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Review #1, by severus_lover What Makes You Different

21st July 2011:
Darn I would have never, ever (ever! lol) Thought that a pairing like this could work but I was definitely put in my place wasn't i? This was so enjoyable. You made me like Neville! This was so sweet. The gay bar was unexpected though o_O lol but effective. Good job!


Author's Response: Hi Kay! Aw thanks for the kind words! This was an interesting challenge, and I, too, had never thought to put these two guys together but I enjoyed trying it out anyway. (o: Thanks for reading and also leaving a comment!!

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Review #2, by icefire_lioness What Makes You Different

24th February 2010:
Aww, Tay!
You know I love all your writing so so much, and this was just brill. As usual. :D
I never, ever thought that Neville/Draco could work so well, but you just did an amazing job! Both of the boys were totally in character, and the whole situation was just lovely. You're so lovely! *adds to shrine*
And the last line? Just magic. ^_^

Author's Response: Hahaha, thanks so much! It was a fun and interesting challenge, as I've never really written Neville and certainly never considered pairing him with Draco of all people! But that's why I like challenges, it makes you think of different sides of things, what might attract someone at second glance, for example.

Thanks for your lovely review and kinds words! I'm always so happy to hear from you! (o:

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Review #3, by _Lady Marauder_ What Makes You Different

15th January 2010:
Hello! Yay! Time to review this piece of loveliness!!!

Lemme start with Neville. Aww, he was so cute at the beginning part, and I think you got his character right on! He shows that nerdy-nerdy side of him when he starts on about the plants, but you didnt forget who Neville IS, ultimately a big 'fraidy cat, like when he was scared of the forest. Speaking of the forest, I am really glad you had him flash back, however quickly, to the scene from first year. People seem to forget that it was NEVILLE not RON who was the fourth person in detention. Oi, the movies can be so misleading. And, I always knew Neville was gay! haha The way he is planning to use Malfoy in the beginning--the part about Draco being an attractive lure--is really witty, and Im glad you showed yet another unexpected (though not necessarily untrue) side of Neville's character. And I like how you didnt have him immediately fall prey to Malfoys considerable wiles. He was so awful at school, it makes more sense for Neville to be skeptical, like how you wrote him.

Okay, I already know you're good at writing Malfoy ^_^ And you definately didnt disappoint me. I know we have no idea how Malfoy turned out in canon, besides the fact that he lived long enough to be features in the epilouge, but you came to a logical conclusion for him. Gosh, his reactions when he found out that Neville took him to a gay bar were so priceless! All the blabber about his 'image' and 'reputation' were typical Malfoy. And then how by the end, how he didnt care about that reputation anymore was really quite cute and romantic. The way he became friends with Neville makes much sense. After all, they didnt really KNOW each other in the books, Malfoy just hated him on principle, based on the fact that he was a gryffindor, he was bad at magic, and he was good buds with the trio. Its good that you didnt forget that Malfoy WAS on the wrong side during the war, and they surely wouldnt have let him off scotfree after Voldemort was defeated. Repercussions were probably inevitable. Draco's enthusiasm about his potion definately made me smile. Its like Draco is this hard, harsh character with a snippity mouth but when he talks about his potion, this...innocent excitement shines through, and you get to see the softer side that we never saw in the books (with Harry's jaded view of Malfoy, I mean). I think I can picture where you might have had to change it, like you were saying, to fit ToS, and though I dont have the first to compare it to, I think I can say that it didnt take anything away from the character. I still got hints of Malfoy's abrasive character in the beginning.

"Fine then, let's have a gay evening, shall we?" This line is quite good. Its like even though Draco is accepting the fact that he is where he is, he cant get rid of that little snarky tone in his speech.
"A wizarding gay bar in London. Diagon Alley was certainly expanding its borders." That is a hilarious line. It suprised quite a few chuckles out of me as I read it.

The way Malfoy finally 'told' Neville about how he felt was so sweet, and it made me go, "Awww!" He really put it all out there with that kiss huh? But I suppose Draco has probably never been turned down before (I wonder why? haha *raises eyebrows and tries to look nonchalant*) And the last line was awesome, of course. It left me hoping that they would be together for a while.

You've turned this pairing into something that might happen, and seems realistic, which was the whole point of the challenge. This was a hard pairing, and I was wondering how you would do it, but you pulled it off with flying colors! Good job!!! I really enjoyed it!

Author's Response: Hi Chelsea!

Thanks for this lovely, long, in depth review! It was a pleasure to take part in this challenge, and I look forward to doing more challenges one day. However I really need to finish a couple of WIPs first! But it was great to get my mind going in another direction for just a little while. (o:

Neville - it was interesting writing him, trying to take into account who he was in years 1-5, and sort of who he grew to become in 5-7, and then how he might have continued to have grown, matured, or changed after schooling. Sometimes the nerdiest people in school end up being the most successful. You never know, really. I could see other ways that Neville might turn out, but in this case, this is how he developed, and I think it's neat...

I'm so glad you felt I got his character right-on. (o: I've not really written him before, besides in passing mentions. As for the flashback to the forest in first year - I'm glad I remembered, too! My beta helped me, also. But I knew Neville and Draco were there, so I wanted to draw on that, and what it might make Neville think, years later, in the Forrest with Draco again. As for Neville being gay - I can imagine worlds where he's straight, and others where he's gay. *shrug* I like that fanfic allows me to see many different versions of their world. (o:

As for Malfoy - haha! I do enjoy writing him. (o; He's so amusing. I'm glad you liked him in this story. Of course I took some liberties, not knowing what happens aside from the Epilogue, but I was hoping it would be a reasonable conclusion for him. And I'm really pleased that you found him to be in-character, even though it might at first seem out of character for Neville and Draco to be in a fic together. (o:

And I always try to keep my fics as canon as possible - in the examples of Draco having fought on the wrong side of the war, and having some kind of repercussions. I'm a big fan of realism within fic, and I think a lot of time that's the challenge in writing the things I like to write - trying to make the realistic and believable.

As for what I changed in this 'version' of the story, it was only a line, really, and a bit of shuffling of the surrounding lines, so you're not missing anything. (o: I'm satisfied with the compromise.

Thanks so much for quoting the lines you liked! I love seeing which lines stand out to a reader. (o: I certainly had fun writing Draco, teehee. And even Neville, too. Neville surprised me. (o:

So glad you liked Malfoy telling Neville what he was feeling/thinking. And yeah, he really did put himself out there with the kiss. Like you, I doubt Malfoy has rarely been rejected.

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing, and offering such enthusiasm and encouragement. (o: I'm glad I could be a part of this challenge and I hoped others had as much fun and growth as I did, doing it. (o: Thanks so much!

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Review #4, by ShadowKisses What Makes You Different

9th January 2010:
I really like this Neville - confident, skilled (in Herbology, I mean! =P), smart enough to match Malfoy's snarkiness and yet clueless enough to still be, well, adorable. ^_^ Malfoy's indignation at having been brought to a gay bar was really quite amusing. And yaaay, boy!kissing. *squees* What an interesting pairing (although it pales in comparison to my first love, h/d of course =P)... I wouldn't object to reading more of it. Such a cute, lighthearted fic. *loves* 10/10

Author's Response: Hi ShadowKisses! Thanks for reading this! It was probably my first time to really write Neville, and it was interesting trying to envision him having grown up and become a professor. I'm so glad that you liked this version of Neville. And Malfoy, of course, is always amusing to write, hehe!

I'm glad you liked them, and their boy!kissing, haha. I agree that it's an interesting pairing to think about, but it definitely pales in comparison to H/D. What can I say, I really love H/D too! (o: But still, it's fun to walk in someone else's shoes for awhile, and to wonder, "What if.?" Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

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