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Review #1, by mrs_scorpiusmalfoy My Boyfriend

25th June 2010:

OMG I LOVE Post-Hoggy fics! Especially Drastoria! I was going to scream in frustration for the lack of amazing Drastorias and always being bombarded with Dramione. Thankyou for this! Your the reason my sanity's intact!

I loved the prequel and J'amour (correct me if I'm wrong. I'm trying to brush up on the forgotten French I used to take back in Canada. :p) the summaries! I can't believe I almost forgot that rhyme!

I'm pretty sure you'll be updating soon. It's summer; you have to! Unless you're travelling, which sucks. :( I'm stuck in this heat. 50C! Never visit Dubai during the summer, I warned you!

I'm rambling 'cos I'm still so happy! I found an awesome Drastoria! A novel at that! Ye!!

Waiting for a quick update!

Huggles and smuggles for this AMAZING read!


Author's Response: So I haven't exactly gotten back to this story like I'd planned, but perhaps if I find time over Christmas break I'll write some more. I'm thrilled that you liked it, and thanks so much for the lengthy response! Reviews like this are beautiful in so many ways.

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Review #2, by peppersweet My Boyfriend

8th April 2010:
You have the most amazing story summary I have seen in a good while. I saw it, and went 'woah! That sounds good!' and here I am.

And yes, I've fallen in love with this. Pansy is horrible in a sort of loveable way. And Astwhoreia is a brilliant nickname. Me and my friend used to call ourselves Juliwhore and Aqswhore for kicks, and this is bringing up flashbacks...

But yes. I do rather like this. Expect me back soon for the next chapter.

Author's Response: *hugs* This review just made my day! Thanks so much XD

Next chapter may not be out for a while; my life has caught up with my fanfic writing, and these stories have to take backseat to RL. Unfortunately.

But I really appreciate all the lovely things you had to say to me :) I'm still smiling!


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Review #3, by _padfoots_princess_ My Boyfriend

5th April 2010:
This is effing hilarious!! I love the humor and the wit. Genius! *favorites* 10/10 Very interesting view on Astoria/Draco. Great job! *still laughing*

Author's Response: You favorited it?! Aww! Thank you so much! That means SO much to me. *hugs*

And thanks for the lovely review XD


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Review #4, by twitchy_little My Boyfriend

4th April 2010:
Civ! Before I get to my reveiw I would like to say that I visited your homeland this week and completely fell in love with it, so pretty much be on the look out for me moving in with you xD


-astWHOREia was freaking hilarious, I literally laughed out loud which is unusual when I read fics. I usually just sort of chuckle in my mind.

-"Yeah, I know, not only is it completely selfishly bitchy and stuff to be re-marrying someone ,sheís getting married to my boyfriend" A little bit clunky, the sentence should be able to flow properly without the (...) part in the middle. I suggest changing it to "it just happens to be my boyfriend." or maybe "she's decided that my boyfriend will be the one" anything like that.

-"Besides, Iíve got this plan that Iím going to buy a gorgeous dress at Julietís Closet, and Iím going to go to Belle Salon and get my hair and make-up done as good as money can buy, and Iím going to show up at the wedding looking like a freaking angel, then Draco will realize that the reason he broke up with me all those years ago was meaningless compared to the intense passion that burns between us."
A little bit of a run-on sentence. Maybe break it up.

-"And. Draco." Extra period.

-I think you should cut down on the amount of italics that you used. Having so many sort of detracts the emphasis on all of them.

So, wow. I'm really glad you gave this to me, because it was really a great read. Character wise I think you captured Pansys obessesiveness perfectly. It was very funny, and it was a nice little one shot scene. Great Job Civ!

Author's Response: Twitch-

YOU WERE HERE?! Awesome. I'll start clearing a spot for you to sleep - you'll have to buy your own food, though. xD

Thanks so much for the editing, by the way! And all the nice things you said. They make me very happy. xD

Well, I need to scurry off to fix those things, so I'll leave you alone...



PS: The minute you've got another open slot, IT'S MINE. So don't be surprised if you see my name spamming up your review thread. :D

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Review #5, by saffy22100 My Boyfriend

17th March 2010:
hahaha. this story is actually quite funny. i like it. i absolutely ADORE Draco/OC's and Drace/Hermione. I would write one but I've got my hands full with my story (a James/OC) called Whole Again. Yeah, plus my fav draco/hermione is two to tango and the secret thought. have u heard of them? they're like one of the ten most popular fanfics of all time. freaky...

I couldnt stop laughing when the whore (hahaha) was crying and Pants was 'cooing' to her. i was like 'whats gone into her!' but then i reaslied she wasnt enjoying a bit of it. XD

keep up the good work!


Author's Response: I absolutely adored A Secret Thought, actually, even though I'm very anti-Dramione. In fact, the reason I wrote this was just to be one of the few Drastoria writers out there, and I'm glad you liked it!

Thanks for the wonderful review - I'm very excited that you found it funny, too, because I had a little bit of bad feedback in the Prequel (which you should check out if you want more, I won't be updating this for some time, I'm afraid).

Pansy is a good friend! *hides*

She just doesn't want to be. :P

Thanks again for stopping by!


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Review #6, by Ria_Lee My Boyfriend

26th February 2010:
That was funny! I loved all Pansy's little comments about how she hates Astoria - but she still goes up and comforts her. I reckon she's a good friend whether she likes it or not. ;) And I like Pansy's counting how long she and Draco've been apart, down to the minutes. XD

I'm looking forward to the next chapter! :D

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing! And so sorry I took so long to respond... I went to Texas for vacation, and totally didn't have the time to get HPFF. :'(

But thank you so much! Yeah, Pansy is a good friend, and she hates it... However, she's got a plan, so she's fine with it for now.

Unfortunately, the next chapter won't be coming out any time soon - I've got an absolute TON of things that need updating/editing, and school is definitely making it hard. But thanks again for leaving a loverly review!


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Review #7, by soliloquy My Boyfriend

26th January 2010:
HAHAHAHA. Pansy might be my new favorite person. I love how much of a great friend she is, even if Astoria did steal her 'soul mate' from her. I love her commentary -- it's hilarious! Her voice really shines through and her mockingly sarcastic comments about everything (Astoria's face, her dress, her bogies...). You gotta love this!

And LOL, Lucius calling it off because it isn't BIG enough. That's so typical of him. :) And are we ever going to know what happened to Astoria's ex? ;) Pansy could always bring that up as a complaint or something. Man, I don't think I've enjoyed a Draco/Astoria/Pansy fic more. Not that I've stumbled upon many of them, you know. Ah, this little gem - it makes me laugh until my sides ache!

I'm so glad I LURKEDDDZZ your page and found it. :D Anyways, I should probably get back to studying for my AP Biology final (gotta maintain my uh, C?)! ♥


This just put another ginormo smile on my face, and it's probably going to stay there for another uh, week or so?

Hahahaaa. But for real. I'm pretty sure this smile is stuck. Now I just gotta make sure nobody challenges me to a no-smile contest... (You know the ones - where you make funny faces at the other person without speaking and whoever smiles first loses? Also called 'Baby Won't You Smile For Me?', I think. Maybe.)

ANYWAYS. I'm so incredibly happy you liked all those little snarky comments that Pansy thinks inside that evil little head of hers... But I had to give her a heart, which is why she's also an amazing friend, whether she wants to be or not. :)


Bye (!)


OH! And PS: Totally loving your whole 'get Astoria's ex into the picture' idea... I haven't even BEGUN chapitre deux yet, so we'll see if I can work that into this whole plot line that I haven't given any thought to.

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