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Review #1, by Hope Green gooey Slytherins.

27th August 2011:
The plot of this whole story is really good, you just need to double check the grammer before you post it because some sentences are just plain wrong, and the spelling needs to be checked because a lot of i is just ... awful!
But it's a really good story so keep it up just check the grammer before you post so it looks more professional and to achieve perfection.

Author's Response: Thanks ,

Jily x

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Review #2, by Hayleekins Owls, Badges and Liquorice Wands.

28th September 2010:
Very good! I think you used a few too many Pronouns, like 'he' or 'she' constantly, and it can get a bit confusing as to who you are referring to. And, things seemed a little rushed. If you could have gone into more discriptivness, like describing things a lot more, then it might have added onto my total opinion of it... But other than those few things, you did I good job, and I will be reading more!! On to chapter two!

Author's Response: Thankyou :]
I know i'm bad at writing but i love it !
I didn't think people were still reading this :L
JilyRonks :] xox

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Review #3, by Pen2Paper Owls, Badges and Liquorice Wands.

4th March 2010:
Nice chapter! I like James :P he's funny lol
I like Lily's reaction too! lol I'd totally be the same like what? there must be a mistake!
:)Keep up the good work!
If you like the Marauder Era please check out the new chapters of my story and of course lemme know what you think!
Keep updating :)

Author's Response: I will definitely read your story! ;D keep reading i'll update tonight or soon, Thankyou! JilyRonks x

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Review #4, by tigerlily The 'L' word,Patronus' and 'Sectumsempra'.

3rd March 2010:
this is awesome u have to ad more about james lily and snivellus

Author's Response: Thankyou so much for reviewing and I promise you Snivellus will be in the next chapter ;D!

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Review #5, by lunylovegoodlover Christmas Surprises.

19th February 2010:
Pleeease post the next chapter soon! Other than a few capitalization errors and the fact that you spell "know", "no", this is perfect!


Author's Response: Thankyou for responding! :D I no my spelling is really bad! But in my next chapter ' Hogsmeade with a bang!' i hope i spelt things right! JilyRonks X

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