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Reading Reviews for Dazed and Confused
15 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Athenagirl5519 Dazed and Confused

26th June 2012:
I like it. You should do an epilogue. Words flow in this story.

Author's Response: Thanks, darlin'! Hm. Never thought of writing an epilogue for this. Perhaps. It will be further into the future though. Since I'm busy working on the next chapter of Demented, a one-shot, and the next chapter of Immaculate.

I promise to keep it in mind though!


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Review #2, by james girl Dazed and Confused

27th April 2012:
I love it! Could you write a sequel to this? Maybe about when they go public or when Teddy dumps Victoire or something like that?

Author's Response: Again, sorry but no sequel. This was another story for a contest and I really wouldn't know how to continue it. Thanks for liking my work though! Please read some more (Demented is my baby).


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Review #3, by Loony_Scorpy Dazed and Confused

11th November 2011:
Woahh this was really good! I loved it :D I loved how indepth your characterisations were and well I just loved all of it :D

Author's Response: Aww. Thanks :) I'm not the biggest slash fan out there (though a well executed one that's not just people shagging each others brains out), but I liked writing this.

And I suppose I really like writing characters in situations that are out of the ordinary and wouldn't really be thought of to happen.

Well thanks again :D


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Review #4, by Spaz Dazed and Confused

24th July 2011:
I was pleasantly surprised. It was actually quite cute and funny. Excellent job! :)

Author's Response: Thanks :) I tried to make it unlike the typical slash pieces on here.


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Review #5, by Mischief_managed18 Dazed and Confused

25th April 2011:
I've got to say, I'm not a huge slash person but this story was incredible. You really are a fantastic writer, keep up the good work!! :)

Author's Response: Oh yay! I love it when people venture out of their comfort zones to read my work; it's very flattering.

I tried to make it so that they just didn't want to tear each others clothes off, but actual feelings.

Anyway, thank you very much. And I most definitely plan to keep writing :)


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Review #6, by maskedmuggle Dazed and Confused

1st December 2010:
This is my second slash, and I'm beginning to like it...
It's just a whole new level of writing, and I think you wrote this really well!
Poor Victoire, but you made me feel very sympathethic towards Teddy and Dominique...
Nice writing :)

Author's Response: Thanks! I really tend to like slash as well...under conditions of course (aka somewhat realistic couplings, nicely written, not TOO sexual). Also, this story (and the point of view I had to take for the challenge) made me really like the idea of Dom being a guy.

Don't feel too bad for Victoire...she's kinda a bitch in this story. Teddy has a good reason to leave her. Haha.


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Review #7, by IchigoPudding Dazed and Confused

22nd November 2010:
So so cute! Loved this ;)

Author's Response: Thanks so much!


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Review #8, by MischiefMitched Dazed and Confused

28th September 2010:
The Forgotten Muse,

I very much enjoyed "Dazed and Confused". I thought it was vibrant, romantic, and as the reader, I think one would be able to cut the sexual tension in that room with a knife. It was very much eloquently written.

I look forward to reading more of your work in the future.

Cheers, MischiefMitched

Author's Response: Oh thank you! Yes, this is definitely one of my favorite one shots that I've written :D


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Review #9, by serenade Dazed and Confused

12th April 2010:



I don't know whether or not to be surprised or...or. what lol.
But that was pretty steamy haha. Actually, reeeallly, reeeaally steamy. Mmm Luke Worrall :) I'm glad you took my suggestion. You know what's ironic? ...Only not really? haha That title only came to mind because he's on the cover of so many of the magazines of that same name. And a ton of those pictures are so much related to this story. MMM! HAWT.
Luv ya ;)

Author's Response: Hahaha. Yeah, I noticed that Dazed and Confused was also a magazine he was on after I posted it. Aw well, I like it and it works well.
Yay for guy love!!
Thanks for the review, Poop-face.


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Review #10, by Kiran Dazed and Confused

11th March 2010:
It's pretty cool, are you going to write other chapters?

Author's Response: I don't think so. Unfortunately, this was just a little one-shot plot that popped into my head when I needed to for a challenge.

However, I thank you for liking it and leaving a review.


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Review #11, by taylorj828 Dazed and Confused

15th February 2010:
Hi there! It's taylorj828 here with a review! I'm so glad you participated in this challenge. It was a lot of fun to read your story. (o:

I like in the beginning, where Teddy is talking about Victoire. It's interesting to see her and women in general through Teddy's eyes. I can understand his teenage boy's POV, and I could see where many a boy might think such things as one time.

And I also like seeing Dominique from Teddy's POV, and all the details he notices, the little things that he likes. Definitely a sign of a crush...! (o:

You have some very interesting exchanges between the siblings, too. I like the details - the small glances, the lack of clothing and the disregard for it. For some reason, it does sound a bit...French or European-ish, a little bit different culture. Or at the very least, a characterization of the family, as one that's not too concerned with modesty or pretenses.

I like that Teddy is attracted to a variety of things, that he doesn't just one day decide he isn't attracted to his girlfriend, or to girls at all. It's interesting, and true to some real life situations.

And I like the easy conversation between Dominique and Teddy once Victoire and Louis leave. Good work there! Nice chemistry!

Very graphic image of Teddy's heart...! Poor guy! And yet, when we see it from Dominique's POV, then I don't feel so bad for Teddy. Or at least, I feel bad for Dominique instead.

And wow, I love the way Dominique just at once says he has feelings for Teddy. It's awesome how it's just out there all of a sudden!

Also interesting that it's the only guy each of them has ever felt that way about. It does happen that way sometimes. For some people, it's more about the person, and not so much about the gender. Nice kiss at the end, and a good discussion about how to handle their budding relationship. (o:

Thanks for participating! I will be posting the winners this week. But I think everyone who completed their piece IS a winner! (o:

Author's Response: Wow! Thanks for such a great review! You picked my story apart in the best way possible :D Of course, I have you to thank for coming up with such a great challenge.


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Review #12, by amy Dazed and Confused

6th February 2010:
i liked your story i do like some these same sex storys there intimate and loving

Author's Response: Oh thanks. I tried to make it so it just wasn't a physical attraction between Teddy and Dom. I wanted them to actually WANT each other. Haha.


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Review #13, by Femme_Fatale Dazed and Confused

5th February 2010:
Amazing! I love male Dominique. Great job for a first slash. Really, no constructive critcism here. I loved it!

Author's Response: Oh wow. No cc? That makes me incredibly happy! Maybe I'll write some more slash. I dunno. Keep an eye out!


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Review #14, by some random person Dazed and Confused

4th February 2010:
I'm not much for slash. It was cool though, and I actually liked it.

Author's Response: Oh thank you. And thanks for the review!


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Review #15, by SexyDoorFrames Dazed and Confused

4th February 2010:
Oh my. I loved this; as in actual love. As In I want a whole story cause it ended way too soon :D They are such a sexy couple together. I liked how you included all of the siblings in this one story. I also like Teddy's character as well. It was well written, it flowed nicely and was pure brilliance :D I've never really thought of Dom being a boy either, but it seems to work really well :D

and I'm so jealous of Kelly Osbourne, she has him, lukey, the stunning beast D:

excellent story. :D

Author's Response: Aw thanks. Haha. Funny that you mention the ending because this is take two on that. The first one was way too soap opera-y for my taste. Like, Victoire and Louis walk in on them, she freaks out, Louis tells her she's basically a shallow bitch, she gets pissed and tells them to have fun sarcastically and that she doesn't know how Teddy's gonna like being with someone that doesn't have boobs. Then Teddy replied that Dom had other bits to play with.

Bleh. Didn't like it so much. So I changed it. Haha.

I'd never really thought of Dom being a boy either, but it was for a challenge and that was the pairing I was given. Shrug. But I really like it. :D

Thanks again!


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