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Review #1, by patronus_charm One

12th July 2014:

Ok, this made me laugh way too much which was a good thing as Iíve been reading so much angst recently! I really loved Molly and Teddy as a pairing as I donít think Iíve ever seen it before but I fell in love with it straight away and immediately began shipping it. You characterised the two of them so nicely and so uniquely I couldnít not love both of them and they worked so well together.

Yay for cats! I would totally be suspected of having an affair with mine, so I loved that Teddy thought the same with Molly and the cat from Cornwall as that almost made me cry with laughter. I think that was no match for the catís POV though as that was nothing like I ever read before and I really loved it. The fact it called Teddy the angry one and threatened to hair ball in his shoes was too brilliant and Iím just dying of laughter right now!

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Review #2, by Shelby Weasley One

24th July 2012:
What. Just. what.
"The Angry One could be so rude." Oh my gosh that line got me so good!

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Review #3, by DarkeningDawn One

28th January 2012:
Hahah, this story is made of WIN. Makes me laugh every time I happen to re-read it.

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Review #4, by ariellem One

26th December 2011:
I LOVED THIS! This is SO going on my favorites page! This was genius and I loved the end with Moppet's POV. :)

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Review #5, by Crescent Moon  One

27th June 2011:
Love it!! XD
Incredibly funny, ďPaws off the fiancťe, kitty. Sheís mine.Ē XD

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Review #6, by dianap00 One

4th October 2010:
Moppet is terribly clever. It's no wonder Molly likes him so much. I loved it - all of it a whole lot - of course.

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Review #7, by propertyoftheHBP One

21st August 2010:
Hahaha, this was hilarious! To be honest, I have to admit that I was with Molly in the beginning...I really thought that Teddy was going utterly crazy, you wrote his alleged "jealous" very confusingly. xD And I absolutely loved the end where Moppet was outside of the door. You totally captured the air that a cat has there--the names "The Angry One" and "Snuggler" were possibly the most hilarious things of this whole piece. Then again, I loved the line "The Angry One could be so rude" as well. :] I loved the whole thing! This was a hilarious idea and you pulled it off very well, great job! :D

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Review #8, by Margravine One

10th February 2010:
Georgia, I adore this. From start to finish! Normally I try and at least be constructive in reviews requested/exchanged, but this can't be improved, so sit back and enjoy the squee!

1) The Banner. Words cannot express just how perfect this banner is. Moppet (whose name is love) is so cute it is illegal, your Molly is sweet but not insipid and Orlando as Teddy.. is delicious, with hust that slightly naughty twinkle.

2) Moppet: wholly deserving of his own section. Love the premise of Moppets POV, LOVE his snarky little labelling, and (somehow not out of love yet) love the ending.

3) Molly/Teddy. Normally I am not a fan - Teddrose girl here, since Ted/Jo is not an accepted ship - but this was so gorgeous and flufftastic and Teddy was so obviously in love with her that I'll make an exception =)

4) Length. You did SO much with 1000 words! Well done lovely!

5) If I MUST choose a single line I liked the most:
"Never mind that she had spent every minute of the past week lavishing him with all her attention.Not at all."
Rounded out the story nicely and added an element of depth to it.

So yes, highly enjoyed reading, it really was a pleasure!

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Review #9, by George Whitman One

7th February 2010:
You are a good writer. I can tell that much even from this piece. Your ability to wield a character is strong and you have the potential to write a good plot to go with.

That being said, I did not like this story very much. I never believed that Molly could be so thick and dull as to actually believe that Teddy was serious about the kitten. More importantly I never believed for a second that Teddy could be into Molly as you have portrayed her. I thought Teddy was personified as a witty, clever person well (i.e. his device for getting him and his lady alone) but, it beats me why he would ever put up with someone so dry.

I was dying for Molly to finally realize that Teddy was joking but that moment came painstakingly late and when it did her reaction was borderline preposterous. How can she not laugh at Teddy's wit or at least laugh at her own slow uptake. Again, I wondered why Teddy would put up with such a person and it baffled me as to why he had any attraction to her. Any hope that this story's characters would react in a realistic manner towards each other went out the window right there.

I did like the kitten and I got the impression that it was the only well-thought out part of your story. I certainly hope this is not the case in the future. I apologize for being so blunt but I feel that as a fellow writer and reader I owe you my honest opinion.

Author's Response: Have you ever seen Seinfield? You know how the characters do stupid things instinct alone would tell you was completely moronic?

That's what this was like :)

Thanks for the honesty, though, it was refreshing!

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Review #10, by jman7693 One

11th January 2010:
Haha, I loved it! This was such a fun story to read. Af first, I was like wha??? But then, as the story progressed, I was like Ah. It was such an original idea for a story! I laughed and felt sorry for the poor cat at the same time! Nice job! :)

Author's Response: Haha, thanks so much!

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Review #11, by Inti One

11th January 2010:
Bahaha Georgia! That is the cutest, most downright adorable, most amazing one-shot I've seen in... for EVER!

The best bit, obviously, was Moppet's [EPICALLY WIN NAME] POV. The Angry One and the Snuggler are just such perfectly apt names for them both.
It's a fantastic story even without Moppet's cameo at the end, gorgeous characters all of them. Really do think it was Moppet that made it though.

As always just a brilliant eye for detail, and a lovely touch of whimsy. Terribly jealous of you, is there anything you can't write?


Thanks so much, Jack; truly, truly appreciate you reading this!

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Review #12, by The Empress One

10th January 2010:
When I saw the preview for this, I just knew it was going to be amazing. And it is :D I just love it so much.

The hilarity here is simply amazing, I've never seen anything quite like this. And it's Molly/Teddy which is Love. And I like how the kitty named them the Snuggler and the Angry One.

You're brilliant I love you :)


Author's Response: Shiloh! I miss you :( Thanks so much for reading, love, much appreciated. So sorry for the late reply!

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Review #13, by redherring One

10th January 2010:
Hilarious!! I mean, you had me worried for a bit, freaking out at the idea of Teddy actually being insane, but it was all hilarious all the same. Molly and Teddy were both so sweet, and - I can't believe I'm saying this - but I thought Moppet the cat was written brilliantly (and hilariously). Very Crookshanks-like, only less ginger and scary.

Outside the door, Moppet sat licking his paw with a complete disinterest only a cat could muster. - I loved that line! Cats really do have an amazing ability to look completely disinterested, don't they? Hahah xP

Plus, of course, I adore the ship. Angry One/the Snuggler forever :D


Author's Response: Haha, why is everyone so quick to throw Teddy in the loony bin? You lot are supposed to be in love with him! :P

Thanks so much, dear, for the lovely review, I MUST KNOW WHERE YOU ARE :(

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Review #14, by FluffyBunny One

10th January 2010:
I love it!! So cute!

Author's Response: Thanks so much!

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Review #15, by PenguinsWillReignSupreme One

10th January 2010:
I repeat:

Does that show how much I loved it? I'm thinking so.

In all honesty, I did at one point genuinely fear for poor Teddy's sanity but ALL WAS WELL. I admire Molly for making the extremely difficult decision between him and Moppet because THAT CAT IS SO CUUUTE (even if he does have a rather sinister, revengeful side to him - I like).

Not only at the Angry One removed him from the arms of the Snuggler before he could be properly snuggled
My favourite line just for the double use of 'snuggle' which is a completely stunning word that I may start using on a more regular basis.

So it was CUTE and FUNNY and made me giggle and made my day all fluffy and lovely and warm. Plus MORE MOLLY/TEDDY FOR THE WORLD TO ENJOY. IT IS WONDERFUL.

How to finish?
-racks brains-
Let's try:




'Snuggle' is a grand word and I highly encourage more usage :) Thanks so much, dear, I was going for charming (like you)


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Review #16, by LilyPotter One

10th January 2010:
Well that was certainly entertaining. Good story but ... wow.

Author's Response: Er, thank you? Haha, well I hope you liked it :)

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Review #17, by RonsGirlFriday One

9th January 2010:
You; our cat; a romantic holiday in Cornwall.

ROFL! I think that was when I lost it.

Hilarious and inane, in true Georgia style. XD I think the icing on the cake, though, was when Moppet referred to Teddy and Molly as The Angry One and The Snuggler. It really does make sense, from a cat's point of view.

You're crazy, but in a brilliant way. :-D


Author's Response: LOL. Thank you, my love! I am glad you pointed out that line! It was one of my favourites, too :D

Haha, thank you! That is the highest praise I can ask for :)

I seem to be getting that a lot lately (more the crazy bit though :P).
Thank you so much for reading and reviewing, lovely!

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Review #18, by Rose_Weasley123 One

9th January 2010:
Georgia, you are insane (meant in the best possible way, of course). :P.I mean- I was curious when I saw this in the previews thread, but I did not expect something like this.

I was laughing out loud throughout this entire piece. And then we reached the piece with Muppet's POV. That just killed me, really.

Everything was HILARIOUS. I loved Teddy, and Molly. Teddy was gorgeous in a crazy, slightly mental way, and Molly was just pure love. However, the best character, hands down, was Muppet. Just so- indignant, funny and malicious (in a very cute way). As a cat owner, you really did get the mannerisms right.

I am in awe of your talents. There are not many who could pull off writing this, without coming off as-
1. Someone who needs to be commited right away

2. Someone who's sense of humour is- well- not quite there.

But, somehow you made this work, in a charming, bonkers way.

I love this, and I love you, and I love you for writing this.

Bahahaha- 'The Angry One'. Best name EVAR.

Please excuse this ramble of a review. It is midnight, and I am VERY TIRED.


Anyway, this was gorgeous and hilarious and lovely.

Author's Response: Becca ♥

You are lovely, dear. Thank you so much for reading! My sanity is questioned often, yes :P

Thank you so much, love!

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Review #19, by Eridanus One

9th January 2010:

This is SO random in the most wonderful way possible, Lol. Seriously, everything about it was hilarious and Teddy and Molly were characterised very nicely. I WAS beginning to think that Teddy was some sort of insane being, but I just couldn't stop myself from laughing.

HOWEVER, I am THRILLED that you saved the best portion of the story until last. THE CAT'S POV. I probably looked like a total idiot, but that was an absolute stroke of genius. The Angry One and the Snuggler? Too amazing for words.

The cat is, quite possibly, your best characterisations EVER.

I am STILL laughing at this XD

Author's Response: DARLINGGG.

Thank you so much, my dear! I am so glad you liked this, I haven't had this much fun writing in a long while :) And what are you talking about - of course Teddy is an insane being.

Moppet is divine, no? I love him and would like a cat just like him. I am so glad you enjoyed his POV :D

Thank you so much, my love, you are too lovely! ♥

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Review #20, by SnitchSnatcher One

9th January 2010:


My god, I need to take a moment to breathe; my side hurts so bad from laughing so much.

I have no idea where you got this idea from, but it is AMAZING. Absolutely hilarious. At first when I heard - or saw rather - you and Rachel talking about it in the cbox, I'll admit I was a bit concerned for your sanity, but not anymore. This is just...well, it's just too good for words, to be honest.

I'm so glad that you decided to do humour as I love your humour. Honest to God, you are probably one of the best humour writers on this site and I can't help admiring you for your talent. It doesn't astound me as much as it takes my breath away - in the least cliched sense of the word, lol.

Really, this was just a laugh a minute. From the moment Teddy muttered the words "I know" to the end where Moppet calls Molly the Snuggler and Teddy the Angry One. Personally, I think Moppet was the best part of this. You should write some more stuff from his point of view. That would be hilarious. And awesome. But mostly hilarious, lol.

I loved it, Georgia, almost as much as I love you!!!


Author's Response: Darling, you are much too kind!

EVERYONE SEEMS CONCERNED FOR MY SANITY LATELY. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHY. But thank youuu ♥ I maybe can see why people would question my mindset after speaking of cats and Teddy. But honestly :P

I looove humour and I have not written enough lately :( I'm so flattered to hear such lovely compliments, especially from youuu! I do not deserve them but still.

I'm so glad Moppet has received such lovely praise :D I will definitely consider it, because I quite loved writings. Perhaps I will write Moppet's Revenge :P

Thank you so much for reading this and review, my love! I am glad you liked it!

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