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Review #1, by Jane New Years Eve on the Flip Side

28th January 2017:
I love your writing - thank you for writing these great stories. Please though, don't use "girl" as a term of abuse or an insult. Girls are not inferior to boys and I would be surprised if Hermione had brought up her daughter to believe that. Sorry to criticize, it's the only thing in your wonderful writing that has struck a wrong note.

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Review #2, by Riley The Break-Up Flu

8th June 2013:
You are EVIL!!! You are a terrible person!
No sorry, I didn't mean that... I just, I can't even.

Oh the feels!

Author's Response: LOL... sorry :(

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Review #3, by koalagirl2000rules Epilogue: That Special Day Has Finally Arrived

9th March 2013:
I really like this story.
I also like how at first you think its in Rose's P.O.V but its in Tabby's. (I always knew she was going to get with Albus, It's weird, I have a knack for finding who gets with who in stories.)

Author's Response: Glad you liked it... And that you were fooled at first. That was the plan :) Love Al and Tabs together!

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Review #4, by Fawkes Epilogue: That Special Day Has Finally Arrived

15th November 2012:
Hi! I haven't reviewed since like the first chapter, I just couldn't bring myself from stopping reading. I absolutely LOVED your story and your characters. I think the idea of placing Rose in Slytherin, while it was really weird at the beginning, was genius and very original. What I liked the most of the story is that it was different from every other Rose-Scorpius fanfic.

Author's Response: Thanks. I am glad you enjoyed it.

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Review #5, by Fawkes Ring, Ring. The Real World is Calling

14th November 2012:
I've liked the story so far, but it is really hard to picture Rose in Slytherin, I've always thought of her as a Gryffindor.

Author's Response: I know it is hard at first, but I hope you will see why I did what i did.

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Review #6, by Miley Epilogue: That Special Day Has Finally Arrived

4th July 2012:
I loved this story!!! I read RY a long time ago, or at least it seems, and I really loved getting back into the storyline! Amazing job! :)

Author's Response: Thanks. So glad you liked it and RY.

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Review #7, by Daisy Epilogue: That Special Day Has Finally Arrived

19th June 2012:
OK maybe that's a bit drastic but it's a fantastic story, one of the best Scorpius and Rose stories I've ever read. Loved the little surprise at the start. I had an inkling that tabby and al had something for each other ;) great story i love it!

Author's Response: Thank you! Very happy that you enjoyed it.

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Review #8, by LunaLovegood7 Epilogue: That Special Day Has Finally Arrived

22nd May 2012:
I suspected that Tabby and Al would get together at some point :) I'm glad every one had a happily ever after! This story was amazing!

Author's Response: Thank you so mcuh for reading and reviewing. I am glad you enjoyed. I do love my Tabby Al action as well.

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Review #9, by LunaLovegood7 Rubber Chickens Make Perfectly Good Wands

22nd May 2012:
This chapter was hilarious! I'm so glad they ended up together! :)

Author's Response: Me too... I love me some Scorose action. Glad you liked it.

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Review #10, by LunaLovegood7 A Long Time Coming

22nd May 2012:
I really hope Rose doesn't break up with Scorpius after what she heard her mom say :(

Author's Response: :) You will see...

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Review #11, by LunaLovegood7 Scorpius' New Years Eve Dissapointment

21st May 2012:
Oh my gosh!! I can't believe Rose went back to Seven! And just after her and Scorpius almost kissed. Grrr.

Author's Response: Keep reading... not all is at seems.

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Review #12, by LunaLovegood7 A Weasley XMas

21st May 2012:
I can't believe James would do something like that!!

Author's Response: He is a sneaky little devil... with very little understanding of boundaries.

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Review #13, by LunaLovegood7 Ring, Ring. The Real World is Calling

19th May 2012:
This story is so good so far!

Author's Response: Thank you. Glad you are enjoying.

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Review #14, by Jade Epilogue: That Special Day Has Finally Arrived

19th May 2012:
i do love this story but I have one complaint, and that is that the last chapter was not done from Rose and/or Scorpius's perspective, I love them so much! oh and over all i give this story a B+ but on this chapter. Eh. Not so much

Author's Response: Sorry... I just really wanted to get a little suprise in there regarding who would be getting married. Also I really wanted to see the Rose/Scorpius thing from someone elses POV and Since I love Tabby I wanted to get in her head since I know I wont be writing again any HP for a while.

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Review #15, by Hillary Evans The Hangover Experience

27th April 2012:
I've succeeded in making my ex feel guilty for how he dumped me. Granted, I did not put the full body bind curse on him, but still! it was extremely satisfying to see him guilt tripped.

Author's Response: :) Sounds like a good story, even with out the body binding curse.

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Review #16, by EarthsTrueGreen Epilogue: That Special Day Has Finally Arrived

26th April 2012:
Alright, first off i am so sad that the story is over. I have been reading it since my junior year of highschool and now i'm a freashmen in college. :(
So I can't tell you how happy i was to know that it wasn't Rose and Scorpius getting married, infact i had intended to read this chapter much sooner but when i read 18 and getting marriedi had to stop. (I'm not the biggest fan of teen marriage) but finally i brought myself to read it and i was over the moon.
The only thing i didn't like so much was that by putting the story in another persons pov you didnt see too much Rose and Scorpius and seeing as how i have gone through the whole story focusing on Rose and Scorpius i would have rather like to know more about them and what they were planning on doing after graduation, instead of a couple who i didn't see fall in love and honestly had no clue or idea about.
But other than that i did enjoy the enrtire story and thank you for writting it. Good luck with nugget and sproggy. :)

Author's Response: Thanks... so glad you enjoyed it. I know that some were dissapointed that I didnt get into great detail about Rose and Scorpius, but I thought it would be fun to see them from an outsiders perspective. Also I really wanted to show Tabby and Al together since it was a story that didnt get to include but always intended. Anyway, thanks for following this story along since it started all those years ago. Good luck in college, it will be the best time of your life so enjoy, cause once it is over you will have to start being responsible. :)

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Review #17, by DracoPrincess Epilogue: That Special Day Has Finally Arrived

20th April 2012:
Omg wow I am totally in love with this story!

Author's Response: Thank you. So glad you enjoyed it.

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Review #18, by DracoPrincess Scorpius' New Years Eve Dissapointment

19th April 2012:
No way I love scorpius. No more seven for rose he's an idiot

Author's Response: I love him too... way too cute.

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Review #19, by harrypottergurl11 Epilogue: That Special Day Has Finally Arrived

19th April 2012:
this story was great. keep up the good work.

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #20, by Elizabeth Wolf Epilogue: That Special Day Has Finally Arrived

16th April 2012:
LOVED this epilogue. At first I was thinking, "Wait...Scorpius and Rose got pregnant right after Hogwarts?!" Then, obviously, I got to the part where it was revealed that Al and Tabitha were getting married and I got really excited and happy. I totally wanted them to end up together. I love that the finale is through someone else's perspective (other than Rose and Scorpius). It showed just how their relationship is viewed by other. The fact that Tabby wants her and Al to be just like them is wonderful.

Now I have to wonder, what's up next for your fan fiction? Will you continue on this storyline or is there a new story forming in your mind? Or are you going to take time off to take care of Nugget (congratulations!! :D)? No matter what, I love your stories and I will definitely reread them frequently. :)

Author's Response: Well thank you so very much. I am glad you liked it from Tabby's POV. I thought it would be more fun to get that perspective as well as tricking everyone for a minute at the end :) Tabby is probably one of my favorite characters, so it was fun to finally get inside her head a little bit.
As for FF, I will be on a hiatus for a while. For now I plan on focusing on my own original works and trying to get those out there. Maybe I will come back to FF, but I have no real plans to at this time.
Thanks again so much for your wonderful review :)

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Review #21, by geth Epilogue: That Special Day Has Finally Arrived

14th April 2012:
I'll keep it simple.
Nice story... status still says WIP though. Would it be wrong if i harboured hope?

Oh! And i like that youre one of the authors who actually replies to reviews :p

Author's Response: Oh shoot. I need to change that, thanks for letting me know. :) Sorry to dissapoint.
I always feel that if you can take the time to write a review the least I can do is respond to it. Thanks so much for reading and I am glad that you enjoyed.

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Review #22, by nottoobothered Epilogue: That Special Day Has Finally Arrived

3rd April 2012:
Oh! Good luck with that then :p
I love your sense of humour.
And I have found that the Greek have a good sense of humour. SO, that's why i asked. Oh! And your use of "Circe"... :p

Author's Response: Thank you :)

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Review #23, by nottoobothered Epilogue: That Special Day Has Finally Arrived

3rd April 2012:
hey :)
great story...really enjoyed it!
Anyway, i have a couple of stupid questions...sorry :p
i was so happy when i saw that you'd updated...

uhh, 1) are you Greek?
and, 2) what is an OF?

Author's Response: No I am not Greek :) And an OF is Original Fiction. We wil see how it goes. Thanks for reading and reviewing. Glad you enjoyed.

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Review #24, by STUCK ON CAPS The Valentine's Day Masacre

2nd April 2012:
taking a guess, but slash? the warning said it contained slash

Author's Response: Only because there is a reference to Buster Finch-Fletchey being gay. There is no actual slash portrayal in this fic.

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Review #25, by Sophie Epilogue: That Special Day Has Finally Arrived

2nd April 2012:
I haven't seen that one coming :D
At first I thought that Rose got knocked up, but seriously, that doesn't sound like her.
The ending is great even tough I'm sad it ended :')
Good Job!

Author's Response: Thank you. Glad it was unexpected, that was what I was going for. I might even do a one shot of Tabby and Al getting together someday, but not anytime soon. Thank you again for reading and reviewing.

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