when you realised you loved him all along-you pushed him off you, your heart racing and your blood pumping in your ears.

It was real, and you couldn't deal with reality so you ran. Because you knew he would chase you.

And don't the names Dominique and Lysander sound so lyrical and perfect together? They're like a fairytale couple and just sound like they should work. AND YOU MAKE THEM WORK.

Everything was described so wonderfully and I would be incredibly jealous if this story wasn't dedicated to me ♥ - BUT IT IS AND I LOVE IT AND YOU.

WAIT. And the night is darkest just before dawn bit? OMG, BEAUTIFUL. And with so much meaning behind it. Just once I realised that she was incredibly upset, but then Lysander said this and kissed her... It was amazing. I think I swooned.

Want to marry this bit too ♥:
you curled up crying over losing a man you know now you never even knew



Author's Response: I can't even begin to respond to this, Jane. It was my pleasure ♥

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Review #13, by collette michelle One

15th January 2010:

This was lovely, just lovely! The descriptions, divine. And in just 500 words, amazing, darling. Even with such a short bit I really feel like I knew both Dominique and Lysander well. Oh, and Lysander, I just loved him in this. Always being there for her. I think having a close guy friend like that is one of the best things in the world!

Also, second person, I just love second person!

This was a lovely read, you did a wonderful job.

Author's Response: Collette! It means the world to see that on my reviews, thanks so much!

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Review #14, by RonsGirlFriday One

14th January 2010:


You are so talented. You encapsulated a whole lifetime in barely over 500 words. And I loved Lysander so much in this, and felt for what he must have gone through all those years - waiting and being supportive even while being unappreciated through most of it, even while he saw the girl he loved wanting other people.


This was one of my favorite lines: you curled up crying over losing a man you know now you never even knew.

And this line was also very pretty: His eyes are the clearest blue, even clouded with the remnants of a waking dream.




Author's Response: MEL, YOU ARE AN ANGEL.

That is all.

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Review #15, by live_laugh_LOVE One

14th January 2010:
oooh so captivating!! i loved the ending it just fit so perfect, georgie!! never failing to amuse me!!! xx

oh wait i picked up something. "right before his kissed you for the first time." i think it's right before HE kissed you... if not, shoot me down.

(possibly shortest review ever) :(

love ceren

Author's Response: Thanks so much, Ceren! Sorry it took me so long to respond, things have been way busy. Thanks for spotting that mistake, have fixed it :) Thanks again!

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Review #16, by SnitchSnatcher One

14th January 2010:




This was just...GSAHGOUFDSHGODUS, that's how amazing it was. So cute, so touching. And just so realistic. I want to leap through my screen and hug Lysander until my arms grow numb and he's blue in the face. I love love love LOVE everything about this. Seriously. LOVE IT.

Gah, I don't know where to begin. It's just so fantastic! The description, the gentleness of the piece.GOD. It blew my mind, which is why this review isn't exactly eloquent or makes much sense.

To put it simply, I LOVED it. Just like I love everything else you write. Amazing isn't a suitable word for how great and immense and vast your talent is, but it's the only one I can think of right now.

ILY and your amazing work.


Author's Response: MOLLY, I LOVE YOU.

That is all.

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Review #17, by marciabarcia One

14th January 2010:
:) Good Job


Author's Response: Thank you!

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