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Review #1, by You Know Who Pet Peeves and Salazar's Secret

21st January 2011:
Oh, I love stories about the Three Brothers. And this was just great so far. What I love the most was how you personified Death--creepy blighter he was. Cadmus's death was sad, Godric was well played, and Ignotus is starting to remind me of Harry.

Cursing the Hallows like that was a smart idea. Maybe Death can torment him with nightmares about his brothers' deaths?

I wish that there would be more stories about them, because its truly something to read about.

Author's Response: Ooh, thank you!! Yeah, I don't know why more people write about the Brothers, I find them so intriguing!!! And to be honest, not many people read and review then either, so Im thankful for this - though I do write for myself above other things :)

Anyways, Death has a lot of plans up his sleeve, they'll all be revealed soon!! Thanks for leaving a review!

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Review #2, by Sleeping Paige  Ignotus's Tale

9th March 2010:
Lady Marauder,

Sorry, I don't often review the second chapter util the reviwees say something. It's something I've learned over the past weeks, you know? One liners tend to irk me. I like to know people actually read the things, for they do take a while to write. Anyway, you did, so that means you get another review. Oh, yes, I believe that you have been the second person to be added to my favourites for this fic. Let's get started.

This one is shorter, yes, but it's still good. Your canon to the Beedle stories are simply remarkable. Did I mention the 'walking for Death' thing comes from Chaucer's Pardoner's Tale in CT? Well, the Bard's (who is, incidentally, Shakespeare) tales come from Grimm. Sorry, I'm going on literary analysis again, but I like to have discussion.

Personally. I have the most sympathy for Caedmus, but there you are. Going suicidal over a deceased love (while literally) gives such an image to us. I think it makes soo much sense. Here, you give her a name, ehich futthers that connection a bit. Sorry, I won't discuss the Bard's tale in full, for we already know it, but it's interesting how you make a similar connection with Rossa. She's not dead, no, but she is tied to the deal in a way. Anyone who comes in contact on a closely peronal level makes thatt choice. Do you see what I'm saying here? I hope that makes sense.

Ignotus's vernalibility indeed! That is completely
psychological. He can never leave that Cloak if he wants to cheat Death. On some level, you think that he's a coward, really, but that makes so much sense. We all fear death on some level and the dependency is there. And the thing's on the wall? I keep on forgetting that it turns invisible when the wearer puts it on. It would be a shame if nobody could ever find it, eh? I loose things all the time on the fly and that is my reaction time and time again. Where is it? Right under my nose!

Well done. Well done Chelsea. Update soon.

Respond to the review and return the favour (we all like reviews...) Re-request again if you want, if I haven't boored you,


Sleeping Paige

Author's Response: Oh, I know EXACTLY what you mean. I used to have a review thread, and Id leave this novel and get a 'thanks' My face would be like o_O

Oooh yes, Rossa is exactly that. She is important in the future!!!

Yes, I definately think that Ignotus is a coward, but like you said, I think ANYONE would be a coward after going through what he went through.

I am very glad that you like what I have done so far! Your reviews could never bore me hun!
I will surely request again when I have another update!

Thanks again (for being so wonderful!)

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Review #3, by Sleeping Paige Journey to Hogwarts

7th March 2010:
Lady Marauder,

Thank you for writing such a good piece. Yes, as you see, I do like Founder fiction. It's new and I do love different. This is, without a doubt, one of the best pieces that I have read on this forum. You'll see that I don't come by that easily. I'm very hard to please. I see that you have a skill here and that you do honour the fiction as JKR set it. I tend to like those pieces that are different, and strangely, not many people review them. That is where you find the uniqueness here. It's rare, but it's there.

Forgive me if not all of this makes sense. I'm staying at uni over break, and I'm sick, and I'm staving off soup and hot tea. I hope this makes sense. Let's take this apart, shall we?

First off let me just say that tying the Three Brothers in with the founders is simply genius. If you didn't know, she got that Three Brothers tale from Chaucer's Pardoner's Tale in CT. I was going to jump on voice because writers forget (or completely ignore) that this started a thousand years ago. No, I don't ecxpect you to write in Middle English but there are conventions. You have not forgotten that. The voices and additudes are giving a nod to the times. You did not forget that Ignotus's wife would have been completely submissive and that the times are simple. Thank you. I forgot that, of course, Ignotus is related to Godric. That's your connection. I never made that until now. Good job.

The ages? Good girl, you remembered the lifespan at this time. It makes all the sense in the worlld that Rowena is twenty years old and teaching. It is clear that both Rossa and Ignotus are young. That surprised me. You understand the conventions. You put a lot of thought into this. The colloquailism of the groundskeeper? Spot on.

Incidentally, I want to point something out to you. Sorry, I study literatures and language, so these dicussions tend to go into analysis. For thise who claimed that JKR was going againist religion, they obviously had no argument. Look at this: Ignotus, Antitoch (who were both saints) and Caedmus (a literary resource of Chaucer). I'm very, very agnostic myself, so I don't folow religion, but I study it. I'm currently on a high Catholism fix. Sorry if this bored you, but that just shows how clever she was with literatures.

Okay, back to you. I love the idea of the handmade rocking chair and that Ignotus feels that regret of being the last Peverell standing. (I still don't get why Gaunt had that damnn ring if it was the mark closely related to Gryfindor. Whatever. Jo?) I like that he respects his wife, but the simplicity and voice here just leaks from the page.

And the forst enterance into Hogwarts? Amazing. You have the simple ideas here, and you are also setting the ideas in stone that are carried on in that tradition. Lady, the idea that they split the classes never occured to me! Genius. You are fillling in holes left and right.

However, I do have two things that I think I need to point out. I doubt that the Three Broomsticks existed this far back. You say Ignotus packed his things in a suitcase. A suitcase? Dear, there was no such thing.

How many people do you imagine attended Hogwarts in that first year? Not many. I like that you have that impression here. Of course, there were only four teachers who managed everything. I love (love) yout Godric. His personality just leaks off the page. He's so open, but he keeps that professor profile. And the way you joked about education at the Opening feast? Wow ... did I mention that you explained conventions? And the way he is with that little girl? He loves the kids. And then he snaps back with Ignotus? Yes!

All right, that's a novel. I hope I kept you interested. It's so well done.

Please respond to the review and return the favour ... (We all like reviews.) I hope that you enjoyed this.

Right, I'm making more tea and turning the page,

Sleeping Paige


Author's Response: First of all, I just have to say HOLY COW LOOK AT THIS REVIEW! xD I couldnt even comprehend the words for a few minutes because I was so astounded with its thoroughness :]

Anyways, now on to the review of YOUR review :)

First of all, Im really glad you like Founder's pieces. I have no idea why most people seem to avoid them, perhaps because the attempted recollection of a strong past is a foreboding prospect? I hope I did it justice though :) Like you said, I dont understand why people dont review the different pieces. How many different ways can one Dramione writer hear "OMG UPD8 PLZ I LUV UR STORIEZ!" (not trying to diss on Dramione's btw)

Yes, I tried to heed the times, so Im really glad you mentioned that! Albus may have been however many hundreds of years old when Harry was at Hogwarts, but he was also a 20th century being. I thought that having a sixty year old Godric would be a bit inappropriate here :)

I love it when people recognize things like that about JKR's writing. In fact, I was going to infuse some religious ideals of the time into the part where Godric's father is expressing his thoughts about Cadmus' 'act', but that would have been pushing the boundaries of the ToS a bit too far, Im afraid.

Ah! Yes, I figured that those traditions must have started somewhere, why not with the geniuses who invented the place? Later, there's going to be more background about the various amazing things we know and love about the castle ;)

Honestly, I doubt that the Three Broomsticks would have originated when Hogwarts did as well. It was something I put in at the last minute, because I thought it was a fun little idea that could be an entertaining detail.

Oh dear, was there no such thing? *dies* I must fix that then. Historical accuracy is always something that has to be right, I believe. And now that I know that's there, it'll bug me until its fixed :D So thank you!

Yes, I figured that since it's the school's opening, Hogwarts is still pretty much unknown, even if the Founders ARE known. So not many people would have attended. And besides, how many children can four professors, a groundskeeper (and Ignotus) keep an eye on? Im glad you liked that part.

I am SO SO SO glad that you liked how I write Godric! He was such fun to write, because I can imagine him perfectly in my head. Of course, to be so talented and prestigious and to be the 'leader' of the Founders (like I tried to paint him), he must have that serious side. But at the same time, he is only a young man himself, and I can see him having such a personable and fun-loving nature, especially the nuturing one that comes out when he speaks with the kids.

Godric will be VERY important as this story progresses, particularly in the very last chapter, but I cant give anything away so I will just zip my lips, tell you how appriciative I am of this review (in case you couldnt already tell from the novel I typed in return to your novel), and click submit ;)

Thanks again, and I hope that the next chapter didnt let you down!
PS. I do hope you get over your sickness :) Being ill is the worst

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Review #4, by MrsKatieGrint Ignotus's Tale

6th March 2010:
Oh my... It's interesting to see how attached he is to that cloak when he knows its something untrustworthy. Very interesting how you wrote that. I love how your getting everything out there and dropping several hints along the way. Really keep up this amazing work! :D

Author's Response: Yes! I am glad you recognize the irony of it! Hmm, an eye for foreshadowing ;) Good on you, mate xD

Thanks for reviewing again! They were lovely!

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Review #5, by MrsKatieGrint Journey to Hogwarts

6th March 2010:
First founders era story and I love it already! You just have everything so crazy detailed! Its so pretty the way you write! I love it andI've always wondered about the brothers story. I can't wait to see what your going to do, and good luck in all your challenges. :)

Author's Response: Oh wow thanks! I am so glad that I've set off a good foot for Founder's stories, I think they are very underappriciated.

I am so happy you like my writing style, thanks for the good wishes and thanks for the review!

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Review #6, by keroberros Ignotus's Tale

28th February 2010:
Whew! For a minute their I felt Ignotus' anxiety.Another excellent chapter I must say. I love the character of Vladimir as well although I don't know why :)
I feel so sorry for poor Godric though as it's like he's been lied to his whole life.
I thought you re-told the story of the three brothers really well. I can't wait for the next chapter! Keep up the good work :)

Author's Response: Yay! I am glad you like it (again!) Oooh, there is more of Vlad to come!!! Thanks again!

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Review #7, by keroberros Journey to Hogwarts

28th February 2010:
I really like this as it's really different to things that I have read about the Founders before :) I think you got the archaic type language spot on as it didnt sound modern at all so well done there! In fact, there is little that I can find to fault this :)
Excellent job and I can't wait to read more

Author's Response: Thank God! Language was what I was really worried about, so Im really glad that you think it suits that time! This was literally the funnest challenge Ive been in (dont tell!) so thank you for making it!!!

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