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Review #1, by angelicdemon1209 Adoration

8th August 2011:
What a cute li"l story. You are right. It IS something quite different. It's just really really sweet, so simple, and these two characters are so innocent. It makes a nice read. :)

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Review #2, by hallowsorhorcruxes Adoration

31st January 2010:
:) Someone. Forgot. To. Tell. Me. They. Had. A. New. Story. JILL! :D A missing moment one-shot that is totally brilliant! Congrats. It takes a true Harry Potter fan to delve into mostly ignored characters and to portray their thoughts and feelings as well as you have.
I love the tone of the entire story. Sentences like: However, he did not possess an overly analytical mind and he simply could not think of any plausible explanation which would make Harry's success anything less astonishing. : are just amazing, in my opinion. We very much get a feel for Diggle's person, and it's great.
I love the dynamic between Diggle and Gladys: that 'twas quite amusing too. :D
Thanks for posting, Jill, 'twas epic!

Author's Response: ahhh! I didn't tell you?! So sorry! I was so excited about it, then I just forgot after I posted it, I guess.

But I'm so glad you like it! I had a fantastic time writing it and really enjoyed using a character that we didn't know too much about - or two for that matter :P

It's amazing what a little research and a tiny plot bunny will do. Thanks so much for your review! *hugs*

P.S. I look forward to your next chapter, which is hopefully coming soon! :P :D

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Review #3, by LindaSnape Adoration

8th January 2010:
I like it, though. It differs from the romance genre which many seem to stick to and I rather liked it. Someone has to write about the characters that barely get any press time. Nice job! I love Ded and his dislike of Lockhart. Makes me laugh. Reminds me of an old man, all right, they're always so finicky.

Author's Response: Yay! I'm so glad! I actually fall into that generally romance-writing group, though a couple of my one-shots aren't, but I agree - it's good to get away from that.

I remembered reading about the first impression Harry got from Ded and this story just spewed from there. I didn't think it'd be all that interesting with just one character, so I did some research and found Gladys - it was a combination I just couldn't ignore.

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing and I'm very pleased that you liked it! :D

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