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Review #1, by Defies_Gravity Godric's Hollow

30th August 2011:
look, no offense but this is boringme soi won't be reading any more

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Review #2, by Aurorofthelight Confrentations

28th July 2011:
(Editors note: it's confrontations not confrentations):). You are off to a good start and I like the plot on this story! Also interesting to see a Harry as an unforgiving prat instead of the usual Harry! Can't blame him for being upset but he has to learn that when you truly love someone(Ginny) you sometimes have to forgive first! The main suggestion I have for you is quit writing the story as if you are narrating the action instead of simply telling the story! For example, instead of writing "Harry walks up to Ginny, takes her into his arms and kisses her passionately", word it like "Harry walked up to Ginny, took her into his arms and and kissed her passionately". This will make your story a much easier and more enjoyable read and you'll also get better reviews! I'd also rework the current chapters to remove the narrator! I look forward to future chapters! Good luck!

Author's Response: If you don't like don't read because I'm not looking for a beta thank you very much .

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Review #3, by HermionelovesRon24 Family fights

28th July 2011:
No offence this is confusing...and Fleur cheating on Bill? That...isn't right.

Author's Response: I'm going to fix this but this is an old story that I'm reposting and they weren't married yet when I wrote this originally. Book 7 wasn't out and I didn't expect the marriage to even happen lol. I will fix that later on :).

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Review #4, by HermionelovesRon24 Talking to Arthur

28th July 2011:
Quite good, but I was kinda hoping for Ron to have a fit or something. Still good. 10/10!

Author's Response: That's so typical that I wanted something different. I also wrote this before book 7 came out so Bill would be the closest married one. I never wanted him with Fleur :D so he would be the one to contest them together. Ron just wants Harry happy like any friend would.

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Review #5, by HarryandGinnyForEver Godric's Hollow

21st January 2010:
I love it! I wish i could've read it sooner but my internet just got hooked up again and i had been going on my story from my friends computer so it was kind of hard so yeah awesome story keep writing!!! :)

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Review #6, by GINNYWEASLEY_HARRYPOTTER Godric's Hollow

19th January 2010:
aww!!cant wait til the next chapter.its sweet so far.

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Review #7, by Harry and Ginny Godric's Hollow

18th January 2010:
wow! Hermione and Ron are engaged? that's great! i can't wait to read more of this! keep up the good work please.^_^


Harry and Ginny

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Review #8, by GINNYWEASLEY_HARRYPOTTER Talking to Arthur

14th January 2010:
i love it.its so cute.i love it.aww!!

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Review #9, by Harry and Ginny Talking to Arthur

14th January 2010:
great start 4 the 1st chapter. by the way, Ginny's full name isn't Ginerva, it's Ginevra. i hope i could help u and i can't wait to read more...

Author's Response: Crud I must've missed one. Writing on auto pilot my fingers type Ginerva. When I'm fully awake and watching what I'm writing I catch that.

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Review #10, by HarryandGinnyForEver Talking to Arthur

13th January 2010:
Wow I love this chapter please update quickly! ^_^


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