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Review #1, by Rumbleroar goes roar A Cake Must Be Baked

5th April 2014:
Lots of pirate-y goodness! Such a fun oneshot :)

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Review #2, by Renfair A Cake Must Be Baked

3rd July 2012:
So...Hi! I'm Renny, I don't think we've ever "met," but I needed to find a Next-Gen story from TGS to review for our awesomely pirate-themed review challenge... and wow! Can you say perfect one-shot for it or what? :D

"The one with the pretty pirate who's just so pretty and pirate-y!" --He is! He is! You're right! I honestly do think wizards and witches would have to go out to the Muggle movies once in a while. I mean magic chess? Celestina Warbeck? Books on toadstool growing? Magical pastimes sounds so LAME!

"You're poking it very hard in the eye. Not quite the same thing as tickling I'm afraid." --Hehehe, pears have eyes? Er, I guess anything's possible at Hogwarts! Maybe it's a magical fruit picture of Veggie Tales?

Oh man, not a good table to pass out on, huh? It was that delicious rum and chocolate cake batter, me hearties! AVAST!

This was really cute! I normally don't go for Next-Gen because they really all end up being the SAME PLOT, but the irreverence in this was really refreshing. The endless back and forth banter made me think of a routine at a Renaissance Faire (which you can probably tell from my name, I kind of dig). Again, very cute! Thanks for the fun read! ~Renny

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Review #3, by BambiScott A Cake Must Be Baked

12th April 2012:
This was so funny. As most Molly fics make her serious loved it.

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Review #4, by ericajen A Cake Must Be Baked

31st July 2011:
Haha, this is really funny! Molly had me giggling the whole time. And of course, the Pirates of the Caribbean references were fabulous.

"Loud noises are very loud." Philosophicalness abound!

Also was quite the fan of Chubs. House elves in general are delightful characters, but I found Chubs to be particularly enjoyable.

Sorry this review is mostly nonsense. I rarely do coherency. Not my style.


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Review #5, by warrior_princess A Cake Must Be Baked

7th December 2010:
Really crazy story. I LOVE IT

Author's Response: Haha that's as good a way to describe it as I've ever heard! Thank you!

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Review #6, by moonymayhem A Cake Must Be Baked

4th June 2010:
I'm going to be honest, I wasn't quite sure what was going on throughout that entire story, but it was hilarious nonetheless. I especially liked Molly's strange, drunken inner monologue. It felt quite realistic ;) Anyways, great work. I've gone on a bit of a reviewing spree across several of your fics, I hope you're okay with that... I'm loving your one-shots!

Author's Response: Oh well, if we're doing honesty I wasn't quite sure what was going on either! Just one of those things where I write what amuses me and tend to get a bit carried away :P Good to know you liked it though!
Of COURSE I'm okay with you reviewing everything, if only everyone had that same attitude, me included I suppose -hides-

Thanks for another amazing reviewing!

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Review #7, by Jenna822 A Cake Must Be Baked

18th May 2010:
Okay *gasps for breath* Okay
So this was *still gasping* absolutely hilarious! I need a second. *takes moment to regain composure ... and dignity* One shouldn't read something like this with other folk in the room, they tend to stare and say "What is so durn funny?" and when you answer, "But he's so pretty!" they don't get it and the odd looks begin. Yes, now-

Ha! I love the way you write in ... um, whatever style it is. My brain just stopped functioning! Whatever it is called, you do it brilliantly. :D I just love your Louis so much, even when he isn't the star. Pretty boy and HE BAKES! Yes!
*steals Louis* Louise can bite it.

Very well done! 10/10 Of course. --Jenna

Author's Response: Fairlyy sure it's not THAT funny! I mean, I like to think it's a bit funny, but this reaction just makes me look all like this xD

Ahh well, it's me stealing Helen Fielding's style and then kind of just twistying it around until it works for me! Don't really know that's it's got a name or anything, so until it does I'm just going to stick with awesome! :P
Louis is fun fun fun to write! Although Molly in this was equally hilaro.
You must be just about sick of hearing me say thanks, but seriously, thank you SO MUCH for all your amazingness reviews!

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Review #8, by RonsGirlFriday A Cake Must Be Baked

18th March 2010:

Can't believe I never actually reviewed this. I'm not entirely sure what to say, however, because you already know my opinion of this. It is GRAND! :-)

You never fail to make me laugh, and trust me, I still giggle a lot when I read this, even though I've read it half a dozen times by now.

Brilliant as always!

Author's Response: MELANIE!

Haha don't be ridiculously, ain't no thing at all. Although GRAND is such a very good word it really does deserve more outings than it gets.

Naww -hides- Well, I do my best! Glad I can still make you laugh even after all the times I made you read it.

Thank you so much for the review! =]

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Review #9, by collette michelle A Cake Must Be Baked

5th February 2010:

I'm here for the review exchange, and I must tell you how pleased I was to see I had been paired up with you for reviews! I have been meaning to read this story upon having any solid moment way from my studio machine. So I was thrilled when I saw this was the story!

When I clicked the link I was like 'Woah, there's Jane on Jack's banner!' Thought we won't go into my thoughts on Jane, I think it was a very fitting visual. The visual picture I had going on as I read this was great. I must have had a grand smile across my face the entire time. The humour was great!

Molly, whom has had too much wine, is such a treat in this! Just a rather humourous, fun-loving character. Her added pirate-ness makes her even better and further more entertaining. Plus, LOUIS! I love him! Poor boy though, force to bake a cake by the drunken pirate Molly. Ha. It could be far worst I suppose. Their relationship and interactions were great, I think you did a really good job with crafting that. I always love to read Next Generations to see everyone's views on the kids and whom out of the cousins they would be closest too. I feel everyone chooses differently.

This was such a delightful read, really. Ah, and the ending, I loved it. Louise gets her revenge! As I said earlier, the humour was truly great in this little piece! Wonderful job, love.

Author's Response: Collette! I'm so sorry I've taken so long to get to this! Life has been doing its thing and I've been lazy, sorry!

Haha we've already been over Jane haven't we? I really was quite torn about using her, but she is red-headed and has a cute pout, so that pretty much did it. I'm so glad you liked the humour though, always a relief to know that things are okay.

I like writing Molly this way, as a bit of a crazy. She's normally so... like Percy I guess. Poor Louis, I really am far too mean to him! Still, it would have been quite an adventure at the very least.

Aww thank you so much! You really are far too kind. I'm just glad you liked it!

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Review #10, by Ilasia A Cake Must Be Baked

29th January 2010:
Jack, you've done it again! I envy how you can write humor so well, and come up with these oh-so fantastic lines.

Like these:

"Do you really think this wise bo - girl? Crossing bla - wands with a pi - witch?"

"Molly," hisses Louis, "you can't steal a Hogwarts House Elf!"

Sheer genius, really! And ever since reading AGS and MM, I've had your!Louis as the Louis I envision in every single fic I read. xD That's what your insanely amazing characterization does. So basically, I was laughing ridiculously at the Molly-Louis interaction here because they're both just fantastic!

I loved it to pieces, really, Jack. And now I have pirates on the brain...maybe I'll get around to FINALLY watching PoTC. xD And then people will stop nagging me about how it's the best thing since Harry Potter.

Anywho, 10/10 of course and I can't wait to see what you come up with next! ^_^


Author's Response: Hey Zinny! Naww thank you so much, you're far too kind!
Sorry it's taken me a couple of days to reply to this by the way, life rather caught up with me.

Oh really? That's like O.o. I really am glad I did such a job with him though, this is a slightly different Louis and Molly from that - although they are quite similar aren't they?

Oh DO! This will be much funnier (theoretically) if you have. Do steal/make fun of many of the lines and etc of it.

Next is Ch.6 of MM and a one-shot about a flying horse breeder who tried to combine Quidditch and said flying horses XD

Thanks so much for the lovely review!

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Review #11, by ClearCutDiamonds A Cake Must Be Baked

26th January 2010:
Hahah, drunk Molly is hilarious. I really like the way you write humor, a few of my favourite lines were:

"Lovely girl. Slightly tartish tendencies, but no one's perfect I suppose."

"Stand your ground sailor! Stand your - Did you just flick me?"

By the way, I saw you have Jane Aldridge in your banner, I think she fits as Molly. Anyways, I think the whole her try to be a pirate was hilarious. Great job with this.

Author's Response: I think she's pretty funny too :P really though, thank you, it's always a relief to hear that the humour is working.

Ooh good spot! I wondered if anyone would recognise her. Do think she's massively overrated to be honest, but she's cute and has red hair so good enough haha. Ahh well, can't really go wrong with pirates can you? Thanks so much for reviewing, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #12, by F L A M M E A Cake Must Be Baked

23rd January 2010:
So I was just waltzing in and out of TGS and I saw your username and thought, pirates, why not? Okay, hilarious story Jack! Really.

Louise and Louis were brilliant in themselves and having the two L's was pretty funny and unique. I would have never thought of an idea like this, story wise and character wise!

I loved the "pear" incident of which it bit her. I wasn't sure that pear's could bite but you wrote it well and now I'm quite sure that they can. Louis was pretty much a spoil sport during this mission. "No help at all, him."

This story was rather brilliant and quite funny but not in the ways that I've been reading in this site. Usually it's not that funny but I don't know what you were whining about in the cbox talking about not being able to write humour. Bah, humbug! Molly's random thoughts and incoherent thoughts were quite funny, well written, and obviously well thought out. I really liked your Molly since she was obviously different from the other Molly's that other author's write and it was quite refreshing to read. Besides, who doesn't love pirates? Great job Jack! You can obviously tell that a MANLY SNITCHER wrote this story. :D

Author's Response: Ahh well waltzing and pirates are a potent combination. We all know this to be true.

Louise and Louis is just one of those funny little word-plays I throw in for my own amusement. It's just SO ridiculous an idea.

Hey man, that kitchen pear is in a league of its own. Anything that can turn into a doorknob can bite in my opinion :P

Ahh well, I have to at least try and do things differently. Haha no, in the cbox I was just saying I struggle with this sort of blatantly in-your-face humour. Oh well, I guess it worked out okay ^^
I've wrote Molly quite like this in MM as well, guess I just see her a bit differently to everyone? Mini-Percy Molly doesn't really interest me all that much, UNLIKE PIRATES WHICH ARE THE BEST THINGS EVER!

Thanks for the review, much appreciated!

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Review #13, by WitnesstoitAll A Cake Must Be Baked

22nd January 2010:

This was brilliance. Not so much in the way of world changing literary genius, but in a made-my-day-oh-so-lovely-genius. :) It was entertaining and comical and I just can't seem to stop rambling...

I know that this is a rubbish review, but I can't get my mind to wrap around anything coherent to say. I thuroughly enjoyed this silly little fic.

Well Done Matey!

Author's Response: Melissa! Please tell me I spelt it right this time?

Haha that's all I'm really in this for, as long as I can make someone smile it's all worth it =]

No it's great! Not an easy story to review, because there's not really a whole lot you can say about it!

Thank you so much for reviewing, I really am glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #14, by LucyLovegood A Cake Must Be Baked

22nd January 2010:


Any particular reason Molly was going so hard on the drink? I like her a fair bit. She's fun.

I want a Chubbs.

Author's Response: OH GOOD, I DID HOPE IT WOULD BE!


Umm, for the laughs? Can come up with a cunning backstory for you if you want, but really, I just find the idea of Percy's eldest behaving as such rather amusing. I think she's fun as well, obviously need to write more Molly.

Same here, let's catch one?

Thanks for the review lovely!

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Review #15, by Margravine A Cake Must Be Baked

21st January 2010:
Jack! Before I make any pretense of a critique, I have to squee over your banner. IT IS DIVINE. I cannot express how perfect it is for the story, your Molly is SO ADORABLE. That pout is going to get you readers (if not reviewers.. c'est la vie) galore.

Ok now for a review! I will admit I have mixed feelings about this oneshot. I think you've got to the point where everything you write will be compared to the amazingly brilliant MM and AGS, but it's great you are stll venturing out there. This isn't my favourite of your work, but it is classic Jack humour and, like Melanie, you are providing a refreshing change from a genre that, despite its potential, is getting stuck in romantic angsty Scorose-esque rut.

You establish Molly very clearly and very originally - she's crazy, but hilarious =). Fun to see Louis from a different perspective also. Title and summary are pure love, there are some truly golden lines like 'vodky' and 'love girlies' (had me cackling from the start) and Louis/Louise, to name the few which spring to mind. Oh and the 'you're so fat!'

Pace was perfect, although a bit jarring at the end, but that works well with the 'morning after' feel, and the only possible criticism I can offer is: why would Louise Brown know Neville's birthday?

But yep, that is it. On the whole it is a lovely, thoroughly enjoyable romp through a delightful character. Feel free to request anytime (NOT something I offer always)

Author's Response: Jo! I've been squeeing over it ever since I got it! Took me SO long to find that Molly, I think it was worth the wait though. You'd think wouldn't you? Not so much though, -goes to check- only 79 reads, so there you go.

Gahh peaked too early! I do get your point though, they definitely are the best two things I've written. Still, I've got other little ideas that I like to play with, this obviously being one. Ooh, I've got my own sort of humour! I feel like a writer :P Genre = NextGen here? If yes, then I completely agree, Scorose angst makes me angry. Such a waste of a brilliant premise.

Crazy and hilarious girls seem to be something of a speciality with me, same with Louis being a bit of a pushover. Probably should branch out a bit :P Title and summary are completely down to Mel, she's all sorts of genius like that! I'm taking all credit for those lines (I think 'vodky' is my favourite XD.) Louis/Louise is just one of those silly little things I like to do, can't help it really.

Hmm good points, both. Ending one-shots is something I find horribly, impossibly difficult. I think I just get to a point where I just get bored and decide to end it all. Good to know I can at least pretend it's a stylistic touch in this! Well she wouldn't really, more just Neville trying to ditch Molly. That's my excuse now anyway :P

Oh thank you so much, I really do hope you enjoyed it and thanks for a fantastic review! You've actually made some really properly constructive points, definitely stuff that I can work on anyway! Thanks again!

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Review #16, by PenguinsWillReignSupreme A Cake Must Be Baked

20th January 2010:
I think you might win an award of some form for "longest amount of time it has taken someone to write a one-shot". Still have the PM when you sent the first part of this after you wrote it - 21st SEPTEMBER! That's...almost FOUR months.

Not, of course, that that is a bad thing because it's a fairly amazing piece of writing and one that I shall have on my list of "need to cheer myself up, let me read THIS" stories. It's cute and funny and fluffy and yes, it is silly but not in a negative way at all. The involvement of so many different types of humour: from Molly's drunken dialogue to the slapstick elements to the plot in general I think showcases that you are more than perfectly capable of writing any type of humour, not just the sarcastic sort that you were banging on about the other day.

I've read this so many times now (mainly the first chunk) but it still makes me laugh. I know what's coming after every line but it's still completely timeless. It doesn't get dull, in the same way that AGS and MM never do either.

I was going to try and make this as epic as my normal reviews are but sheer exhaustion and actual inability to form a really coherent and squeeful sentence are both fighting my wishes so...yeah, I love it, as you well know.

Have some favourite lines:
- "Step away from the child Louise! He must help me in my mission of cake baking."
- "Stand your ground sailor! Stand your Did you just flick me?"
- Congratulations Mr. Pear, fine choice sir.
There are many more, including the whole plank paragraph, but those are the ones that stick out for the minute. Probably not even the best but I'm too tired to search. it


PS Chubbs' name alternates between Chubbs and Chubs - tiny bit irritating.

Author's Response: Umm I'd say that's a fairly good bet. Stupid thing didn't want to co-operate, that's how long it took me to somewhat, kind of, behave.

DEFINITELY (woah cbox caps) wouldn't go that far! WILL (gahh! -kicks caps-) agree to the cute and fluffy and silly but not much past that. Well this was partly about me seeing if I could write something that is actually trying to be funny, rather than something else with a bit of funny thrown in. Am still MUCH better at the saracastic sort and you know it.

-KICKS INTERNETS- OMG just deleted this MASSIVE bit of review response I'd written. Absolute sulkage. Anyway, basic point was - this is a fabulous review and shuddup.

Love that last line, and then middle one, and the first one :P It's a gift I tell you!

Does it really? Shall have to fix that at some point. Thanks so much lovely, hope all is well!


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Review #17, by Eridanus A Cake Must Be Baked

20th January 2010:

Well, I've got to say that it was ridiculously funny, but shall not even attempt to pick out my favourite quotes, as you saw what happened when I did that to the first section. One thing I will say is that this is a very nice use of caps:

("HAHAHA you're so fat!" "Why you cheeky little -")

Was drawn to it for obvious reasons relating to certain people on TGS being cap-happy. Obviously I am not including myself in this awful bunch.

Pirate Molly is just wonderful, and I must commend you on your ability to sound so feminine :P. Pirate language seems to be incredibly addictive XD.



Author's Response: IT IS HERE INDEED.

I do hope it was funny, I feel I'll run into rather a lot of trouble with it if it isn't. Or something like that anyway.

HAHAHAHA. Well, obviously wasn't thinking about those terrible kids when I wrote this. Distinctly un-amusing and obnoxious bunch. Obviously have nothing to do with them either.

I think she's rather dashing myself, will ignore the slur on own masculinity :P



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Review #18, by Indigo Seas A Cake Must Be Baked

20th January 2010:
Omigosh, Jack, this has to be one of the coolest, most random one-shots on the entire site. LOVED it. And this line: "Stand your ground sailor! Stand your Did you just flick me?" Had me in absolute hysterics. Gah, loved it.

- Rin

Author's Response: Naww thank you so much Rin! You're far, far too kind. Although it's definitely a good point about the random :P
That's one of my favourite lines from this as well! Looks like we've got the same taste!

Thank you so much for reviewing, I'm so glad you liked it! XD

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Review #19, by Violet Gryfindor A Cake Must Be Baked

19th January 2010:
Sorry to say that I won't be able to write a coherent review for this story, and really, how can I? It's just so funny in the most insane way possible. My eyes are streaming and I'm trying very hard not to laugh (so that I don't wake everyone up). Molly is a hilarious drunk ("vodky" indeed?) and I love the subtle hints at PotC throughout.

If I thought your humour in your Louis stories was genius, this surpasses that. Oh my gosh, there are too many great lines in here to quote, but this story contains the best one-liners I've read. It's too good. Much too good. :P

Whatever would Percy say if he heard his daughter was getting up to this trouble? *shakes head*

Thank you for this! It's really brightened my day (with mad fits of giggles). XD

Author's Response: Would LOVE to see downright incoherent from you, if only just once :P Well, the thing about being unable to right any at all serious, is that you have to work out different ways to try and be funny. This is insane/ridiculous funny, hard to go wrong with drunken humour as well. Hahahaha vodky made me laugh when I was writing it actually, PotC is just so very hilarious I couldn't not include it.

O.o really? This has been a bit of a project one-shot actually. Really didn't think it was going to be that funny, although it is a bit difficult to gauge when it's your own stuff.

Can't imagine he'd be alll that impressed, which is rather why I think she would get up to such antics. Besides, this way is more fun to write about XD

Other way round silly! Thank YOU for this! XD

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Review #20, by the midnight avenger A Cake Must Be Baked

19th January 2010:
HAHAHAHA BRILLIANT! ABSOLUTLY BRILLIANT! you have just made my day. this is definetly going into the favourites.

Author's Response: Haha well, I did my best, I'm just glad you liked it! Thanks so much for reviewing and favouriting, much appreciated =]

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