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Review #1, by sinwillys822 Back to Hogwarts

7th February 2012:
Aw what a sweet wish of the professors.

Author's Response: I don't quite understand what you mean? Do you agree with what I have done? =]

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Review #2, by Damien Green Back to Hogwarts

31st January 2012:
Loved it so far, read the whole thing today, would love to beta for you and proof read the chapers.

Give us a shout and I'll be glad to lend a hand.

Author's Response: You are a legend, email me on liam - pearce at hot mail . co . uk

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Review #3, by sinwillys822 King's Cross

29th December 2011:
The story is going along fine but would like u to add again soon.

Author's Response: I will try my hardest! :D x

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Review #4, by gothgirl131 King's Cross

20th December 2011:
This is an amazing book! Keep writing!

Author's Response: Next chapter is almost ready, uni is more demanding than i thought but it should be soon :) x

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Review #5, by patronumhero The Past and a New Beginning

13th November 2011:
Very good so far! The only issue at hand is the grammar. If you don't already have one, I'll happily help you with editing if you'd like.

Author's Response: that would be fantastic! email me at liam - pearce at hotmail dot co dot uk

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Review #6, by dosthdeepak King's Cross

7th November 2011:
keep going ur pretty good

Author's Response: Thanks the next chapter should be up in the next week or 2 :)

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Review #7, by Hpfan 4eva Back home

4th November 2010:
You ar doing nothing wrong I love this story!! Please update soon! Oh and are you thinking of including Luna? Just wondering.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for your support. Luna will definately be added to this story, I love her character. Just about to put the next chapter up so keep checking =]

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Review #8, by Michael Back home

25th July 2010:
I have realy enjoyed how this story has developed, if at times it does seem a bit rushed. There were a few grammar mistakes but im guessing your waiting until you get the enire story on before revising.
P.S. I have noticed that sometimes you will take time to say things that probably arent necessary. Like when Tobias is commenting on Harry being an adult he realy didnt need to repeat that Harrys an adult now, either of those sentences would have done fine alone.

Author's Response: Wow thanks for your suppoprt, your right I am waiting to get my story finished and then revising it unless I can get a beta. i will keep your comments in mind =] x

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Review #9, by Michael Girls, Wills and Order's

25th July 2010:
Not bad, you may want to read over these again after you finish writing simply for a spelling and grammar check. Otherwise I think its an excellent story with only a few minor problems, best of luck with your future writing.

Author's Response: thank for your support, unless I can get a beta I will wait till my story has finished and then go over it.

=] x

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Review #10, by hogwart_lady Back home

24th July 2010:
wow i love all ur chappies but i so want harry to have a family and the weasleys r perfect please continue this great story

Author's Response: thanks for your support the next chapter shouldn't be long x

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Review #11, by kookoobaby456 Forks

20th June 2010:
Please please continue. I really like the story. Please please

Author's Response: I am posting the next chapter now =] x

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Review #12, by Samantha Poore The Past and a New Beginning

14th June 2010:
This was pretty good. The beginning was basically a lot of explaining though. But is was good all the same.

Author's Response: Thanks, because this is so different from the original i felt that I need to explain what was going through my head. More action will come though =]

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Review #13, by Sharpie Marker_ The Past and a New Beginning

2nd May 2010:
ugh please dont combine Harry Potter with retched twilight. DOWN WITH MEYARS!

Author's Response: wow thanks for your input but it does clearly say this is a crossover. Don't like it don't read it =]

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Review #14, by sinwillys822 Forks

17th March 2010:
i loved the chapter and can't wait to read what happens next.

Author's Response: Thanks. The next chapter is coming along nicely and will be up soon I hope. Trying to get as many up as possible since the backlog is really short.

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Review #15, by lovette Getting Ready

20th February 2010:
continue totally loving it

Author's Response: Thanks will try just not getting much time to write at the minute =[

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Review #16, by shubham Taking things serious

16th February 2010:
Let the relationship between HP and HG continue.
Your plot is good.
So Please post the next chapter soon.

Author's Response: I plan on letting them continue. I love HP and HG relationships. The next chapter is waiting to be validated =]

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Review #17, by V. McGonagal Taking things serious

13th February 2010:
i find this story to be very good.
I cant say if i love it yet though because there´s not enough chapters to decide.

Ps i like that it´s a mix between harry potter and twilight

Author's Response: Thanks very much. And I understand completely that there aren't enough chapters but unfortunately I am not a trusted author and the chapters seem to be taking a while to be vailadated =]

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Review #18, by emmets_girl Taking things serious

30th January 2010:
i love your story, its awesome anyone that thinks otherwise is nut. you should totally update, story is on my faves list. i rate a 10/10

Author's Response: wow thanks this is easily the best review I have had so far you have just got yourself named in the next authors note. Go you!

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Review #19, by ajinkya Girls, Wills and Order's

24th January 2010:
of course man its ur story...i didnt meant to be rude..as i already said the pace of ur story is fast.harry leading DA grp is definately fine but oop..man u tell me a 16yr old cannot lead at this level...think abt it practically.well i should nt judje u by 2 chpters..i hope ur further chpts justifies ur story.

Author's Response: ok thanks for your in put and I will definately take it into consideration when updating them

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Review #20, by ajinkya Girls, Wills and Order's

23rd January 2010:
well man i am very sorry to say tht u r exagerateing harry too much.16yr olld a leader of oop???man if u continue like this ur story gonna flop...by the way how old r u?(u hv thnk a little practically).

Author's Response: thanks for your opinion but as it's my story i think I will decide =] if this story flops then that is my fault. Harry is leader because he is the main in the war without him there would be no war just the dark taking over. Dumbledore needs to treat him as the key to the war and teach him to take control it will all make sense later on.

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Review #21, by farsendor The Past and a New Beginning

13th January 2010:
hope harry is powerful and smart in this book most cases hes powerful but still does not study enough or learn enough magic to do much.

but anyways like the first chapter hope this is a long one

Author's Response: Thanks very much. It will be a long one I am loving writing this at the minute. We will have to see if he does study? :P

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Review #22, by ajinkya The Past and a New Beginning

13th January 2010:
hey buddy,ur story hv potential...ok ,.BUT lot of things r confusing.u hv to strech ur story.so go slow,explain certain facts first.for eg the behaviour change of petunia,elaborate the greif of harry...and laws of winzemagot doesnt change in a day.dont exagerate harry.

Author's Response: thanks for your idea's i am just trying to get the chapters up at the minute but I will be going back through them and improving them as much as I can. I will keep your comments in mind. thanks =]

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