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Review #1, by irrelevant Chapter 5

29th March 2011:
Getting interesting :) sctratch that, it's still interesting :) I really like how the action flows and basically everything. Hope you update.

Author's Response: I plan on updating at some point in the future. I tend not to be able to focus on one story for too long, and combine that with school and my desire to constantly procrastinate and, well, things just don't get done. Thanks for taking the time to read and review! I'm happy to hear you find it interesting. :D

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Review #2, by xtinjsc Chapter 4

15th October 2010:

(How oh how will you be able to top that? :P)

I was wrong then. Rose wasn't a spy but


What a shocker. Of course, as to whether she joined the evil ranks willingly or she was forced to do so remains a mystery. I'm leaning on the latter, just because I can't imagine a daughter of Hermione and Ron to end up as such a wreck, but who knows? Then again, the idea that someone that close to James to be actually one of the enemies is very engaging too, albeit rather tragic. Now I'm really intrigued.

Speaking of optimism and rainbows, I was shocked when you killed Parson! Leave it to you to finish off the most useful member of the team the first time you got the chance, Mr. Positive. Heehee. It was all so sudden and I barely registered that James' asset was already gone for good. I must say, I am now fairly used to your style of writing. You know, the Bam! Character one, dead! Bam! Death Eater forty two, dead! - fast-paced, no flowery purple prose, not so many reflection from the MC etc. But as always, a little description will not hurt. And oh, watch out for those Potter terms that I told you about. ^_^

I think the whole rescue mission was a little rushed actually. I mean, James only got to meet his companions minutes before they depart? Wouldn't that be a too, I dunno, inconvenient for them? I suppose they had to do the whole planning expeditiously but they had this guy Parson, who knew his way in and out of Azkaban, right? Wouldn't it be more prudent if he at least give them an idea of the lay-out and they plan a strategy? Or is that the plan - to be as unpredictable as much as possible? Or... is that how The Resistance normally do things? Avoid any type of organizational strategy, so no harebrained member would forget the plan and screw things up? Hahaha. I ask a lot of questions. Sorry! :P

Your style, where you add this fast little tidbits composed of nothing but dialogues or sometimes letters and notes, is very familiar and I was wondering for a while about that. Are you familiar with the author Sydney Sheldon and his works? You remind me of his writing style a little. You know, with the scenes where a minion will approach a master and they'll discuss about this 'person' and the master will give a dramatic one-liner and the readers will know that the 'person' will never see the light of day ever again? Very Sheldon and I like it! He's one of my favourite authors. ^_^

James as the leader... he wasn't very effective, was he? I guess he's just not the observant type, but come on! Those brooms were conveniently just there. Wouldn't he be at least a little suspicious? Okay, so maybe the fact that they were chased by tons of killers with wands would cause him to panic a little, but the events before that, with the Death Eaters not going for the kill at the beginning and leading them to Rose etc. were a little suspicious, too. I dunno. Maybe I just complain a lot. Heehee. As for Deimos, poor guy, his nastiness was a not so evident here (except that part where he blasted the ceiling :P) because he had to follow James around. Hahaha. I still don't know why he does it, though. I'm intrigued. Gotta love Muldoon on this one, though. Absolutely! :P

Okay, this is it for me on this round! I truly enjoyed reading your story, my friend. I'm sorry if most of my reviews were just silly girly ramblings. Haha. I don't normally do this but you've given me so much freedom with your areas of concern and we sort of know each other already, so I allowed myself to go crazy a little. It was nice, though, so thank you! And I hope to see you on my thread soon for chapter five and future chapters! ^_^

PS. Actually, I expect to see you on my review thread. If you don't re-request, I will cry.

PPS. You know I'm just kidding, right? But seriously, if you want me to continue this for you, please feel free to drop by my thread, kk? *hugs*

Author's Response: _,

(You've just been topped! OH SNAP.)

Of course I can't tell you anything about Rose, so her Death Eater status and whether she joined them willingly or not is to remain a mystery. Actually, I think I get around to explaining that (partially) in few chapters. Anyway.

You're right about the BAM SOMEBODY'S DEAD BAM ANOTHER GUY IS DEAD ETC. I think it's this story, to be completely honest. I usually don't kill off very many people. I tried to limit it in this one, as opposed to Sunday Morning where I seemed to just kill anybody, but that and description is something I need to work on. I don't want to be the guy who kills everybody off all the time. XD

It WAS rushed, primarily because they knew Rose was there and they wanted to get to her before she wasn't. That, and the resistance really isn't that organized. It's a bit of a mess. Take the Order and pretend that they never had any sort of a real plan for anything. That's these guys. They're just kind of winging it. Why else would a teenager be in charge here? If they had planned it out, it might have gone better, but they may have lost Rose. That was their concern.

I have actually never heard of Sydney Sheldon. XD I may have to go look him up now, though. I did the little dialogues at first because I wanted to let people know what was going on with the DE's without switching perspectives. I had started a different story before this where I switched between DE and Auror perspective, and I didn't want to that again but I wanted to let everyone know what the bad guys were thinking. So I went with that (in Sunday Morning) and added notes and stuff in for this one. I enjoy doing it. I didn't know it was similar to what an actual author did. XD

James wasn't an effective leader, no. He really ISN'T a good leader. He's reckless, immature, impulsive and... well, yeah. He had Scorpius in Sunday Morning and here, he had Deimos, who isn't the slightest bit Scorpius-like. Deimos has a reason for his DE hating and nastiness, and that'll be revealed at some point. Muldoon was the highlight, of course.

Thanks for your reviews! The ramblings do help. I'll be sure to head back to your review thread for future chapters/stories/etc.

PS. I'll re-request. Pinky swear.

PPS. I'll be there. Someday. =D

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Review #3, by xtinjsc Chapter 3

12th October 2010:
Linus Van Pelt,

(Aha! let's see you counter that one :P)

They were going back to Azkaban, eh? Oh man, I feel horrible now, because I kinda knew where the whole thing would lead to. I recently acquired this habit of reading through the previous reviews before on a story before leaving mine, see? Ahhh. That ruined the surprise for me! But I would save my Holy cheese, Rose Weasley was a spy! comment for the next chapter. :P

So, this chapter, as opposed to the previous one, was rather mellow. I could understand that, because you had to give us the back story for The Resistance. I liked your idea for it, with the whole unorganized rebel movement situation. It would be realistic too, because I assumed, after the fall of Voldemort in Harry's time, people would be more complacent then. And having a menace Dark Lord back that soon wouldn't normally occur on people's mind yet; therefore, they'd be less prepared for it. Though I have this suspicion that you did that as well to save you from having your characters move across the country to communicate with the other branches. Heehee. Don't mind me, I'm just teasing you. :P

And while I still think that you could use some description love, those tidbits of the Death Eaters composed of nothing but dialogues, was very nifty! It added some spice to the otherwise monotonous setting, you know? I couldn't even ask you to change it or add anything on the lines of 'Rookwood whispered, his eyes narrowing in disgust' or whatever, because I like the variety it brought to the chapter. And of course, they were quite funny, too, so that would always be a plus for me!

Deimos killed 16 people... that made him automatically nasty in my eyes! And I mean nasty in a weird girly type of way meaning, er, desirable. Please don't judge how my mind works. :P But come on! That'd be killing one person in every 1.33 bar minutes! He definitely pwned even you, Blanket Bandit! Hahaha! Seriously though, I was very intrigued by the guy. As I said, he didn't seem to me as a savage person, so I am definitely looking forward to how he managed to do that. Can't say the same about James, though. He was more like an observer on this one. Like an instigator, you know, one of those characters who just steers the conversation and keeps the action going? Yeah. But I liked that we saw more of his and Scorpius' friendship this time, if we could call it that. I mean, it was fairly clear that they both understand each other's personalities well.

But the most interesting character on this chapter really was Muldoon! Muldoon FTW! :P

As always, the chapter was very well-written technical-wise, so good job and thank you! I also liked the fact that you made the names of your characters very familiar by using some of the ones that were originally mentioned in the Potter books like Urquhart and Vaisey. Tied the story in with the series, you know? And you made some Slytherins a part of the good guys' club too! I liked that. And as always, your brand of humor was one of my favorite things about this chapter. You go, Linus! Haha

That's it for me! I feel a little bad that the only CC I could give you was to add some description (and even that one was a half-hearted suggestion :P) so I'm terribly sorry. And I'll see you in four! *salutes*

PS. I have nothing. It just feels like this has become a tradition, so I had to put it here. ^_^

Author's Response: Tinny Tinny Tin Tin,

Way to spoil it for yourself! XD At least there aren't any reviews for chapter 5, so no spoiling there, right? The HOLY CHEESE will be appreciated, though. >:D

This one was pretty mellow, like you said. It's a change of pace from Sunday Morning. There, something was constantly happening and here, there isn't any real need for that. But that's how I want to write it for some reason, and sometimes it just feels rushed or something. But anyway. The reason behind all the different branches was mostly because I figured there would be a lot more members than the Order had and I really didn't want to try introducing them all to the reader. Too many characters. Though your explanation works too. XD

I haven't really started chapter 6 yet, so when I start writing that I'll try to work on my description. Maybe this weekend when I get a break from all my studying I'll go back and try to add some description to everything, too. I like doing those Death Eater parts; it kind of gives you an idea of what's going on on their side without really telling you too much. Or so I like to think. Anyway.

There's a reason for his... er... 'nastiness', if you want to put it like that. XD I just can't tell you yet. :D Seeing as I've never killed anyone, he definitely beat me, yes. And James wasn't very interesting, was he? You're right, he just steers the conversation around. I've got to work on that in the upcoming chapters; hopefully I can get him back on track.

Muldoon is the most interesting character ever. I'm glad you picked up on that. :D

Slytherins can be part of the good guy club too! They have proven it. Well, here, at least. They didn't really do that in the books. Anyway, thanks a lot for your review! Look forward to seeing you in chapter 4!

PS. This is a PS.

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Review #4, by xtinjsc Chapter 2

27th September 2010:
BeeBee, ;P

Man, the ending to this was oddly satisfying for me. Haha. I was kind of convinced from the moment that Malkin mentioned the resistance that Scorpius Malfoy would be involved, and I guess I should not have been that surprised when it was revealed that he was the leader, but, I don't know, I guess I was just glad that he finally showed up, because I was really curious about him ever since that newspaper article on the first chapter. His line about saving the world, though, was a little corny but hey, it made me laugh! :P

This chapter was rather fast - more action and less narration. I understand that it had to be that way because they had to move a lot. And I must say, I enjoyed reading this chapter as well despite the fact that nothing really special happened. The dialogues fitted the fast pacing of the story but I was looking for a little more description. I wouldn't say they were particularly stiff, but at times they could be formulaic. Am I making sense? Haha.

Okay so Deimos and James seemed to have acquired a silent understanding that the latter was to be the decision maker. For some reason, Deimos decided to follow James, despite him claiming that he wasn't going to join the resistance. James didn't stop or convince him, yeah? But he still went with him anyways, which surprised me a little because I expected them to separate after the Apparition. And I have a question about that, btw. How come Greyback Apparated them to Diagon Alley? Was it just the same as Hermione, when the Trio turned up on Tottenham Court Road - it was the first place he thought of? Or was there any special reason? I'm not sure but the two of them showing up on the Alley and hearing immediately about the resistance seemed too convenient. Heh. Maybe it's just me wanting to complicate things. Haha

One line here seemed a little off. When James asked Kenneth how the latter learned to Apparate and Kenneth answered something like 'when you're on the rum from Voldemort, you should be able to do that', it was followed by this:

Then they apparated. --> which I think was a distraction more than anything. Haha. If you ended that with Kenneth's last sentence, then the flow would've been smoother and powerful. For me, at least.

Speaking of Kenneth, he was quite an interesting character. And I had this impression that at first, James sought out the resistance because of him and not the group itself. That he was never really sure that he'd join the cause, he was just motivated to see a familiar face, you know? Oh, I just remembered, the way that people kept recognizing James right away slightly bothered me. I get that he was famous, being the son of Harry Potter and all, but he spent nine months in a decrepit prison. I supposed his appearance would've changed, like an overgrown facial hair, gaunt features or something. Or do they allow you to shave in Azkaban? Haha. This is probably just me again, wanting things to be more dramatic.

Again, this chapter is very well-written, technical-wise. The only thing I want to you watch out for, and I forgot to mention this on your first chapter, was the way you wrote the Harry Potter terms. Words like Apparate, Side-Along Apparition and Muggles (this was on the previous chappie) should be capitalized, just as JKP wrote them. I know I sound very nitpicky right now, but it's just one of those things I feel very particular about.

That's it for me this time! Woo! I'll see you in three!

PS. lol on your Author's Note on chapter one, btw. Martial Law vs Marital Law? Haha

PPS. The Azkaban guards wouldn't let the Blanket Bandit in? Pfft! What, you had to knock on the door or something? I thought you operate by stealth?

Author's Response: I have nothing to counter BeeBee, so I'll go with TinTin. >:D

Yep, Scorpius is here to save the day! Well, not really, but you know what I mean. I wanted to make him different from Draco and yet at the same time very much the same. If that makes any sense at all. So a leader of the resistance he is!

You make perfect sense. XD I'm not terrific when it comes to description; I just tend to write things like BOOM BOOM BOOM. "This happened and then that happened and..." It's something I have to work on.

Yeah, that's an excellent point. Deimos just kind of went with him anyway. To be honest, I think it just slipped my mind as I was writing. XD Terrible of me, I know. And yes, it was the first place he thought of. It does seem too convenient; originally, he apparated them to some forest where he had lived with Fenrir and the rest of his family for awhile, but that didn't really flow very well and I cut it.

I'll have to go back and change that line; it looks like I said "when you're on the rum", too, which makes no sense. XD

I think I just assumed, while you're right and his appearance probably would've changed a bit, it wouldn't have changed drastically and people wouldn't have had a difficult time telling that it was him. I also assumed they allowed him to shave. XD

I'll go back and edit in those capitalizations (when I'm not feeling terribly lazy)! Thanks for your review!

PS. Well, a friend mixed them up and I wanted to make sure other people didn't. XD

PPS. I do operate by stealth! I just thought I'd knock first. It always pays to be polite.

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Review #5, by Ravenclaw333 Chapter 3

26th September 2010:
Really enjoying this! I like the setup of the resistance movement, it seems quite realistic, particularly the leaders of it and the lack of respect the Death Eaters have for it. Once again, I love your use of humour, particularly with Scorpius. A very interesting plot as well, well done indeed :D

Author's Response: Thank you again and thanks for reviewing! :D

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Review #6, by Ravenclaw333 Chapter 1

26th September 2010:
Very good so far! I like the alternative ending idea of the Death Eaters being in control again, it makes a nice change from the only drama in the next generation being love triangles. You have a very good writing style, and your descriptions of Azkaban are believable and detailed. You use subtle humour, which enhances the story well without being overbearing. Looking forward to reading more, I'll review another chapter or two :)

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! Glad you liked it; I wouldn't be any good at writing a love triangle, so I've got to stick to something else! XD

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Review #7, by xtinjsc Chapter 1

26th September 2010:
Yo, Linus!

Okay, so I hope you'll bear with me on this, because you've never really given me any specific thing that you wanted me to comment about, so if I start to ramble, please don't throw things at me, kk? ^_^

Man, the start of this was really depressing, wasn't it? Harry. Dead. Neville. Dead. Voldemort. Alive. My, you're a happy positive person, aren't you? :P But I applaud you for pulling this off. This was a very well-written. One of the reasons why I enjoyed reading this (when I got over the whole sadness of it all, that is) was that I wasn't distracted with the technical stuff like grammar, tense, punctuations etc. Good job! Your descriptions were very good as well. I couldn't help but shudder and feel sorry for James when he was 'demoted' to that cell without a blanket and a mattress - that was just horrible! You really laid out the Azkaban set-up well. The sheer dreadfulness of that place was really present as I was reading this.

On a slightly unrelated and silly note, that part reminded me of you! Haha. At the mention of 'blankets' I immediately thought, where's Blanket Bandit when you need him? :P It doesn't add up so moving on...

I liked your version of James. You managed to give him a good combination of Harry and Ginny's character traits - especially with him being cheeky. Despite the whole gloomy setting, he lightened things up with his smart quips toward the Death Eaters, which I really enjoyed. I wasn't sure though, if he was naturally like this from the beginning (on Sunday Morning), or he just turned this way because of all that happened - but he seemed rather suspicious and distrustful. I was guessing the latter, but I could not be sure. And I wondered about that part why he could not Apparate, because I seemed to remember from your SM summary that he was a seventh year when the Death Eaters attacked, yeah? He was that bad with Apparating?

I must say, I liked Deimos better, though. Not just because I loved the name (I'm a sucker for Mythology :P) but because he was very intriguing. Clearly, even though James never saw him attend Hogwarts, he knew how to use magic, and quite talented at it too. And he seemed like a decent person. Like when James entered his cell, he even introduced himself, yeah? A savage person wouldn't even bat an eyelash and just go for the kill, I assumed. But Deimos used the 'diplomatic' approach. He was a funny man too. Haha. I have a wild theory, based on his name, btw. He has a twin, hasn't he? It's possible that you can't answer this, but I thought I'd ask anyway. :P

And for some reason, that part when they lured Runcorn and Lynch reminded me of a James Bond movie. Weird, I know. o.O One thing that slightly bothered me on this story was how the events seemed to happen rather quick. I was probably just looking for some more details on some of them, like that fight scene with the Death Eaters before the wall was blasted and the two of them jumped. And one of you reviewers mentioned this already, but I thought they could've just stunned or put Silencio charm on that tattle-tale ex-Death Eater too. But hey, I understand that it wouldn't be as exciting when they escaped out of Azkaban unscathed. ^_^

The flow was very good. I wasn't at all bored, so good job! And I am looking forward to reading what happened next. That's it for now then! I'll see you in chapter two! ^_^

Author's Response: Hello hello! No worries about rambling. XD I didn't have anything specific I wanted commenting on, so I don't mind.

The start of the story was rather depressing, wasn't it? I am actually a rather positive person (I am perhaps the most optimistic person you'll ever meet, as my dad tells me so often), but the story itself is... not positive. Well, at least this part. I can't say if things will start to look up anytime soon! That would be spoiler territory! But the idea was just to get rid of Voldemort's old enemies. It's James' show now.

The Blanket Bandit is always present! The Death Eaters just wouldn't let me into the prison. :D

James was always a little cheeky. The suspicion and distrustfulness he'd have gotten from being in Azkaban with Death Eaters for nine months. He's managed to sort of remain the same and yet not. If that makes sense. Yes, James was terrible at Apparating. He can't do it without leaving behind an arm or a leg, and he'd prefer not to do that. XD

Ah, I love my mythology too! I'm hoping to flesh his character out more by the end of this story and I hope it'll interest people. He's really not a monster like his father was. Ah, Deimos and Phobos. No, he doesn't have a twin. In my original story he DID, though. I scrapped that idea because it didn't work. I can't say anything more about that! Spoiler town.

Yeah, things go by quick. XD I like it when things are happening in stories and the characters aren't just sitting around, so I prefer to write like that. I'll try to work on adding more description, though, because I agree. I'm not the best at descriptions. And yeah, I could have (should have) just stunned or silenced the tattle tale. The real reason behind THAT, though, is that the idea didn't even come to mind. XD

Anyway, thank you for your review! Look forward to your review on chapter two! :D

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Review #8, by Esmerilda Chapter 4

14th September 2010:
That Rose Weasley is a Death Eater, certainly comes as a shock in terms of her heritage (although the availability of the brooms did not make it as much of a shock in terms of the plot). Unless she is a second Snape. And barring the use of Polyjuice.

However, there must be another spy? If Rose was in Azkaban, even as a cover, she would not have been able to inform Voldemort that Scorpius knew about her being there.

I'm really not a fan of the genre, but I admit this intrigues me somewhat, so congratulations.

Please pop in to my thread when you update if you'd like me to review more chapters.


Author's Response: The next chapter will explain more, so I won't say anything just yet. There is another spy; Rose wasn't doing anything other than sitting in her cell the entire time. I think the next chapter will reveal who the spy is. I'm not completely sure, though. I'll have to double check. Anyway, thanks for your reviews! I'll be sure to request again once I've updated!

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Review #9, by Esmerilda Chapter 3

14th September 2010:
I have the strangest idea... Could Jerhico actually be the spy? Rookwood says that Scorpius knows, not that Scorpius and Jerhico / the resistence knows. Or maybe Lorcan... He seems to know who is alive and who is dead, although he doesn't seem the type.

This seems like one of those necessary chapters with quite a bit of explanation. Luckily there is humour to be found in it, otherwise it might have become tedious.

I'm curious as to why Deimos killed the Death Eaters. I doubt it was out of any altruistic motive?

Certainly another well-written chapter!

I enjoy the fact that none of your characters are perfect, even just in as far as appirition is concerned.

Why does everyone think James is the answer? Is it simply because he resembles his father?


Author's Response: I can't say who the spy is, obviously, so... no comment! XD

You're right, there was a bit of explanation needed. I was going to combine it with chapter 4, but it felt too long to me and so I broke it up. As for why Deimos killed those Death Eaters, you may be surprised as to why he did it. I can assure you that it wasn't because he's a violent person. Even though he is.

Thank you again for your review! Everyone is looking to James more or less because he's Harry's son. He's not the most talented or the smartest or anything really, but he's the son of the Boy Who Lived and they're all kind of hoping that'll be enough.

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Review #10, by Esmerilda Chapter 2

13th September 2010:
Scorpius? :D Now that ought to prove interesting.

I was wondering, did you base this story on any particular dictatorship? Germany, maybe?

I'm also curious as to why only Albus, Lily and Ginny were mentioned. Didn't James want to know what happened to his cousins as well?

I'm looking forward to finding out about Deimos' past. Maybe that will be waiting for me in the next chapter.

Deimos seemed pretty sure of a negative reception. Why did the 'Light' show such a delayed response? It almost feels like Deimos goes missing for a while to move the story along. (-Chuckles as she thinks about her friend who had the habit of forgetting about her talking horse, so she attributed to HIM a habit of wandering off and a terrible sense of direction - he actually got lost on numerous ocassions-)

I'm glad that, although this is a serious story, that it is not completely filled with angst. I found myself chuckle more than once - mostly regarding Deimos' (lack of) apparition skills.

Happy writing!

Author's Response: I didn't base it on any particular dictatorship. Basically just dictatorship and Voldemort in general, really, how I'm thinking Voldemort might keep things running. His cousins weren't mentioned mainly because they'll be mentioned in the next chapter, and I thought the information worked better there than here. We'll be getting into Deimos' past more as the story progresses, though in the next chapter you'll get something. XD

You're right, and when I reread the section they just kind of ignore him. The only way I could justify that is by saying that they didn't recognize him or know who he is, though that's kind of a lame explanation. Even so, I'll stick with it; they all (or at least, most of them) know who James is. The son of Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived. Deimos Greyback, on the other hand, is some nobody. Just the kid of some psychopath werewolf. But you're right, and I'll try to go back and work on that part. Thanks for your review!

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Review #11, by Esmerilda Chapter 1

12th September 2010:
This is a really well-written piece of work! :D

Your word choice is descriptive and that makes the mood palpable.

I'm curious, I understand why Rookwood gave him the paper, but why were the other Death Eaters humane enough to do so sometimes? Or were they just taunting him too?

I particularly enjoyed Deimos. He seems neither good, nor evil. Just average, except that he is physically stronger than most.

I'm curious why Deimos did not stun Braeden as soon as he became too loud. Although, I can understand that you needed him as a plot device to set up the fight with the guards. So it seems in the conflict between characterization and plot, plot won out...

I really don't like any sort of post-Apocolyptic story (and let's face it - the death of Harry and all the professors falls into the apocolyptic category), but this fic has won my grudging respect.


Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing! The other Death Eaters did it for much the same reason Rookwood did; to taunt him, like you suggested. They only did it when the front page covered something that they knew would upset him, like a death or a major victory for Voldemort. As for Deimos and Braeden, yeah, it was a battle between characterization and plot where plot had to win out. It would have been kind of boring for them to just wander out of the prison, so unfortunately it had to happen. Thanks again!

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Review #12, by WeasleyKid1 Chapter 3

6th August 2010:
I love this story so much.It makes me angry,happy,and sad all the same time. it's amazing!

Author's Response: Thanks a lot! I'm glad you like it. There's more on the way, so I hope it doesn't disappoint!

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Review #13, by kandekisses Chapter 1

25th January 2010:

Yes! You don't know how happy I am right now. This was a perfect start. Poor James, going through all that in Sunday Morning then having to be in Azkaban for 9 months. Gosh! I love how he is still himself though, I had to chuckle at that.

Oddly enough I kind of like this Greyback fellow. I'm intrigued to find out why the death eaters are so scared of him. I wonder what he did to get in there. Is he going to be a big part of the story? Oh &I sure hope they can apparate lol or else its not going to be a pretty sight.

I liked the whole Scorpius mention there. I really wonder what he's been up to. I hope he didn't sell-out to the death eaters. Gah!!

That was so good. Once again, I have to say it. Your an amazing writer. The detail and action was perfect. You have to update soon! lol &Of course I would appreciate it if you let me know when you do =)

Just awesome.

Author's Response: Hello again! Happy to see you like the start. James is always going to be James, and the Death Eaters aren't going to knock that out of him. Deimos Greyback will be around for awhile, yes, so you could say that he is a big part of the story. As for what he did to get himself in Azkaban and why the Death Eaters were so scared of him, that'll be revealed relatively soon. Again, thanks for your compliments and everything! It always makes my day. I'm working on chapter 2 now and I'll be sure to let you know when I've updated!

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