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Reading Reviews for Lily's Boy
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Review #1, by Colin You're Always Right

17th June 2011:
Very nice. Your capturing Snape's character really well and I love the Lily photo bit. AND the Ibsen quote cause he's epic. Maybe just work on thought pattern I think Snape would be a little more methodical. Excellent work :P

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Review #2, by lauraf68 You're Always Right

30th May 2011:
I'm still here -- Wonderful chapter!! Glad to see it all from Snape's POV. Glad to see he is considering changing his routine. He could always put Harry in a chair and "teach" him? At least it would give Harry something productive to do.

Keep up the good work!! Happy Writing!! ~Lauraf68

(PS. Only 40-something more days to Deathly Hallows Part 2)

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Review #3, by spencefa Just A Dream

16th January 2011:
Hello, it has been a while, are you going to progress with the story, you do such a great job with writing

Author's Response: Yes yes I am! I did about 2/3 of it right after I posted this chapter hoping to get it up soon after but then... I procrastinated and yeah =.=

Sorry, I fail! But nagging definitely motivates me so thanks for the reminder that people are waiting!

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Review #4, by colincreevey95 Just A Dream

11th December 2010:
Loving it still! The dream sequence was a good way to convey Harry's inner emotions but I would've hoped for a slightly deeper reaction. I'm hoping for a much deeper interpretation of Snape's point of view as he is your favourite character and I know you can get into his head more easily. Your writing was fluid and concise so top work there :D

Author's Response: I totally agree with the dream sequence. To be perfectly honest, I did have a bigger reaction planned but got slightly distracted with the whole Snape not telling him the truth thing.

I do like getting into Severus' head >:D

Thanks for the review and the praises.

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Review #5, by tegan sampson Just A Dream

9th December 2010:
brilliant stuff as always my fellow starkid.
lovely writing and the plotline is beautiful.
i cant wait to see more of snapes point of view :D
best wishes, your secret fan tegan ;)

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Review #6, by Fleur Just A Dream

6th December 2010:
:) i really liked this chapter! i got a little confused with the dreams and stuff but i totally think i get it now :) well done xoxo

Author's Response: I hope it wasn't too confusing.
Thanks for the review. Stay tuned!

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Review #7, by lauraf68 Just A Dream

4th December 2010:
Dear Rumble,

Glad to see a chapter today. Very good, 8/10.

Wonder why Severus didn't tell Harry it was a memory? No use in lying to him, as he is bound to have it again. Or maybe Severus doesn't know it is a memory? Hmmm -- very interesting.

You didn't mention what toy Harry picked out, from the end of the last chapter. Just wondering, since you mentioned they bought books. :-)

HP Book 7 movie part 1 opinion -- I was able to see it in IMAX which showed the amazing cinemetography. Made me feel like I was there.

I like that although they changed some things (as usual) they stayed true to the essence of the plot. I thought the Horcux scene with Harry and Ron was the best part of the movie and filmed well. Just what I had pictured in my mind. I especially loved the sucking up to Hermione that Ron did after he came back, although I pictured her being a bit more phyisical in her attack -- LOL.

I thought they did a good job showing the Malfoys downfall and the fear and disgust with Voldemort on their faces. Tom Felton and Jason Issacs did a great job, hate the characters, but think the actors did a great job. The ministry scenes were pretty good. Loved the Ron quote about his wife being on trial and Harry saying 'you don't have a wife', then she is kissing him as he changes back--priceless.

I also thought that the graveyard and Bathilda scenes were fine. Reviews didn't seem so good, but I thought they condensed it just fine.

I do feel that they dropped the ball on the Malfoy mansion scene. (Although the Hermione/Bellatrix aspect was believable. Emma did a great job and Helena was terriffic.) Luna and Olivander should have had more lines and Ron should be freaking out because Hermione is being tortured. I don't think they did the burial of Dobby correctly, it should be in the garden of Shell Cottage not on the hillside, and Hermione should not be carrying Dobby either.

Anyway--looking forward to your next chapter. Happy Writing. ~Lauraf68

Author's Response: You'll just have to wait to find out next chapter ;)
I didn't mention the toy as I was in fact very indecisive about it. I still haven't decided what it should be, but I do want it to have significant meaning.

As for the movie, I was lucky enough to see it at the midnight premiere on the "Extreme Screen". I agree with all you said about it. There were some great hilarious moments in there which lightened the constantly tense and dark atmosphere to the movie. I imagined Hermione more violent too. I think the whole cinema (which was full) jumped when the Nagini jumped out. All the actors did such a fantastic job. I would have liked a little more Luna too ;P and maybe the whole portrait thing as well...

Glad you enjoyed the chapter. As always thanks for the fabulous review!

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Review #8, by TheProphecy Just A Dream

3rd December 2010:
:O oh my gosh . . .i love it :)
please update soon i want to know what happens :)

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed it! I am camping for a week so I will I will have lots of time to write while I am down there

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Review #9, by spencefa Just A Dream

3rd December 2010:
great story so far, I look forward to more, the movie was great, but of course too short.

Author's Response: Agreed although if it was any longer I think my bladder would have burst... moving on to a more pleasant subject, thanks you the review! I'm glad you are liking it! :D

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Review #10, by benpowerman Just A Dream

3rd December 2010:
it made me cry what a sad story

Author's Response: Oh wow? I'm honored. You are talking about this chapter and not Deathly Hallows? I am obviously doing something right..or horribly wrong if I made you cry.

Thanks for the review

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Review #11, by spencefa How Did You Do That?

3rd December 2010:
good chapter, i think severus is starting to soften

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Review #12, by spencefa A New Home

3rd December 2010:
another excellant chapter.

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Review #13, by spencefa Always His Fault

3rd December 2010:
quite good beginning

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Review #14, by lauraf68 Shopping Trip

2nd October 2010:
Glad to see you are back. Cute chapter! As a mother of a 10 year old I can totally understand how Severus grew "soft". I liked how Harry stayed in the shower too long too--we have that same trouble in our household--LOL. The fact that Harry would help the store clerk is a nice touch too.

You ask what choice Harry should make and I assume you are referring to what toy he should choose??? Well I looked up "popular toys for boys in 1989" and came up with (and I quote), "The Tim Burton movie ‘Batman’ breathed new life into an old favourite and Batmania swept the UK."

Happy writing. 7/10. ~Lauraf68

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. Sorry i took so long to reply.

I have been super busy but the next chapter is in the queue for validation now :)

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Review #15, by pikachu I love you Shopping Trip

2nd October 2010:
as you know from my name i think you should chose a pikachu on a broom stick and a little wizard hat :) :) :) :) :) SO CUTE! love how reader ca n chose what he has

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Review #16, by pikachu I love you Question Game

2nd October 2010:
you should add butterbeer to there food, sentence strucure is what you should be caring for pikka

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Review #17, by pikachu I love you Lily Evans

2nd October 2010:
very good think of creative language and spelling

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Review #18, by pikachu I love you Just like my father

2nd October 2010:
the twist kept me interested you NEED TO MAKE INTERESTING TWIST TO KEEP THE READER INTERESTED i give you a 9

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Review #19, by pikachu I love you How Did You Do That?

2nd October 2010:
he will over react and say why did you steal my food (i have read the next chapter) it was well written loved the twist

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Review #20, by pikachu i love you A New Home

2nd October 2010:
it was very interesting i enjoyed but it needs i twist to liven it up

Author's Response: Three reviews from you!

A twist is on it's way :)

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Review #21, by pikachu I love you Always His Fault

2nd October 2010:
well this story wasn't as good as snapes lament but good try

Author's Response: Hahaha nice supportive comment! :P

Snape's Lament went through a lot more editing because it was originally a short story I wrote for lit but I really wanted to change it to be about Snape and Lily. Plus it has a whole different writing style to it!

Glad you liked it though even though you're not a fan of this one!

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Review #22, by an awesome legdog Shopping Trip

2nd October 2010:
Excellent stuff! Glad to see your back! Me thinks a chemistry set ;) no i lie I have no idea...

Author's Response: That is actually a nice idea! I might use it :P

Thanks for the review!

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Review #23, by Kirsty Weasley Shopping Trip

1st October 2010:
Thanks for the shout out! And you did not disappoint with this chapter! I love Snape going soft! He can be such a sweetheart! I hope you're back into the swing of writing and will update soon!-Kirsty xxx

Author's Response: Haha no problem at all!! I have my plans for the next chapter >:D

Thanks for the review!

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Review #24, by Sammy Question Game

20th September 2010:
UPDATE NOW. or no butterbeer for you.

Author's Response: No don't take away my butterbeer!!!

I shall update, just give me a couple of days for my life to calm down (and school to finish) and then I shall finish the next chapter and post it :) (queue is very long however)

Thanks for the support and the threat :)
Rumby xox

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Review #25, by Kirsty Weasley Question Game

9th September 2010:
Hi! I adore this story!! I totally love plotlines like this! Snape and Harry live together, snape hates harry snape grows to love harry! But anywho, being the obsessive person that I am, i've made a banner for your story! If you would like it, you can find me on the forums (you're part of them right?) through my MTAs page, or you can email me on

kirstyandrews_1993 @ hotmail. com

i love this story! -Kirsty xxx

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