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Review #1, by BrendanSpark Prologue

19th December 2010:
I certainly hope you continue this. I enjoy the premise and am curious to see what ki d if a story you build. I love your writing and currently am voraciously making my way through all of your work c

Author's Response: I hope to write this story, but at the moment i have to take a small break due to writers block, but i definitely want to return to this one

thank you so much for reviewing!!!

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Review #2, by Meg_ Prologue

30th June 2010:
Is there supposed to be more here? It seems like a great premise. I don't like the whole you were engaged to him thing. It would be more interesting if they weren't then he came and found otherwise. Anyway this says short story but it's like a one shot. Ever planning on continuing?

Author's Response: There will be more! :)

I decided to focus on finishing my other story (In Retrospect) before continuing this one so it's been on hiatus, but I've just completed IR so I'm now ready to begin work on this one!

Thank you so much.

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Review #3, by Amanda84 Prologue

21st January 2010:
I'm loving the start of this! The banner for this story is beautiful!! Can't wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response: THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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Review #4, by datbenik513 Prologue

20th January 2010:
Hi Cosmo,

Long time no see, that's for sure.

What you have here is an intriguing little chapter.
First of all, because the situation eerily reminds me of a certain event in DH.
Second, because the characters are the same, only the angle is different.

It's interesting to see that Ron, who'd always loved Hermione, actually reacted in a human way on her engagement to Harry. There's nothing bad in being OOC (at least from canon's perspective), after all, this is your universe :D

Language-wise - it's astonishing. Not overly dramatized, not Shakespearean, on the contrary: only valid emotions in a beautifully literate jacket.

I hope you'll be giving some more insight into the events foregoing this first chapter some time soon; from what I see here I can only deduce that Harry's being his ordinary PTSD'd self who managed to be egoistic enough to dump his fiancee and drown himself in self-pity. One thing is for sure: it's an instant favourite which leaves me craving for more.

Author's Response: HI!

yes, it's been terribly long, i know! *sigh* i've been dealing with a great deal of writer's block with in retrospect and just trying to persevere through that (ultimately decided not to even post anything until i finish the next few chapters as a means of further pushing myself in completing it. bout time, i'd say :D)

As for your comments on this... well i dont know what to say other than thank you, truly! i really appreciate this, more so than you can possibly imagine.

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Review #5, by apAidan Prologue

15th January 2010:
A very tender moment between Ron and Hermione there at the end of the Prologue, which makes me very curious as to how this is all going to play out.

Looking forward to this story, it's good to see something new from you here.


Author's Response: *blush* thank you :) that means a lot to read/hear! trying to force myself out of my writer's block :-

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